Proxy4Nation – Now with Auto-Claim and Custom Rewards!

StrengthEARN the network. Your stake, your rewards.

Support EOS Nation and strengthen the ecosystem by staking for our Proxy. And earn some rewards while you’re at it!

We’re proud of all the innovation that we’ve been able to deploy through our Proxy4Nation smart-contracts. What started out as a simple proxy that required our stakers to manually claim rewards on a daily basis, quickly evolved into much more. Here are the features currently offered by Proxy4Nation:

  • Signup for our proxy at or simply by proxying your vote to “proxy4nation”
  • Automatically receive your share of inflation redistribution in either EOS, DAPP or USDT tokens every 24 hours
  • Customize your allocation of inflation redistribution (ie: 50% EOS, 50% USDT, 0% DAPP  0% EOSDT or any other combination)
  • Choose to receive your EOS tokens staked or unstaked
  • No need to worry about vote decay
  • Receive receipts for each claim for easy tracking

EOS Nation Proxy – Staking Philosophy and Vision

The EOS Nation Proxy offers a competitive APR while also supporting Block Producers that we believe bring value to the ecosystem. Our deep involvement in the EOSIO ecosystem allows this judgement to be constructed on our prior experiences working with Block Producers and our general observations of the ecosystem. We judge selection based on several factors including competencies and contributions in these areas:

  1. Technicality
  2. Community
  3. Governance
  4. Fiscality / Entrepreneurship / Business model
  5. Value-Add Diversity
  6. Geographic Diversity

Thank you for supporting EOS Nation and helping us achieve our vision for a healthy ecosystem! 

Tutorial: How To Proxy Your Vote to "proxy4nation"

APR is subject to change. Visit to verify the current rate.

To get started, users need to log into their EOS account through one of the available options: Scatter, EOS Lynx, Ledger Nano S, TokenPocket, MEET.ONE Wallet, WhaleVault. You can find the login button in the top right corner.

Once logged in, users click the “Proxy to Proxy4Nation” button to sign up and vote for our proxy. This will bring up a transaction requesting approval to sign up to our proxy. You’ll also notice we use Greymass Fuel to cover the costs of the cpu required for this transaction.

Click “Allow” and that’s all there is to it! Sit back, relax and automatically accumulate your rewards!  Thank you for supporting EOS Nation, and contributing to strengthening the ecosystem!

Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to customize your allocation and also how to receive your EOS in a staked state instead of a liquid state.

Tutorial: Custom Allocation % for Inflation Rewards

How does it work?


Using cleos:

1. The user calls the setportfolio ACTION with the following paramaters:

  • your account name
  • list of tokens you want to receive ( EOS and/or DAPP and/or USDT)
  • percentage received per token (in the same order)

2. The upcoming rewards are now be based on that user’s custom defined portfolio settings.

Note: reward percentages are defined in pips (1/100 of 1%)

Warning: Sometimes when users try to copy-paste these formulas into, the ” symbol gets rejected. Simply type in the formula directly into and it should work fine. If you are having difficulties, reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

Example A:
Staker wants to receive 100% EOS

ACTION data:
name = myaccount
rewards = [“EOS”]
percentages = [10000]

Example B:
Staker wants to receive 50% EOS and 50% USDT

ACTION data:
name = myaccount
rewards = [“EOS”, “USDT”]
percentages = [5000, 5000]

Example C (illustrated below):
Staker wants to receive 70% DAPP, 28.5% EOS and 1.5% USDT

ACTION data:
name = myaccount
rewards = [“DAPP”, “EOS”, “USDT”]
percentages = [7000, 2850, 150]

You can verify that your portfolio allocation is correct by looking up the transaction on a block explorer.

Tutorial: Receiving Staked EOS

Navigating to the “setstaked” action on will allow you to toggle on the option to receive your EOS rewards already staked! Simply enter your account name, toggle on the “staked” button and approve the transaction!

Once again, thank you for staking to our proxy, supporting EOS Nation and strengthening the ecosystem! 🙏

If you have any questions or comments about Proxy4Nation, we would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment or reach out on your favourite social media platform!


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