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“Clicktrack” NFT Drop on EOS by Gavinski & Mr Wells

Many predict that 2022 will be big for Music NFTs, and so the .gems team decided to kick off the new year with the release of our first Audio-Visual NFT series on EOS. “Clicktrack” is a collaboration between Gavinski (Audio) and David Wells (Animation), both of whom are beginning their journey into the world of NFTs with their initial NFT release.

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EOS Nation’s Position on B1’s vesting tokens

Regarding B1’s sale of their unvested EOS to Helios, EOS Nation supports the term sheet prepared by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) on behalf of the EOS Network.  We appreciate B1’s commitment to return the remaining portion of their unvested tokens to the network, but do not believe it addresses the 37 million unvested EOS

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Art Cologne Drop

The .gems team is proud to announce yet another cooperation that brings more fine art NFTs to the WAX ecosystem. In partnership with Provinz Editionen, leading publishers of contemporary fine art editions and multiples, we’ve launched provinz.digital.

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Merijn Kavelaars

The .gems team is proud to introduce Merijn Kavelaars as their next featured artist dropping on EOS soon. Merijn is an internationally celebrated artist from the Netherlands, known for his unique artistic language, action-loaded murals and colourful paintings. He won the Stolichnaya art contest and his physical works are in private collections all over the

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EOS Nation’s September 2021 WAX Report

We brought the first curated art marketplace to the WAX Ecosystem, along with Heidi Taillefer’s Frogs Series, the first NFT collection to get recognition in the world of fine arts. We distributed the first batch of Ocean Defenders NFTs to a brand new audience being exposed to WAX for the first time. We’ve made more of our nodeos monitoring tools publicly available to help other infrastructure providers troubleshoot their issues better. And we’ve continued to produce weekly educational content and engage our audience with weekly live events in the metaverse.

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Prior to founding the first EOS community in Toronto and co-founding EOS Nation, Daniel spent a decade in the financial technology industry working several diverse roles. His extensive experience in customer service, sales, sales coaching, agent training, digital marketing, digital process management (lean green belt), and product management (certified scrum master, certified product owner) eventually lead him to consulting for a blockchain dev shop.

Daniel earned a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in 2009 and worked as a chase producer intern at Global TV.

Daniel lives by the principles of Truth, Love, and Freedom.