In Honour of Malcolm CasSelle

It is with a deep sadness this week that we learned that Malcolm CasSelle, former President of WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange), has passed away unexpectedly at age 50.

Malcolm was instrumental in bringing EOS Nation into the WAX family as we had the pleasure of meeting and hosting a meetup with him back in the summer of 2019. Malcolm was a bright light who shared his passion with those around him. His work in the blockchain space was well known as he was an early adopter and supporter, but more importantly for Malcolm it was a vocation and that was apparent with everything he did. WAX has carved its way and is now an NFT powerhouse in the blockchain space and much of this credit goes to Malcolm and his tireless efforts. We will forever remember him as a truly one-of-a-kind beautiful soul. May he rest in peace.

We dedicate this publication to Malcolm and his family.

I had the honour and privilege to meet Malcolm last year when I hosted him to speak at an EOSIO meetup in Toronto. His passion and vision for how WAX could impact the future of digital gaming and collectibles immediately caught my attention and from then on I was fully onboard.

May he Rest In Peace and the impact of his life live on forever. 

– Daniel Keyes, COO of EOS Nation

Although I never met Malcolm personally, he has nevertheless impacted my life in a significant way. The work he did with WAX and the influence he had on EOS Nation eventually led me to discover the wonderful community of NFTs on WAX, which I enjoy very much. This uplifting community has been a bright spot for me in 2020 and I’m so thankful for the role he played in making that possible. Thank you for everything Malcom.

– Stéphane Bisson, CCO of EOS Nation

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  1. He was a good man, and he changed my life. He was my company’s first investor, and he was always the first person I would run a new idea by. His encouragement meant the world to me when I was young, and it was Malcolm who opened countless doors that ultimately changed and shaped my life. Thank you for sharing this.

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