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Anchor's Upcoming "Pay-Per-Tx" Feature

This week the Greymass team showcased an upcoming Anchor feature (shown in the video above) that will allow users to pay fees on a per-transaction basis instead of having to deal with renting resources such as CPU and NET. Some of you might be wondering why we’re excited about the ability to pay gas fees for our EOS transactions, but the true power of this feature comes from its optionality.

Users who prefer to manage their own resources can still take advantage of the feeless nature of EOS transactions, while other users who don’t want to deal with that complexity can simply accept to pay a fraction of a penny to execute transactions on the network.

This Anchor feature is a custom-built solution that’s “separate from both REX and the NRM (New Resource Model) … but is ready and will benefit from the NRM.”

On top of that, Greymass intends to include this code in an upcoming generic SDK, allowing any wallet to offer this pay-per-transaction model.

A lot of work was needed to get to this point and we want to thank the Greymass team for building a fantastic wallet that is tremendously useful for both power users and EOS newcomers. 

Newdex MSIG's Their Smart-Contracts 

Newdex smart-contracts, along with the funds they control, are now secured by a strong Multi-Signature (MSIG) account. EOS Nation is proud to be one of the 11 trusted block producers, security companies, and well-known wallets chosen to help secure and further decentralize the leading decentralized exchange on EOS. Newdex now requires the signature of 3 of these 11 entities to update their existing decentralized exchange smart contract code.

Newdex’s progression towards a more secure and decentralized version of itself is a great example of the power and potential of the EOS Mainnet.

Newdex MSIG includes:

  • eosnationftw
  • atticlabeosb
  • eosinfstones
  • blockpooleos
  • eoscannonchn
  • eosiomeetone
  • eosrapidprod
  • whaleex.com
  • zbeosbp11111
  • slowmistiobp
  • itokenpocket 


The #MakeSocialHuman marketing campaign seems to be picking up some momentum. The latest Voice promotional video reminds us and makes fun of the stale conversations that we often find on Facebook and Instagram when bots slide into our DMs. 

While they didn’t mention these social media giants directly, they did hint at them in a way that is very obvious for anyone who has spent any amount of time on these platforms. 

Why not call them out directly? Last time Voice called out Facebook directly in a promotional video they ended up having to take down the video. Is this a deliberate strategy by Voice in order to avoid the heavy censorship they faced last time? Either way, we enjoyed that video and hope to see more of that type of marketing for Voice in the near future! 

dfuse’s new Migration Tools for EOSIO chains

EOSIO technology is designed to make spinning up blockchains for secure data management easy and efficient. It’s likely that organizations with serious ambitions to leverage blockchain tech will choose several interconnected blockchains instead of just one single chain. 

With this new migration tool, the dfuse team has yet again introduced a very important piece of software and a streamlined process to bring different blockchain instances on the same page.

It aligns perfectly with the greater vision of EOSIO as it lets developers:

  • Accelerate the contract development flow: evolve data models faster without painful on-chain mutations, yet keep all team members happy by keeping all their state intact.
  • Boot new chains, honouring all the accounts previously existing on another network (think EOS Mainnet Chain Extensions).
  • Trim the history of long-running chains, without disrupting the users.
  • Deterministic boot: requires only an agreed-upon snapshot block height plus scripts to modify the state (if any). A decentralized group can then verify the integrity of the new chain independently, and perhaps sign a transaction to activate the new chain.

Find further details on how the tool works in the announcement article.

Kudos to dfuse! Great work!

LiquidApps ETH Bridge Bug Bounty

LiquidApps has just announced another significant bug bounty program worth 10,000,000 DAPP Tokens! The DAPP Network Bridget to Ethereum Bug Bounty will motivate code crackers and bounty hunters to inspect the underlying smart contracts extensively and thoroughly. Interested parties can find more details on how to participate in the announcement article.

It’s not the first time the LiquidApps team has made the news with a juicy bounty, and we love how they challenge the wider blockchain community to test their product to gain more trust in what could potentially be a breakthrough technology for cross-chain interoperability.

Ultra's One-Click-Mining

The Ultra platform will integrate Cudo as a core technology, allowing gamers to allocate their spare computing power in order to earn UOS rewards.

Gamers usually own pretty powerful computers to be able to play the latest games and Ultra’s One Click Mining enables them to generate additional income by sharing their spare computing capacity and monitor the process via a slick dashboard. That’s a pretty smart onboarding strategy, isn’t it?

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Ultra. This relationship provides Cudo with access to millions of gamers around the globe and enables them to participate in the sharing economy of computing power. We see a future in which it becomes second nature for gamers to use their spare computing power to pay for new games or items on the Ultra platform!”

Nuno Pereira, Cudo’s Vice President of Investment and Partnerships.

The strategic partnerships just keep rolling in for Ultra and each of them shows another aspect of Ultra’s vision for the future of gaming. Besides Cudo, we saw partnerships with AMD (chip production), Theta (decentralized streaming) and The Sandbox (blockchain-based gaming metaverse). And we believe there’s still more to come.

In other Ultra news, we’re happy to report that the UOS token just got listed on the AEX Exchange, which has been operating in the crypto industry since 2013.

Shout out to AEX, who have also recently listed EOS-based USDT and Everipedia’s IQ token.

BlockBase Development Kit

The BlockBase team has introduced the BlockBase Development Toolkit that currently consists of the BBCLI, an External Command Line Interface, and BBSQL, a querying language used to manage data on a BlockBase sidechain. 

Blockbase is in the business of bringing blockchain-based database solutions to the market and this new toolkit equips devs with all the tools they need to have the best experience possible on the BlocBase platform.  While the team has been working hard to launch and maintain a stable network of node operators as the foundation for their services, the launch of this SDK focuses on the usability of BlockBase technology.

Blankos Private Beta Countdown

It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally start playing Blankos in public beta on November 17. If you want to join us, make sure you register on their website to get access.

From artwork to animation, the whole production of Blankos is next level in terms of blockchain games and truly feels like a AAA game experience. For example, check out the fun unboxing animation of the Blankos Founder’s Packs that the team shared on Twitter. 

The Blankos team also launched the Blankos Junction, a great source of information about all things Blankos. We can’t wait to share more Blankos news with you soon or even meet you in the Blankos Party Bus!


The Effect.ai team and community have been moving forward with their roadmap to further decentralize the project. 

After the distribution of the governance token NFX ended on October 31st, the 2.0 Staking Protocol will go live on November 16th along with a brand-new dashboard, followed by the monthly live AMA on the 17th with CEO Chris Dawe. If you want to submit questions, join the dedicated Telegram channel.

Chris also did a great job hosting the Blockdown 3.0 online event and we saw a great interview he did with Akon, where both talked about their common project for social good, the Akon Opportunity Hub in the city of Mwali in Kenya.

They’ve also hinted at an NFT related announcement that’s coming up that we hope to learn more about during the AMA. We’ll be tuning in to find out.

PUMP Challenges

PUML is excited about their first female-only challenge with Aura Eve 60 km in 10 days!

Aura Eve is an Australian activewear brand selling booty bands, apparel and fitness accessories.

There’s also another PUML Better Health New Challenge Live, this one for the men! 60 km for the rest of November.

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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