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EDEN Funded by EOS Foundation

It’s happening!  Eden is the first project to receive a grant from the EOS Foundation and will host its first official election on October 9th.

The EOS Foundation will fund Eden with 200,000 EOS plus an additional 200 EOS added to the treasury for every member onboarded prior to the election. 

“Following through on our mission of enabling developers, businesses, and individuals to build on and create value for EOS, the EOS Foundation and its advisory board selected Eden as a funding candidate to serve as an early showcase for how network funds can be distributed to empower a wide range of value creators within the EOS community.” — Yves La Rose, EOS Foundation

The EOS Foundation has also approved a separate grant of 100,000 EOS to Clarionos for their work on Eden On EOS, the EOS smart-contract-driven interface for facilitating fractal elections and distributing funds to delegates.

Eden members that sign up for the election can already see a brand-new interface.

Supported features will be:

  • opt-in to participate in the next upcoming election;
  • during an election, see their current round group participants;
  • get auto-generated Zoom meeting links for the current round;
  • vote on-chain;
  • see election results;
  • upload election videos;
  • see elected delegate budgets (distributed monthly);
  • withdraw delegate budgets when available;

Want to learn more about Eden on EOS? Check out the walkthrough video with Brandon Fancher or read the article that summarizes all you need to know to participate in the upcoming Eden election.

The Clarionos team also confirmed that they will continue to build tools for the EOS community and support other builders on EOS.

Join the Eden on EOS Info Channel to learn how to become an Eden member. Besides the shot at some funding for your EOS pursuits, Eden members have access to a welcoming community of some of the most experienced entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in the ecosystem. It’s a great opportunity to get a new project off the ground, or just experience some great conversation.

Speaking of a new project getting off the ground within the Eden membership, the EOS Bees are keeping busy, laying the groundwork for their grassroots marketing approach to promote EOS.

In an effort to extend their reach to different language groups, the EOS Bees have introduced an additional tier to their fundamental structure: The Hive and Princess Bees.

Each Hive represents a language group and is organized by the Princess Bee, which then reports back to the Queen Bee, Jesse Jaffe, the mastermind behind the EOS Bees.

This update highlights the fractal structure and allows individual EOS Bee swarms to act more dynamic and independent, while catering to the specific needs and customs within their cultural realm.

Two Princess Bees have been nominated already. Congratulations to Sangyong, leading the Korean Hive, and Drill Sergeant Zeus, who will be responsible for the English speaking Hive. 

It’s the first time the EOS community has access to funding outside of block production and it’s amazing how fast the EOS community is mobilizing and making progress.

You can find an overview of all the accomplishments the EOS Foundations has made so far, along with a summary of the inaugural meeting of the Board of Advisors, in Yves’ most recent article.


Heidi Taillefer Drops on .gems marketplace

The .gems team is happy to announce their cooperation with Heidi Taillefer.

The Canadian artist will release her “Frogs” series on the WAX blockchain on September 19th.

Heidi is a remarkable visual artist internationally renowned for her detailed symbolic paintings. With a career spanning more than 20 years, she’ss worked with clients such as the Cirque du Soleil, Infiniti Canada and Taiwan, the Fantasia Film Festival, Bombardier Canada and many more. As the subject of her works, she often paints robots or otherwise mechanized imagery to reflect the ubiquity of technology throughout society and our gradual merger with it.

So NFTs, being an intersection of arts and technology, were on Heidi’s radar early, which brings us to the origin story of this collection.

In her series of miniature frog paintings, Heidi originally meant to denounce the environmental impact of the sudden and overwhelming popularity of NFTs.

These tiny creatures are typically considered to be biomarkers in nature and indicate any changes within an ecosystem due to environmental pollution. 

She chose to portray these creatures in her signature mechanical style, as a cynical commentary on the impact of proof-of-work NFT technology, replacing those frog species that have gone extinct from environmental destruction with these mechanical surrogates.

Luckily, Heidi kept an open mind and engaged in a conversation with the .gems team.

Through this exchange she learned about EOSIO and the WAX blockchain as an environmentally friendly alternative to publish her work as NFTs.

The “Frogs” NFT series features 12 works adapted from her physical paintings, each paired with a unique personal message from Heidi herself.

The physical counterparts of the “Frogs” NFT series will also be exhibited for the first time at the Jano Lapin Gallery in Verdun, Canada.

The .gems team is proud to work with Heidi Taillefer on this special NFT series.

This release also marks the soft launch and public beta of the .gems NFT marketplace, a curated environment with only whitelisted collections being showcased.

Over the last months the .gems team has been in talks with many artists and we can expect further NFT art drops in the coming weeks.

For the public beta testing phase we have added a selection of popular NFT artists already. New collections will be added on a regular basis.

If you have art you’d like showcased on the .gems NFT marketplace, please fill out this application form.

Learn about Pomelo Trust Bonus

Pomelo grants are almost here, and we’ve been pulling back the curtain little by little each week so the EOS community can be better prepared for the first round later this year.

This week we’ll go a little deeper into the Pomelo Trust Bonus and how it helps keep Pomelo sybil resistant. 

Pomelo is a crowdfunding platform that multiplies your contributions with the magic of quadratic funding. Pomelo Grants has two components, a crowdfunding round, and a large matching pool of funds. During the crowdfund, grant applicants seek donations from the community. The number of unique contributions and the total amount contributed to a project both influence the total amount allocated from the matching pool. More unique donors means more funds allocated from the matching pool. As a grant applicant, your community-building skills will be a key factor in your success.

But how does Pomelo know if grant contributors are actually unique? That’s where the trust bonus comes in.

Boost your trust bonus

Pomelo assigns each user with a trust bonus based on the strength of their proof of uniqueness. The higher your trust bonus, the more your contribution will benefit from the quadratic matching. Link more social accounts or become an Eden member to boost your trust bonus and make the most of your contribution. Just as it’s important for grant applicants to build strong community support, it’s also important to encourage your supporters to boost their trust bonus before the end of the matching round to make the most of their contributions. 

This is just a sneak preview to give you a taste of what to expect when we go live. We’ll be publishing much more detailed rules and resources soon. And everyone will have a chance to get some hands-on practice in the Pomelo Playground ahead of the official launch. We’ll have more to share on that next week!

In the meantime, catch up on all the Pomelo juice we’ve poured out in our previous episodes:

Upland Legits

Players of the NFL are coming to Upland!

With Upland Legits, the Upland team introduced a whole new suite of NFT offerings specially designed for celebrities and IP holders. To kick it off, the team announced a new licensing agreement with the NFL Player Association, and welcomed the identities of over 2,000 football players to Upland!


Upland Legits is a new generation of interactive NFTs that comes with an added layer of gamification through collections, location-based minting events, burn/merge mechanics, and unique interactions with brands and personas such as virtual autograph signing events.

Offering huge potential for digital marketing and fan engagement, Upland is paving the way for brands, artists, and organizations into the metaverse. 


The frequency of Upland News is impressive. 


Recently they opened the NFT Portal to import and export NFTs into the game, and along with  the Upland Legit news this week, they’ve also opened up two more cities: Kansas City, Missouri and Rutherford, New Jersey.

Check out this Twitter thread to learn more about these new additions.

Byron’s Zombie Portraits

Zombies are spreading and they have a taste for EOS!

If you follow Daniel Keyes on Twitter, you might have noticed already: his avatar has turned undead!

It’s the handiwork of Byron, one of the most dedicated NFT artists in the EOS community.

When Daniel saw Byron’s Zombie portrait commission NFTs go up for sale on AtomicHub, he couldn’t resist! And he was lucky to be the first member of the EOS community to be turned into a Byron Zombie NFT.

Daniel had so much fun watching the process of his custom artwork being created, he bought a second commission before the first was even completed and nominated our good friend Patrick to become the next victim

And now we’d like to spread the fun to our Hot Sauce audience and will be giving away a Byron Zombie Portrait commission to one of our lucky Spicy Rare collectors next week. You have until 16:00 UTC next Saturday, September 18 to make sure you’ve collected all of our Spicy Rare NFTs from the 10 most recent episodes. We will randomly select a winner from one collector holding all Spicy Rares from episodes 108-118 during the live premier of the Hot Sauce.

Not only will you get your portrait painted as a Zombie, but you’ll receive 10 NFT mints that you can collect or trade with other EOS zombies. Daniel can’t wait to trade with you!

WAX EVM and 100M WAXP DeFi Fund

WAX has announced a 100M WAXP DeFi Fund to attract top DeFi and GameFi projects.

WAX has also announced two projects aimed to increase the network’s compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain. The WAX Ethereum Virtual Machine would enable Ethereum Smart Contracts to run on WAX. And a WAX-ETH bridge is already available in alpha through the WAX Cloud Wallet. This bridge allows Ethereum and WAX users to easily transfer crypto-assets between the two blockchains including ERC20 tokens such as ETH, BUSD, USDT, and DAI.

WAX is 100,000 times more energy-efficient than Ethereum. It’s faster and more cost-effective.

Google Cloud EOSIO Workshop

Google Cloud Qwiklabs featured EOSIO in a Workshop that you can find on YouTube. The workshop covers many EOSIO topics, including an introduction to EOSIO, how to create a computer engine virtual machine, how to install the EOSIO platform, how to run a local single-node blockchain, and how to create a wallet and load the EOSIO private key.

Ultra is carbon neutral

Ultra is now officially carbon neutral

With the help of Natural Capital Partners, a leading expert on carbon neutrality and climate finance, Ultra was able to calculate the CO2 emissions from various blockchain nodes and then offset it through various renewable energy projects.

One project gaining support from Ultra is the West India Wind Power project. Through this project, Ultra is to help provide affordable and clean energy to meet the growing energy demands in India.

DAPP Network Bounties

The Liquidapps grants and bounty program is offering 1,175,000 DAPP as potential rewards to developers on the DAPP network. These tokens are distributed across six categories that include a bridge to Polkadot, and a bridge to Solana.

125,000 DAPP tokens are also earmarked as rewards for the development of a DAPP Network WAX<>EVM Bridge. This bridge would facilitate the movement of NFTs between WAX and EVM-compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Matic.

EOS Nation is a top Block Producer on the EOS public network. We earn inflation rewards based on the percentage of tokens staked towards us. Those rewards are reinvested into EOSIO community, tools, and infrastructure. Help grow the ecosystem by staking your vote to eosnationftw for BP or proxying to proxy4nation

Remember, we never accept compensation in exchange for featuring projects in the EOS Hot Sauce. That means if a project is included in the EOS Hot Sauce it’s because we believe that project brings value to the EOSIO ecosystem and we want our community to know about it!

Are you building an interesting project on EOSIO? We want to hear from you! Reach out to us on social media or email info@eosnation.io. 

Thank you for supporting EOS Nation and for reading this week’s edition of EOS Hot Sauce! Want more spicy updates? Check out some of our recent EOS Hot Sauce episodes!

Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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