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Go Boldly! Go Bullish!

Go Boldly! On July 9th Block.one announced to the world that Bullish would be going public on the New York Stock Exchange via a merger with Far Peak Acquisition Corporation. The 9 billion dollar Bullish valuation includes 164,000 bitcoin, 20 million EOS tokens and $600 million in net cash upon completion of the Bullish merger. A private pilot program will be run in the coming weeks, ahead of  the public launch expected later in 2021. The CEO of Bullish, Thomas W. Farley, is well respected in the business world having served as the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange in 2013, as its president from 2014 to 2018, and then as CEO of Far Peak Acquisition Corporation.

The Bullish Twitter account sprung into action by publishing a series of 7 tweets presenting their official press release and an exciting 18 minute video that features Bullish CEO Thomas Farley and Bullish Chairman Brendan Blumer explaining their vision for the next-generation Bullish exchange, including spicy quotes such as:

“Bullish’s real-time portfolio balancing tools, deep predictable liquidity, and industry-leading security and compliance represent a new breed of exchange design and can redefine how investors trade and manage digital assets.” – Brendan Blumer

“With the increased interest from institutional players and sophisticated traders, it is critical to iterate on the existing exchange infrastructures we see today.” – Thomas Farley

The Bullish Twitter account also highlighted exposure of the announcement in the business mainstream media, which included articles in the Financial Times, CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg Crypto, and  a video clip from Cheddar News

A few days later, Brendan Blumer took to Twitter to clarify the relationship between Bullish and EOS, stating that:

“Bullish is a robust stack that uses the best technology for each purpose. We use EOS to cross hash cryptographic proof of all financial movements on the platform. It would be prohibitively expensive to do this on a low throughput chain.” – Brendan Blumer

What is Bullish? Those who want to learn more about the strategic vision and innovative hybrid liquidity pools that will be available on the platform are invited to read the Bullish Investor Presentation that was also released on July 9th. In short, Bullish is powered by liquidity pools that are optimized to generate yield and aims to combine the best of central order books and DeFi exchanges in a way that will benefit asset holders, enable traders, and increase market integrity. It’s time to get bullish!

Block.one also took the opportunity to rebrand their Twitter account, changing it from @block_one_ to @EOSIO and creating a new Block.one Twitter account called @B1. The newly renamed @EOSIO account then confirmed that Bullish will leverage EOSIO and EOS in their powerful technology stack to “securely execute and immutably record all financial movements of the platform. Cryptographic proof of this audit trail will be cross-hashed to the EOS public blockchain to facilitate externally verifiable state integrity – a first for exchange design.”

The new B1 Twitter account introduced itself and invited the world to follow along to see what they’re investing in while also stating that they “believe in empowering creators and communities through strategic capital allocation and pioneering business ventures.”

One such recent investment is part of the $7.5M in seed financing that was awarded to Chintai where Kevin Rose, Senior VP at B1 stated that they’re excited to work with Chintai towards their shared vision of a blockchain-enabled digital asset revolution built on regulated financial services.

B1 capped off the week with the release of EOSIO 2.2, which focuses on supporting an enhanced developer experience.

The Importance of Community for the Pomelo Platform

The Pomelo crowdfunding platform is built in a way to leverage the strong community that has grown around the EOS public blockchain. Last week we talked about the origin story of the Pomelo brand and this week we want to highlight the importance of community. EOS Nation has been part of the EOS community since before the launch of the mainnet and we know first-hand how dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable many of you are about the EOS ecosystem. Pomelo intends on leveraging the wisdom of the EOS crowd to allocate funding to well-deserving projects.

Last week we introduced the promotional Pomelo NFT series that is aimed at further engaging the EOS community while also providing educational information about various aspects of the upcoming Pomelo platform. Representing the role of the community and the foundation of the Pomelo crowdfunding platform, this week’s NFT drop is the Pomelo Plot of Soil, which you can grab on AtomicHub for 0.25 EOS.

All primary revenu of the .gems Pomelo NFT series will be donated to the matching pool for the first round of funding later this year. Did you miss last week’s Pomelo Seeds drop? No worries! You can still grab yours on AtomicHub.

We’ll be revealing a bit more information about this series in every episode of the EOS Hot Sauce and this week we’re confirming that there will be a total of four drops available for purchase on AtomicHub, each priced at 0.25 EOS, which means that supporters of the Pomelo platform will be able to complete the series and related activities for a total donation of 1 EOS. Upcoming activities for our Pomelo NFT holders may or may not include actions such as blending, staking, and harvesting.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this promotion so far and thank you for contributing to the first round of the Pomelo matching funds!

EOS Lost Key Recovery Extended for Five Years

The EOS Lost Key Recovery process has been extended for another five years.

Substantial demand led the GenerEOS team to propose a multisig for the top 21 block producers to execute this extension. Did you know that, on average, the Lost Key Recovery process was still used by six users per day? After reviewing the proposal by GenerEOS, EOS Nation was happy to support the extension and sign the multisig.

15 block producers approved this proposal, which has now been executed. EOS token holders who lost their EOS genesis keys but still have access to their corresponding Ethereum keys can once again recover their genesis accounts.  

If you want to learn more about how to recover a lost genesis EOS account, head on to the EOS Authority website to learn more.

Defibox 1 Year Anniversary

Defibox, the number one EOS-based DeFi platform, is celebrating its first birthday on July 21! To commemorate this anniversary, Defibox hosted a quiz competition on its Telegram channel from July 12 to July 16. This was announced via the official Twitter handle, with the Reddit post confirming a reward pool of 500 USDN (equal to 500 USD). This gave many users a chance to earn a variety of rewards daily while also getting more informed about all things Defibox.

Congratulations to Defibox for a very successful first year and we look forward to another year of lightning fast and practically feeless DeFi transactions on EOS!


Upland Property to Fiat

In the city of Upland, users can mint properties mapped to real addresses in the EOS based blockchain metaverse. The most recent Upland news highlights the fact that this platform is now the first and only blockchain game that allows users to trade virtual NFT properties, such as Upland NYC, with fiat money like the US Dollar. This accomplishment was made possible due to their partnership with Tilia Pay.

In order to ensure smooth implementation of the property to fiat trade, Upland has placed the following limitations:

1- Players will be able to sell a property for USD only after they’ve held it for at least 30 days.

2- Players will not be able to purchase properties for more than $100 until their account has been active for more than 14 days

These limitations will be reviewed and adjusted as time goes on, depending on how players utilize this new feature.

Players will also no longer need to be invited via email for access to the Property-to-USD beta feature! Instead, players will need to fill out a form.

Learn more about Upland.

RAON Secure Driver's License

Raon Secure’s EOSIO solution has been selected to lead the way in South Korea’s journey to blockchain-based driver’s licenses. On June 24, the Korean tech colossus announced that it has been chosen as the final operator of the ‘Mobile Driver’s License Service Development Project’ commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) and Korea Minting, Security Printing &ID Card Operating Corporation (KOMSCO). 

This project looks to spread the use of digital ID cards, tightening the country’s embrace of tech-based solutions. Raon has developed an identity system that transitions driver’s licenses onto the blockchain in a move that could prove a lasting solution to identity-related hindrances in the use of blockchain services. 

The viability of Raon Secure’s project has been established with the Mobile ID Card Service for government officials being rolled out last year. The introduction of the digital driver’s license will provide a more secure environment for citizens’ data, while the owners also have greater control over their information. Furthermore, the digital licenses and ID cards also have the same utility as the current plastic IDs and form part of the two-way identification program comprising physical and digital identification methods.


VanCity Outbreak NFT Blending

The Vancity Outbreak team has some news to share!

To reward our loyal collectors, the Vancity team will create a series of blending opportunities to turn Vancity Outbreak collectibles into some marvellous standalone artworks. Since the Vancity Outbreak Graphic Novel is based on on-location photography featuring real actors, the restrictions due to Covid 19 has made it impossible for the team to continue their work.

However, this by no means stopped Reid Lucier, the artist behind Vancity Outbreak, from following his creative passion. Making the best of the unfortunate events, he took the circumstances as an opportunity to focus on artworks and compositions built on Unreal Engine, a popular 3D creation software.

Using this new set of tools he created a series of standalone images that will soon be available on the upcoming .gems marketplace.

However, the first batch will be only available via blending Vancity Outbreak NFTs featuring the brand new blend.gems smart contract, one of .gems’ recent EOS products, which for this occasion will also be made available on WAX.

A detailed list of NFT blending recipes will be shared next week. Stay tuned!

VRGB Season 01 Launches on Sunday 18th of July

This Sunday will be the official launch of Season 01 of the Virtual Reality Graffiti Battles League (VRGB).

At the beginning of each season, the Street.gems team will reveal the prompt of the season, a topic which competing artists are given to produce related artworks. Following this launch day, artists have 2 weeks to get their creative juices flowing, submit their pieces and, if they’re good enough, qualify for the VRGB playoffs on July 31st.

On the launch day, early supporters that participated in the Season 0 voting will also receive their voter reward and get an exclusive preview of NFTs featured in the first VRGB Pack Sale scheduled for July 25th.

Check out this banging teaser video to get an idea of what to expect.

The VR Graffiti Battles take place in Cryptovoxels, on the same parcel where the Hot Sauce After Party is being hosted.

The season launch is also a great opportunity to meet VR Graffiti veterans, ask questions, get familiar with Street.gems’ strategic vision and the concept of painting in VR.


KOGs: SLAM!” is the brand new REDFOX game that’s been generating a lot of buzz in the WAX NFT and gaming space. As much as you might want to rush to play it,  the game is in its beta stage, with trials only available for the single-player mode. The team has promised to release more updates consisting of the Multiplayer – Pro Arena, where you can play directly against other players. Single Player – Playground is divided into the Solo mode (where you play by yourself) and Versus Boss mode (where you challenge one of five bosses), throwing in some variety for players currently enjoying the beta.

To play, each user needs a stack of 40 KOGs called a Kogtainer and a Slammer. The goal is to overturn your stack by aiming at the Kogtainer with the Slammer and slamming hard. In the VS mode, the player takes turns slamming his own Kogtainer versus one of the five bosses slamming theirs too, with triumphant players unlocking the defeated boss’ Slammer. Points earned in-game called Caps can be used to buy packs, which you can use to design your Kogtainers; with another in-game currency called Koins available as well. A Kogtainer of 40 random KOGs is already available for you if you’ve not yet designed a personalized one.

Ultra Mainnet Q&A

Ultra co-CEOs, David Hanson and Nicolas Gilot, shed some light on critical issues about the Ultra Mainnet in an illuminating Question and Answer session. The session included some insight on how challenging it has been spearheading one of the fastest-growing blockchain platforms, as well as why some things are the way they are. 

David explained how one of the most difficult processes in the journey was actually growing the Ultra Team, while Nicolas also quipped that the most difficult step was planning ahead as the Ultra idea was entirely novel. However, it was unanimously agreed that the hardest part of the project was the launch itself, and although a tremendous amount of work is still left to be done, the only way from there is up. 

Furthermore, David and Nicolas explained that the reason the Mainnet remains inaccessible, despite the launch, is because it has not been hooked up to the Ultra Games platform yet. But it is already possible to transfer tokens, and developers can also use Ultra tools to build apps and other programs. On the issue of when the platform would become fully accessible to the public, the CEOs highlighted the 3-wave beta structure that gradually onboards a number of users to test the Mainnet’s features and make recommendations to the team to fine tune its services. It was also revealed that Wave 1 already began way back in December 2020, and massive improvements have since followed. Access to the Ultra wallet will be granted later in July after the launch of the Wallet-only client. Wave 2 and Wave 3 will follow, and then open beta will be open to everyone. 

On the question of AAA partnerships potentially being in the bag, Nicolas also explains that Ultra has 150+ AAA, AA, and Indie developers onboard and ready to upload their games on the platform. He also revealed that positive discussions are ongoing with big gaming brands to come to Ultra as well. Games would start being uploaded and playable for users once the Ultra Games platform transitions to the Mainnet. 

More questions about staking UOS and other Ultra aspects were answered in the Q&A session and we recommend fans of Ultra sign up to the newsletter on Ultra.io to stay up to date on all the Ultra news and events.

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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