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Introducing the Winners of the 2nd Eden Trial Election

The Eden on EOS community distributed ~2500 EOS among its members in a successful demonstration of consensus building during their second trial election  on Saturday July 18th. After three rounds of voting, the 64 election participants were narrowed down to four and elected to the Eden Board:

  • Chris Barnes – Elected Representative of the Eden Board.
  • Ami Heines – Eden Board Member (+2000 EOS)
  • Felix Ruiz – Eden Board Member.
  • Joshua Seymour – Eden Board Member.

While Chris Barnes won the symbolic vote, the randomly chosen official winner is Ami Heines, who will receive 2000 EOS in order to work on his initiative called “EOS in a BOX,” which aims to improve the onboarding process of new users onto EOS, perhaps by leveraging the WebAuthn protocol.

EOS Nation followed the ensuing discussions about EOSIO WebAuthn integration this week and decided to propose an MISG to enable the usage of WebAuthn keys and signatures on the EOS mainnet. This code has already been deployed on the Jungle 3 testnet since February 2020 and has encountered no issues. We’re happy to report that the MSIG proposal quickly reached the 15 approvals required from the active block producers and WebAuthn is now enabled on EOS. We look forward to seeing innovative WebAuthn solutions being deployed on EOS. Ok, now back to the results of the 2nd Eden Trial Election.

As a group, the Eden Board Members held their Kickoff Meeting on monday to clearly define the goals and expectations for this Eden Administration. Viewers can watch the full 1h45m meeting on YouTube or read the summary on eoscommunity.org.

The board is going to be working on creating a series of “offices” that would be in charge of marketing, finances, values, operations and executive duties. For example, rather than having a Chief Marketing Officer, Eden on EOS aims to have a Chief Marketing Office, which could allow for a more permanent framework for development that can survive from one Eden Administration to another.

These offices reflect a holacratic approach, which boasts a flat organizational structure with little hierarchy where Eden on EOS members will have the flexibility to take on various tasks within different offices.

On top of these wider organizational goals, each Eden Board Member has also reaffirmed their commitment to working on the proposals for which they were elected.

Chris Barnes will be working towards building the Eden Member’s Approved Proxy, which will include presenting all gathered info about block producers to the Eden Membership so they may have an informed voting opinion.

Felix Ruiz will be spearheading a “Content Creators” initiative aiming to incentivize content creators outside of EOS to produce EOS content over the course of the next few weeks.

Joshua Seymour is donating his 110 EOS to Randall Rolland’s project called “EOS Support”, which aims to establish well organized customer support for EOS in the form of dedicated staff, EOS courses and more.

Want to learn more about the current Eden Board Members? Make sure to tune in to the latest edition of the “Special Eden on EOS – EOSIO Swiss Workshops organized by Patrick Schmid, CEO/CTO of NovaCrypto and EOS Nation Swiss Ambassador, which will be published on his YouTube channel  🔔 on July 24th at 1700 UTC.

Patrick’s latest workshop focuses on interview sessions with all of the current Eden on EOS Board Members. The exposition comes in different stages; with a joint session featuring Chris and Ami coming in first, followed by solo sessions with Felix and Josh. The speakers will be shedding some light on the following topics:

  • Eden Board Member backgrounds and projects
  • Proposed solutions to make EOS thrive
  • Eden roadmap

Liquidity is the Lifeblood of Pomelo

If there’s one thing that the entire EOS community can agree on, it’s that there’s been a lack of liquidity for projects building on EOS. Pomelo is aiming to change that by allocating funds from various matching fund partners to community projects via the quadratic funding distribution method.

Block.one has committed to being the first matching fund partner, and .gems recently announced they’ll be contributing to the pool too with funds raised from the Pomelo NFT series fundraising effort.

To highlight the importance of liquidity, this week’s NFT drop is exactly that: “Pomelo Liquidity”. All of our Pomelo NFT drops are still available on AtomicHub, which now include the Pomelo Seeds, the Pomelo Soil, and the Pomelo Liquidity.

All sales generated by our Pomelo NFT series drops will be donated to the Pomelo platform as matching funds to be included in the first round of funding that is coming up later this year. Make sure to tune in next week to the EOS Hot Sauce to pick up our fourth and final drop! What do you think it’s going to be? Let us know in the comments!

We’re looking forward to seeing the liquidity flow on EOS. If you’re interested in participating in Pomelo funding either as a contributor or as a project seeking funding, we’d love to hear from you! Complete this short survey to help us make the Pomelo experience great for you! The more you share with us about your needs and wants, the better we’ll be able to create a Pomelo user-experience that satisfies them!

Liquidapps & Bancor Bridge to ETH

The Bancor DAO will be voting on July 26 to whitelist DAPP for a single sided liquidity pool staking with a 500k BNT co-investment. This will be one of the biggest crossover events of the year and it will enable DAPP to witness a significant increase in liquidity from the Bancor network and from the bridging with the Ethereum Network.

This DAPP bridge to Ethereum and its ERC20 contract was designed and deployed by Blockstart who received a 750,000 DAPP grant from the DAPP Network.

When it was based solely on Defibox on the EOS Network, DAPP recorded liquidity of roughly $50k-$100k. But, with the help of this proposal, we are likely to see an increase as liquidity reaches $2million in depth on the Bancor side and the DAPP side, with Bancor functioning as DAPP’s main liquidity provider on Ethereum. This increased liquidity will greatly reduce slippage, and allow DSPs (DAPP Network Nodes) to invest more in the network and develop more services on it. Other DSPs will also be able to buy into the project without fear of having to hold an illiquid asset.

The proposal also creates a single liquidity protection pool funded with DAPP tokens to form a layer of impermanent loss protection, which covers potential losses related to DAPP token prices rising against the BNT. Compensation becomes available for the loss in fee generation, and it further facilitates single token exposure. DAPP holders can choose to stake to this pool to fund the impermanent loss protection, while the holders themselves will realize higher yields. 

If everything goes according to plan, DAPP users can expect a whole lot more liquidity on the network, as well as more projects and additional functionality. The wide range of big players and potential investments available on the Ethereum Network opens up interesting possibilities in cross-chain NFT staking and bridging, as well as DeFi gamification.

Read more about How the DAPP Network Prepares to Bring External Impermanent Loss Protection to the Bancor Network, and also about DAPP Network’s plans for becoming a Multi-Chain NFT and DeFi Gamification platform.

Defibox Whitepaper 4.0 Brings Multi Chain Liquidity

Defibox Whitepaper V4.0 is here! As expected, this update came with a few changes, with the standout being the announcement of Defibox’s Swap Protocol launch on the Binance Smart Chain. This move is a real-time manifestation of item 5 on the Whitepaper, dealing with cross-chain exploration.  However, users will have to wait for more specifics, seeing as no date has been revealed for the BSC launch. 

At this point, it’s safe to expect even more functionality, as well as a better user experience on Defibox. With the level of activity and popularity of the Binance Smart Chain, the added liquidity is something really worth looking forward to.

Read the Defibox Whitepaper V4.0.

VanCity Outbreak’s Reid Lucier Standalone Art & Blending Recipes

Starting next week, we’re introducing a blending promotion to reward our VanCity Outbreak holders with new art from Reid Lucier, the artist behind our VanCity Outbreak NFT collection.

We’re going BIG on this blending promotion and collectors that want to participate will be required to blend many NFTs to access this exquisite and standalone Lucier art. The first blend available, Jungle Raid, goes live next Saturday July 31st at 1600 UTC. Follow .gems on Twitter for the full blending instructions released on Friday July 30th.

For a full list of all the upcoming blending recipes, please see this document. NFTs from VanCity Outbreak Season 1, and Season 2 will be eligible for blends and all of the blends will require Kill Shot NFTs that were earned for winning a battle in the VanCity Outbreak NFT smart contract battle. Visit the AtomicHub market to pick up the NFTs you’re missing for your blends!

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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