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Ultra Is Ready For Launch!


The Ultra Mainnet is in the final stages of it’s public launch.

Ultra has shared details of the release process in its  latest  community update, along with insights into all the work that’s been done in the past few months leading up to this point.

On platform development, the team has worked to increase efficiency and  ease of use. Improvements were made to the user interface to make actions easier to find. And the Authenticator has been incorporated into the client for all blockchain transactions, simulating a more traditional payment service.

Version one of the Ultra protocols and smart contracts are now feature complete,  including an advanced monitoring system for critical infrastructure to easily detect and fix problems. 

2 new block producers were also announced: CryptoLions and EOS USA have joined the effort, bringing the number of block producers to seven and increasing the resiliency and decentralization of the network.

EOS Nation is proud to be one of those seven great teams,  and we can’t wait to launch the Ultra Mainnet!

The Differences Between EOS on Eden, Pomelo and EOSTARTER CrowdFunding Platforms

crypto crowdfunding platforms eden pomelo eostarter

Eden on EOS, Pomelo and EOStarter are currently three different crowdfunding platforms that are being built on EOS and aiming to be live before the end of the year. These platforms are being built by different teams and in this article we’ll highlight some of the different approaches  taken in terms of development, funding sources, and which types of projects are likely to be funded on each platform.

Eden on EOS

Built by Dan Larimer and a team of developers that he has personally hired and paid for, Eden on EOS aims to achieve funding consensus through the system of political playoffs described in Dan’s book titled “More Equal Animals.” If the Eden on EOS system leads to positive outcomes for EOS, Dan is hoping that block producers will approve his request to reimburse the development cost of the platform.

In terms of funding, a few different sources are currently being discussed for Eden on EOS such as a donation from Block.one, new EOS inflation, and other potential sources of income that include standing up an Eden block producer. Dan mentioned that Block.one has shown some interest in providing funding for Eden on EOS, however no funding has been publicly confirmed by Block.one. Eden on EOS could also be funded via extra EOS inflation, such as an extra 0.25%, which would need to be approved by block producers. Before getting such approval, Eden on EOS would have to prove it’s value to the network and Domenic Thomas has outlined a potential roadmap that he believes would be a nice body of work that could be used to pitch investors such as Block.one and active block producers. Another potential source of funding would be to stand up a block producer and direct all of it’s daily block producer rewards to Eden on EOS. This idea gained a significant amount of momentum this week when Kevin Rose from Block.one’s Public Blockchain Engagement team mentioned that Block.one would be happy to support such a block producer with the full weight of their votes, which is currently worth 200 EOS per day.

Projects funded by Eden on EOS are likely to fall within the category of “public goods,” which we discussed in episode 105 of the EOS Hot Sauce. A great example of a public good is the EOSPowerUp.io platform and Telegram bot, which is a service all EOS users can benefit from and was partially funded by the first mock election of Eden. At the end of the day, the projects that get funded by Eden on EOS will depend entirely on the consensus reached by its members during the political playoff process.

Want to learn more about Eden on EOS? Check out the Eden Community Calendar for weekly events aimed at growing the Eden on EOS community such as:

  • Monday evenings “Open Mic” meeting (22:00 UTC – 24:00 UTC)
  • Thursday Eden Community Podcast (20:00 UTC to 21:30 UTC)
  • Saturday webinar livestream (00:00 UTC to 01:30 UTC)

And remember to sign up for the 2nd Eden on EOS Trial Election taking place on July 17th!

Pomelo’s Quadratic Crowdfunding Platform

The development of Pomelo was funded by Block.one and is being executed by EOS Nation and EOS Asia. Pomelo aims to empower individual donors by amplifying the funding they chose to send to various projects through the presence of a matching fund. Block.one has committed to donate some matching funds for the first round of funding, which is scheduled to take place before the end of the year.
Any project, team or individual will be able to sign up as a potential candidate to receive Pomelo funding. But only public goods will be eligible to receive funds from the matching pool. Learn more about public goods and how funds are matched in episode 105 of the EOS Hot Sauce.

And, while we’re on the topic of Pomelo, make sure to check out our recent tweet asking the community to share with us their most creative ideas regarding the origin story of the Pomelo name! We always want to reward our active community members and we’ll also be featuring some of the most creative responses in an upcoming edition of the EOS Hot Sauce.


EOSTARTER brands itself as the first community-powered incubator and launchpad for EOS projects. The development of the platform is personally funded by Hernan Arber, a long-time, dedicated EOS community and Founder of EOS Israel. The three core pillars of EOSTARTER are:

  1. Provide unique opportunities to all the members of our community
  2. Provide maximum value to our teams, participants, and investors
  3. Build and cultivate a long-term thriving investor community

Investors in the EOSTARTER launchpad will receive $TART tokens that will qualify them to invest in new projects via a pre-sale or discounted tokens. Unlike Pomelo, public goods are not the focus of this launchpad. This is an incubator for private for-profit ventures, as is standard of other launchpads that have gained popularity and can be found on various smart-contract platforms across the wider crypto ecosystem.

EOSTARTER is however dedicated to the enrichment of the EOS ecosystem, so they may consider supporting projects that are public goods with services to help expedite their completion and launch. 

Chintai Partnership

Chintai has partnered with Bovill, an international regulatory consultancy. Support from Bovill puts Chintai firmly on track for authorization from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to operate as a recognized Market Operator. 

This allows them to conduct issuance and secondary market operations on their capital markets platform. The partnership will also allow multi-jurisdictional coverage and licensing via collaboration in global rules-mapping exercises. Listen to Chintai CEO and Founder David Packham in this recently published short YouTube video that explains the vision of Chintai, and read more about the new partnership in their official press release.

FIO Representing EOSIO in El Salvador

FIO’s Luke Stokes was on hand in El Salvador to represent EOSIO in a meeting with the government. He fully participated and even had the opportunity to give a five-minute speech to government and blockchain stakeholders about the FIO protocol and the idea to give everyone in El Salvador their own FIO Wallet Handle. 

Listen to Luke Stokes in this 12 minute YouTube video as he shares more information about his involvement in the delegation.

WAX Bridges & World Music NFT Standard

Token Bridge is Live

The WAX token bridge is now online! The WAXP to WAXE bi-directional bridge can be used to swap 1000 WAXP into 1 WAXE. Inversely, the token bridge can also be used to convert 1 WAXE back into 1000 WAXP, which can be directly used on the WAX Blockchain. Customers can now also use their ETH to buy WAXE, which can then be swapped for WAXP via the WAX Cloud Wallet bi-directional bridge. This bridge also allows other cryptoassets, such as USDT and USDT(WAX), to be swapped as well!


Good news! You can now send your Atomic Asset NFTs to Ethereum to list them on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible using the LiquidApps NFT Bridge. The new additional features also include the storage of your favourite CryptoKitties in your WAX.io cloud wallet.  More marketplaces and utility for AtomicAssets NFTs should bring a smile to all NFT collectors!


It’s a fact that many people consider WAX as the powerhouse of NFTs, and rightly so. In a Twitter thread composed by user @Waxtronaut_, he outlined 10 reasons to believe WAX is truly the undisputed king of NFTs. Some of the reasons include the fact that WAX has the most users, most transactions, most NFT projects, and is carbon neutral. Check out the Twitter tread to see all 10 reasons WAX is the King of NFTs.


cXc.world is setting the standard for musical NFTs and introducing a new blockchain curation system. 

This gives artists an avenue to mint their music NFTs, even if they have minimal tech skills. You simply have to fill out a form and mint the NFT if you are qualified.

EOS Hot Sauce Live Premieres, Metaverse After-Parties and more Spicy Rares!

By popular demand, we’re bringing back the EOS Hot Sauce YouTube  Premieres and adding some new elements to it, such as an after party on our Cryptovoxels metaverse parcel, a live audio chat on Discord, and a revamped Spicy Rare NFT collection! 

Set your alarm clock for 1600 UTC on Saturdays to tune in to the YouTube Premiere of the latest episode of the EOS Hot Sauce and monitor the live chat for hints about the location of the Spicy Rare claim form in Cryptovoxels. Our After-Party audio chat on Discord will also feature different members of the EOS Nation team each week, so we hope you join us to hang out and talk about EOS, NFTs, and that week’s EOS Hot Sauce topics!

We’re also excited to announce that the Season 3 Spicy Rare NFTs are going to be designed by Shramana Haldar, our new EOS Nation designer! Shramana is a Toronto-based Product Designer whose 2D & 3D art work has been featured in amazing projects such as the movies “The Revenant”, “-Men: Apocalypse” and others.

We’re very excited to have her design our Spicy Rare NFTs on EOS this season and what we’ve seen so far looks absolutely stunning! For that reason, we’ll be increasing the supply of Spicy Rares from a maximum of 5 per week to 50 per week! We want more people from our community to be able to enjoy this beautiful art and grow their Spicy Rare collection.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, bookmark our Cryptovoxel parcel coordinates and join our Discord server to get in on all the EOS Hot Sauce action we’ll be delivering every week!

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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