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EOS Achieves 100% Carbon Neutrality

EOS has successfully offset its carbon footprint for 2021/2022. This announcement was made by EOS Authority, a founding block producer that launched a Green EOS Movement in 2019 and renewed that commitment in May of this year. The goal of this initiative is to keep carbon footprints from the EOS Mainnet at less than one percent.

EOS Authority partnered with ClimateCare and the popular blockchain game Upland to identify sustainability partners and supported initiatives to offset the carbon footprint of the EOS mainnet.

Through the partnership with ClimateCare, EOS Authority is able to calculate global EOS server CO2 emissions, and then select suitable projects to offset the equivalent of the CO2 emissions. This makes EOS greener and maintains its reputation as the world’s first carbon-neutral blockchain, estimated to be 66,454 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin.

The initiative is a continuous one, with plans for next year already in motion. This year’s offset completely eliminated 281 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions for 21 block producers, as well as 19 standby producers. This was done via projects such as Gyapa Efficient Stoves in Ghana, India Wind in India, Burn Stoves in Kenya, among others.

The successful EOS offset proves that functional efficiency need not be sacrificed for eco-efficiency, and the EOS community can be proud going forward that it is playing its own part in preserving the environment.

Greymass' Web Wallet

Greymass web wallet is live! 

We learned in a Reddit post this week that early access to the “untitled” wallet is now available to everyone.  Untitled? Yeah! The branding of the wallet is still booting up. The Greymass team would rather put us in suspense and iterate as they collect feedback while cooking up what they claim will be a memorable brand name.

The web wallet allows you to easily access basic EOS functions from any device with an internet connection and supported web browser. The goal is to create a user-friendly experience familiar to any crypto enthusiasts and simple enough for newcomers to crypto.

The Greymass web wallet currently supports basic functions related to tokens and core-app functionality. You’ll be able to view token balances, initiate token transfers, and see how to receive tokens on your account. Supported blockchains include EOS, FIO, Proton, Telos, and WAX. Users will be able to sign in to multiple blockchains and swap tokens instantly. It also supports  dark mode. Pretty cool right?

Visit the official Greymass website to try out the wallet or learn more about it. The project is open-source and developers interested in contributing to its development can do so by reaching out to the team or sharing your ideas via the EOS Community Forum.

Pomelo Finney Update & Sybil Resistance

We had an overwhelming response to the launch of the Pomelo landing page, with more than 600 sign ups to our newsletter for updates to learn more. 

To thank our earliest subscribers, we’re distributing 200 exclusive Pomelo CryptoFinney NFTs in partnership with our friends from Cryptowriter. You may have received an invitation to claim yours already. If you haven’t, don’t fret! There will be more opportunities to get your hands on one from Cryptowriter on Twitter. We’ll also be re-distributing any Finnies that went out to our subscribers that don’t get claimed within 2 weeks. 

The Pomelo Finney giveaway has been a fun way to engage with our community. It’s also been an experiment in Sybil resistance. And that’s a key feature we’re building into the Pomelo platform. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a Sybil attack is when an attacker tries to subvert the reputation system of a network service by creating a large number of pseudonymous identities in order to use them to gain a disproportionately large influence in said network. In the case of Pomelo Finnies, sybil attackers who registered multiple accounts to claim multiple Finnies have informed our strategy for defending against such an attack that might attempt to influence Pomelo’s matching pool distribution in the future.
Stay tuned to learn more about the sybil resistance we’re building into the heart of Pomelo. We’ll have more details and prototypes to play with soon!

Getting curious? Tuning in to the EOS Hot Sauce every week is the best way to stay in the loop. Did you miss our quadratic funding explainer last week? Check out EOS GO’s recap for a nice overview, which also includes many links to even more quadratic funding educational material. 

EOS & EOSIO Medical Applications

Many new projects are leveraging EOSIO to make a difference in the field of medicine. And what better place to apply the power of EOSIO blockchains than to the health industry where the management of data could directly be a matter of life and death?

A good example is GeneOS, which is described by their CEO, Albert Chen, as “a self-sovereign personal genomics and wellness platform where users can obtain health insights generated by an algorithmic agglomeration of their DNA, lab and activity data.” The data is stored in a way that users can share in the value created by renting their data for research or getting paid for personalized healthcare recommendations. They also don’t stand the risk of losing ownership of their data.

Last week, we also observed that COVID-19 vaccination certificates were being digitized using EOS. 

An elated Twitter user @BBACKMAL from South Korea shared a screenshot of his digitized COVID-19 certificate. He said:

“This is my certificate of COVID-19 vaccination. This is based on EOSIO. Already in Korea! EOSIO is used in various fields and has become a standard.”

This is coming off the back of the huge success recorded by the EOS Marketplace in Venezuela in bringing subsidized complete blood analysis to EOS Community members in Puerto Ordaz. 

The EOS ecosystem is indeed a standard and it will lead the blockchain industry with innovative solutions that contribute immensely to the health industry.

Upland Spark Drop

The Upland Global Spark Drop kicked off last week 

The Spark token allows players to begin developing buildings on their properties such as homes and businesses. The Spark Drop can be claimed via an in-app popup for eligible players. Spark tokens not claimed by Friday June 18th will be reclaimed for future events and activities. 

The allotment of Spark tokens to players vary based on aggregation from different criteria. Existing players before the initial announcement in 2020 would be entitled to more tokens than those that joined after the announcement. Similarly, players with a higher status on Upland would generally be entitled to more tokens than players with a lower status. Players will also have chances to claim more Spark tokens in the future by levelling up, and also during sales and events. 

With the introduction of the Spark feature comes additional building models to the already existing models. The new additions include 2 high-end single-family houses, a new highrise apartment building, as well as unique variations on existing models. The construction of structures on properties is also set to play a huge role in future neighborhood ratings on Upland.

Another feature that has been much anticipated is the Property-to-USD program that is now opening up! Upland announced that they will begin rolling acceptance of players for the Property-to-USD program! Each week Upland will include a new batch of players in this program. In order to register, just head over to city hall in any of Upland’s cities and keep an eye out for an email from the Upland team.

Simple Assets Tool Updated

The Simple Assets toolkit has been updated with the ability for asset authors to pay for RAM for transfers, a third-party contract that allows NFTs to be backed by any EOSIO tokens, and a unique coupon structure that is designed to allow tokenization of non-blockchain objects. 

Simple Assets was the first NFT standard native to EOSIO. The project by CryptoLions can be used to create a vast array of fungible, non-fungible, and non-transferable tokens. Simple Assets also serves as a digital assets manager for other dApps.

Simple Assets has a reputation for its flexibility, owing to a wide variety of tools and features. These include built-in lending, which allows a digital asset owner to lend out an asset to another user and reclaim it at the expiration of the lending period. Built-in containerization is also one of these features, allowing tokens to be packed inside other tokens. 

Read more on the Simple Assets Blog or directly access the Simple Assets Tools.

EOSIO Swiss Workshop #9

The online EOSIO Swiss Workshop experience is back again on June 23rd for its 9th edition. Organized by Patrick Schmid, CEO/CTO of NovaCrypto and EOS Nation Swiss Ambassador, the fantastic workshop features a star-studded speaker lineup that includes:

  • Daniel Keyes, CEO of EOS Nation
  • Stephane Bisson, Co-Founder of .gems
  • Chris Barnes, current Eden Satoshi
  • Michael Blu, CEO Uplift Art
  • Lars Kommienezuspadt, Chief Creative Officer for FACINGS

This workshop covers some of the recent updates in EOS, such as:

  • Pomelo
  • Staking pools
  • NFTs
  • DAPP Network
  • Google Cloud Platform with EOSIO
  • Smart cities with EOSIO     
  • PowerUp for EOS Mainnet

These workshops seek to empower developers and enthusiasts with information and exposure to maximize the opportunity that dApps, EOS, and other novel innovations have brought to the world’s fingertips. EOSIO Swiss Workshop #9 is coming up next week and should not be missed!

Get in the mood by watching the workshop’s cinematic video announcement and make sure to subscribe to the NovaCrypto YouTube channel to get notified when the workshop goes live.

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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