EOS Hot Sauce

EOS Hot Sauce #68 – The Greatest EOS Podcast Ever Produced, Blockchain Heroes Take Over WAX, EOSDT’s DeFi ATH and Ultra is Ramping up for Prime Time!

EOS Hot Sauce ingredients: The greatest EOS podcast ever recorded (Everything EOS), Blockchain Heroes takes over WAX, Ultra ramping up for prime time, DeFi: EOSDT volume ATH, BOX DAO, swap mining, EOSOptions quote pit operators, PUML is #BuiltOnEOSIO, Return of mau5trap Remix Comp to Emanate, DAPP Network’s Data Revolution, CryptoLocally, Everipedias Best Page of the Week: xNation, Upland Expands to New York City and the 3rd Online EOSIO Swiss Workshop on August 23rd 2020.

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EOS Hot Sauce #67 – Block.one Steps Up To The Governance Plate, EOS DeFi Yield Farmers and WAX NFTs Continue to Deliver Delight!

EOS Hot Sauce ingredients: New financial product from Block.one, Block’one’s PBE get involved in EOSIO testing, EOS VC portfolio update, EOSIO Developer Portal update, EOS DeFi Yield Farming, EOSX monthly update, Yup (What the internet thinks about the internet) is built on DAPP & EOS, WAX updates include: Blockchain Heroes NFTs, KOGS, UpliftArt, WAX Advisory Council welcomes Rui Zhang of gumi inc, Race For Rares’s Golden Chili NFT, Voice updates, CRYPTOwriter growth, Greymass new account creation backup and finally, cats helps you chose which blockchain to build on.

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EOS Hot Sauce #66 – new Voices, big moves by Block.one, a whole ball of WAX news, and much more!

EOS Hot Sauce ingredients: The Writer Company joins Voice, Block.one makes big moves on mainnet, The whole ball of WAX, EOS DeFi so hot right now, Two million accounts on EOS, Galaxy EOS VC Fund invests in Polyarc, Virginia Tech Blockchain Challenge Winners, Ultra is ready for testing, Organic Community Market giveaway, Start earning Newcoin on Newlife, UX Network registration opens for WBI holders.

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EOS Hot Sauce #65 – EOS Nation CEO & CTO Join Vigor Protocol as Custodians, State of EOS DeFi EOS, WAX Keeps Growing, the “Race for Rares” is ON and Tons More!

EOS Hot Sauce Ingredients: EOS Nation CEO & CTO join Vigor Protocol, WAX grows alongside NFT popularity, Race for Rares is on, Block.one’s Bart Wyatt on blockchain interoperability, Telos integrates EvoDex, Voice App for Android and KYC-free human verification, X-Nation Liquidity Pools Walkthrough by HODL EOS, Emanate is #DeFi Meets #HiFi, Discussions.app new blog feature, Uphold integrates EOS, Greymass roadmap, and getting started with BOSCore.

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EOS Hot Sauce #64 – NFT FOMO for GPK Exotic, Spicy Rare Giveaways, Collectables.io Trading Platform, Join our Sense Chat Community and More!

EOS Hot Sauce ingredients: EOS Nation’s Spicy Rare promo and giveaway, GPK Goes Exotic Launch Success, KOGs on WAX, Collectables.io all-in-one NFT trading platform, join our EOS Nation Sense Chat community, Learning EOSIO with Lena “Build Your First Smart Contract”, multiple LiquidApps Bounties, Emanate & ZED.RUN, Syed Jafri on Interoperability.

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Learning EOSIO with Lena: Block.one Webinar (2/3) “Build your first smart contract on EOSIO”

Lena Wang is one of our EOS Nation interns that has been with us for almost 2 years now. In 2015, Lena began her university study in the faculty of computer science of Sichuan University. For now, she is studying for her master’s degree with a full scholarship at Sichuan University, located in Chengdu, China. Due to her major, she has a strong interest in blockchain and she’s honored to be a part of EOS Nation and make some contributions by writing and translating articles about EOSIO. In this article, Lena shares an overview of the second Block.one webinar called “Build your first smart contract on EOSIO”.

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EOS Hot Sauce NFT Collection: Spicy Rares 🌶

EOS Nation is excited to announce Season 1 of the Spicy Rare NFT promotion! Spicy Rare NFTs are going to be given away to live chat participants during the weekly YouTube Premiere of the EOS Hot Sauce every Sunday at 12 pm ET. These limited edition Spicy Rare NFTs are sure to look great in

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EOS Hot Sauce #63 – EOS Nation Doubles 1M DAPP Scaling Bounty for Reddit, WAX NFT Hype: Hot Sauce Spicy Rares and an AtomicBridge for your GPKs, and So Much More!

Complete list of EOS Hot Sauce ingredients: EOS Nation donates 1M DAPP, All about WAX / Atomic Assets / Atomic Hub / AtomicBridge and the new Spicy Rare NFTs, Voice Global Launch Recap, Brock Pierce Runs for President, Block.one votes, More Visibility into EOS VC funded projects, social logins for deWeb, eosfinex Beta for Mainnet, EvoDex updated, EOSX offers token swaps, Upland Contributor Network, Finlab AG Invests in ZkSystems, new Blankos details and footage, Bennet Yoon introduces EOSIO at Will Clayton Event.

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EOS Hot Sauce #62 – €1M for WordProof, WAX Atomic Hub for NFTs & Capcom’s Street Fighter, Details About Block.one Bitcoin Mining Investment and Lots More!

EOS Hot Sauce ingredients:WordProof wins €1M from EU Commission, WAX’s Atomic Hub NFT creator & Capcom Joins WAX Advisory Council, Block.one Partnership with Northern Data and Block.one votes, LiquidApps and LiquidBrinX is #BuiltOnEOSIO, New Chintai Leasing Markets, Greymass Fuel now included in Anchor Link wallet kit, UX Networks Launches July 30th.
UX Networks Lauches July 30th

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EOS Hot Sauce #61: Voice Launch Party, WAX Keeps Delivering, Consistent EOSX Improvements, FinLab AG Invests in Sparrow, Zero Hash Supports EOS and Much More!

EOS Hot Sauce ingredients: Voice Launch Zoom Party, WAX (Marvel, Exotic, William Shatner), NFTCow, EOSX, FinLab AG Invests in Sparrow, Zero Hash Supports EOS, Chirp on EOS, dfuse for EOSIO, EOSIO Python Library, Alcor.exchange Integrates BOS IBC, DAPP Talk & EOSIO Swiss Workshop with Patrick Schmid, Emanate Attlas Remix Winners, Sense Chat & Effect.AI & Akoin, Mythical player-owned economies.

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EOS Hot Sauce #60 – Block.one activity, Everipedia listing frenzy, Ultra Innovations and dfuse Partnership, Microsoft’s Peter DeBenedictis joins WAX Advisory Council and Lots More!

EOS Hot Sauce ingredients: Brendan Blumer Keynote, B1 Investment in Northern Data, B1 Voting, EOSIO updates, Everipedia listed on Binance & OKEx & Hoo,
Ultra Innovation and dfuse Partnership, WAX Advisory Council: Microsoft’s Peter DeBenedictis, PIZZA DeFi introduces leveraged tokens, Anchor Link SKD Fuel integration, Sense Chat and Effect.AI at Blockdown 2020, ChainZ Guide by Wombat, TokenPocket integrates BOSCore IBC, Playable Worlds funded by Galaxy Digital,
dfuse webinar for EOSIO Developers, Blockchain Heroes

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Daniel Keyes

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Responsibilities include: product management, operations, community
Location: Toronto, Canada

Prior to founding the first EOS community in Toronto and co-founding EOS Nation, Daniel spent a decade in the financial technology industry working several diverse roles. His extensive experience in customer service, sales, sales coaching, agent training, digital marketing, digital process management (lean green belt), and product management (certified scrum master, certified product owner) eventually lead him to consulting for a blockchain dev shop.

Daniel earned a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in 2009 and worked as a chase producer intern at Global TV.

Daniel lives by the principles of Truth, Love, and Freedom.