.gems Monthly Vol.1 Issue #2

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It hasn’t  even been a year since we started our NFT journey by minting the Spicy Rares, one of the first NFT Collections that was verified on AtomicHub. 

That was on WAX. 

We are now moving heavily into the EOS version of the AtomicHub.

Determined to make a mark and kickstart NFTs on EOS! #Bullish

Dropping the "dot"

As we extended our mission we started working with a design team to give our brand the look and feel that represents exactly what we’re doing. 

Going through the process we decided to drop the “dot” and rebrand from dotGems to a simple and cleaner .gems [ dot gems ].

We also came up with a nice new logo. We hope you like it!

gems-bright logo-02

Onboarding creatives to the world of NFTs is at the core of our mission, and we provide each new member with a customized blockchain account as a welcome gift.

For that purpose we bought the premium domains “.gems” and “.gem” on EOS and WAX.

You’ll see a bunch of these addresses popping up in the near future, and anytime you see an artist with such an account you can be sure that it’s a real person that went through our vetting process. 

For artists, it gives a recognizable account to sign their work with.

The first wave of .gems artists will be releasing their works on April 10th on eos.atomichub.io.

.gems Double Drop


The Dream BIG Collection and the GBK Chestahedron – NFT Artefacts will be dropping on the same day.

For the information about supply & pricing, please visit these links:

To create maximum awareness for NFTs on EOS, we’ll be firing on all cylinders.

We’re pretty proud of both these collections and extremely thankful for how well our NFT concepts were received by artists from across the globe. 

To give a bit of context and a preview of what to expect, we’ve produced a teaser video for each collection.

Take a look!

Soon you’ll also be able to view these amazing artworks in VR, as we’re currently in the process of putting the final touches on our several NFT showrooms across the metaverses.

And there’s more.

Collectors that complete full sets get a chance to win special rewards.

For example, GBK already announced that all those of his collectors who complete his whole set within the first week will get the chance to win a real-life Chestahedron Kimono.


Special prices for Dream BIG Collectors will be announced on our socials, so keep checking those.

.gems EOS Coloured Coins

As part of the promotion for the upcoming release we do a daily tweet contest and participants get the chance to get their hands on the first EOS Coloured Coins. 

The EOS Coloured Coins Collection is an homage to the first NFTs ever, the Coloured Coins on Bitcoin.

There are only 100 of each in 7 different colour combinations and those that manage to get a full set are going to be in for a treat.

.gems Pack Opening Tech Premiere

With the upcoming sale, we’ll also be premiering our .gems pack opening tech.

As per usual, there’s no need to race for low mints. 

The whole collection will be presented and will be distributed randomly to our collectors.

Fair chances for everyone to try their luck to get some low mints.

Whenever you want to open your NFT Pack, just send it to unpack.gems.

Can users send multiple packs all at once? Yes, they can!

Let it rain .gems NFTs in your account!

.gems Creator Pass

The Dream BIG Collection is the first .gems Art Challenge of many more to come. Before we announce the topic and rules of the next one, let’s take a look at how we’re going to distribute the profits.

  • The #1 mint of each common piece goes to the customized EOS Account of the original creator.
  • 50% of all profits are shared equally among the artists that send in their initial designs.
  • The royalties of the collection will be distributed quarterly to the holders of the .gems Creators Pass

The .gems Creators Pass is an additional NFT that we’ll send to anyone that participated in our Art Challenges and the holder of this NFT will receive a share of all the royalties generated through all future .gems Art Challenges. 

That’s got potential to be a pretty lucrative DeFi NFT, right? 

So how to get in?


The next .gems Art Challenge is all about paper money. 

You know, these old ways we used to pay for groceries with?

We believe that soon these forms of payment will be outdated, so we’re looking for ways to up-cycle.

It’s not about destruction!

Paper money shows representations of art, culture, and history of the country that it’s from.

Often it has a certain vintage beauty to it, which makes it perfect to become our next canvas.

We want all the creatives in our community to remix the paper bills of their respective countries and rework the images shown on them. 

Detailed instructions will be shared soon.

The Ocean Defenders are coming to WAX!

The .gems team is happy to announce that we’re working closely with The Ocean Defenders to bring their project to the WAX Blockchain.

The Ocean Defenders is a group of ocean action-sports superheroes. 

It’s created by two of the world’s leading female professional kiteboarders, Susi Mai and Paula Rosales, in collaboration with Jeremy McKane, ocean activist, artist, and founder of the Ocean Currency Network.

What started as a collection of educational comic strips will evolve into a fun collectible series featuring interactive elements and gamification.

Want to learn more about .gems and meet the whole team?

Check out a recent interview we had with Lisa Chandler, who invited us to the DacathonGaming event.

And don’t forget to claim your .gems Monthly Cover NFT!

You can claim that here!

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