EOSIO Crowd Funding Platform – Funded by Block.one, built by EOS Nation & EOS Asia

EOS Nation and EOS Asia are excited to announce that we’ve received a grant from Block.one to build an open-source crowdfunding platform on EOS to unlock funding for projects that bring value to EOS and the greater EOSIO community. 

Inspired by Gitcoin, the platform enables users to contribute EOS tokens directly to projects seeking funding. Projects that are providing a public good for the community will have contributions matched from a pool of funds initially provided by Block.one and other matching partners. Matching will leverage quadratic funding to allocate more matching funds to the projects who have received more contributions from more unique users. The platform’s goal is to help developers within the community capture the value they create and grow the developer population. The platform is voluntarily self-funded, democratically driven, carefully administered, and aims to help the community become more independent.

Block.one has committed to provide funds for the initial matching rounds when the platform goes live. We’re very excited about this news, not only in terms of the projects that could be funded and supported by the platform, but also what it means for the bigger picture of the EOS Mainnet.

EOS Nation has been working towards implementing a WPS-like system for a long time and we have finally reached this significant milestone!

We’re very happy to have Block.one as a member of the greater EOS community and we appreciate their direct support. EOS Nation and EOS Asia are honoured to be able to receive such a grant. 

Development is already underway, and we look forward to sharing more details soon.

Do you have questions or comments? We want to hear from you!  Join us in our Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all the latest developments of this open-sourced EOS crowdfunding platform.

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