Skate2earn – Driving Value Back to the Streets

Is it a magazine? Is it a pack? 

Well, the Sk8coin Metazine is all of the above!

Reminiscent of the 80s and 90s fanzines and skateboarding VHS tapes, the Sk8coin Metazine is a collaborative platform for urban culture in the metaverse, full of stories from the streets and web 3.0.

While the content is available for everyone to read as a flipbook on the Sk8coin website, only the owners of the Metazine Cover NFT are whitelisted to claim the NFTs embedded via links in every article. In that sense, Sk8coin introduces a whole new concept of a pack sale.

Issue #1 will be available for sale on February 23rd on Neftyblocks. 

Make sure to follow Sk8coin on Twitter for further details about the sale and you can already take a sneak peek at the project page on Neftyblocks.

A total of 20 + NFTs will be published within the magazine available to the owners of the Cover NFT to claim. The featured content reaches from audio-visual Skateclips, fun GIFs to stunning Skateboarding photography. Some of these NFTs will also be crucial ingredients for exclusive cross-promotional NFT blends with our partnering projects.

With a maximum supply of 200 editions, Sk8coin Issue #1 NFTs are relatively rare and become even rarer over time, since supply will decrease through a multitude of NFT blending activities.

Powered by decentralized sponsorships and skate2earn tokenomics, profit shares are distributed back to the skaters and content producers featured in the magazine.

If you like skateboarding and NFT games you will most definitely love the Sk8coin Metazine.

Here’s a list of some stories and features you’ll find in Issue #1:

  • The Importance of Style
  • Greg Valencia Interview
  • Filming in the City – Los Angeles
  • VR Graffiti Battles
  • NBD Trick Challenge
  • Wombat’s Dungeon Master Game Review
  • Metal War Game Review
  • Sk8coin White Paper
  • And More!

On top of all that excitement, there will be a bunch of easter eggs hidden in the metazine, claimable to the person that discovers it first. 

Check out a recent .gems discovery stream for a deep dive into the story of Sk8coin.

Join Sk8coin Channel on the .gems Discord server if you have further questions.

Contact thelovehandlz@gmail for decentralized advertising opportunities in the Sk8coin Metazine.

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Daniel earned a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in 2009 and worked as a chase producer intern at Global TV.

Daniel lives by the principles of Truth, Love, and Freedom.