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WAX Nation Guild Candidacy

Last week EOS Nation proudly announced our candidacy as a Guild for WAX.

Being a Guild on WAX is like being a Block Producer on EOS – we intend to secure the WAX network with world class infrastructure while adding value to the network in other ways, like building communities and network tools.

The upcoming WAX Guild Candidate Showcase initiative offers WAX Guild candidates the opportunity to showcase to prospective voters the value that they can add to the WAX Platform and WAX Community, and to be voted in as a WAX Guild before the office of the Inspector General is fully live and operational. We encourage you to dig into the links below to learn more about WAX governance and how they incentivized the highest rate of voter participation among DPoS blockchains today.

With its focus on NFT trading and serving the massive gaming market, WAX is solving real-world problems for real-world users. We believe in the potential of WAX, and we’d like to share a few of their recent developments and initiatives.  After running their ICO on Ethereum in Q4 2017, WAX has since successfully launched their EOSIO mainnet in July 2019.

The WAX Service Layer is a full suite of blockchain-based tools and services that allows developers, marketplace owners, video game creators and collectible traders to build projects on WAX. Developed by OPSkins, this leader in digital item marketplaces is already well known for accepting crypto payments. Their decision to build their new platform on EOSIO is a testament to the strengths of the EOSIO protocol.

The following services are already functional on the WAX mainnet:

  • WAX Creator: self-service tool that allows anyone to create an NFT on the WAX Blockchain for free
  • WAX Account: doesn’t store private keys but still provides more utility than a standard wallet
  • WAX All Access: single sign-on and OAUTH service
  • WAX ExpressTrade: free & instant peer-to-peer trading
  • WAX Marketplace: create WAX Marketplaces with APIs or use OPSkins.com
  • WAX Explorer: user-friendly block explorer with many visual representations and interactive features
  • WAX Random Number Generator Native Blockchain Service: open-source service solving a common problem for many dApp developers
  • WAX Seller Central: self-service portal allowing game sellers to earn 10% of the commission every time their game re-sells to someone else

Using the WAX Creator, more than 150,000 NFTs have been created on the WAX Blockchain. In order to introduce it to even more creatives and digital designers, WAX has announced a program that pays $100 for every Collectible Card Template that’s accepted by the team. The WAX WPS should also be coming online in the next few months and is being designed by HKEOS.

We encourage you to take the time to check out the interesting Wax Explorer, which provides a great visual representations in a way that makes it fun to watch all the various items being sold. 

For developers interested in learning about opportunities when building on top of the WAX blockchain, we suggest watching an introductory Webinar hosted by their CEO William Quigley.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How two of the largest dApps in the world found success on WAX
  • The advantages of building on WAX
  • How the WAX Service Layer makes it easier for developers to build dApps and for their customers to use them
  • How the WAX Blockchain was designed to make dApps successful
WAX Website 
WAX Guild Candidate Showcase
WAX Explorer
100$ WAX Creator Templates
Wax Worker Proposal
WAX Webinar
WAX GitHub
WAX Rating

EOS Community Conference and 1.8 Upgrade

With the EOSIO 1.8. Upgrade scheduled for September 23rd and the EOS Community Conference taking place shortly after in October, we have an exciting 6 weeks coming up! EOS Nation is actively involved in both initiatives with Daniel Keyes hosting weekly calls for the ECC and the 1.8 upgrade. The ECC calls are open to anyone in the community and later uploaded to the EOS Nation YouTube channel.  This allows the community to catch up on the discussions and at the same time showcases decentralized community efforts in action.

The ECC will see many international teams meeting up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from October 15th to the 18th! EOS Nation is excited to announce that we will be sending 3 members of our team, including our CEO Yves La Rose, our COO Daniel Keyes, as well as one of our long-standing EOS Nation Ambassadors, Stuardo Rodriguez! Come talk to us, we love meeting the community!

To encourage teams to travel to Brazil for the ECC, EOS Detroit has announced that they are organizing a Travel Reimbursement Fund to help compensate teams that are traveling from far away to attend the event. Reimbursement will be based on an “EOS per mile” rate and applications are open until the ECC is concluded. The fund is based on donations, and if you want to actively support members of the community to come together, you can send some EOS to the multi-sig account “travelrefund”.

As for the EOSIO 1.8 Upgrade status calls, Daniel Keyes is leading community discussions to help ensure developers are prepared and potential roadblocks are brought forward. Daniel also helped organize the coordination effort to align BPs on a launch date, and we uploaded the video that shows how all the BPs reached consensus on the September 23rd date.  We’re happy to report that we are on track for a successful upgrade and you can also follow the progress on our EOS Upgrade Tracker.

ECC tickets and info
ECC Travel fund 
ECC Agenda Call 
1.8 Upgrade Call 
EOS Upgrade Tracker


Being true to their mission, it’s clear that the BOSCore team is investing to improve the entire EOSIO ecosystem. From technical advancements such as the 3 Second Last Irreversible Block, to a governance model that produced a functional Worker Proposal System, and their recently announced sponsorship of the upcoming ECC, the BOS network is emerging as a strong contributor in the EOSIO space.

If BOS is still new to you, we can encourage you to read a summary by EOS Nation Ambassador Tojukaka, who was recently hired as a BOSCore Community Manager. Congratulations Tojukaka for all your success in the EOSIO space!

These BOS improvements were recently showcased at the 2019 Internet of Things Technology Summit in Shenzhen. The BOSCore team stood out at the event, delivering some excellent presentations and interacting with the community at their booth throughout the day. BOS 3s LIB is of great interest to the broader IoT space that is looking to integrate blockchain technologies and requires near real-time data transactions.

E-commerce is another sector that is highly interested in fast settlement of financial transactions. After partnering with BOS, Token Pocket has enabled merchants to easily and instantly accept payments via the Token Pocket app! This is great progress and is putting pressure on the traditional financial systems, forcing them to finally innovate in order to have a chance at remaining competitive. Evidence of this can be seen in a recent Forbes Magazine article that discussed China’s rumoured plans to release it’s own national cryptocurrency. One way or another, crypto-based payments are going to be happening very soon!

ECC Sponsorship 
Tojukaka's Intro to BOS
BOS at the IOT Summit
Crypto Payments in China

Moneda Par

Sebastian Valdecantos shared some interesting news from Argentina last week, where he has been working on 2 complementary projects based on EOSIO. The first one, Moneda PAR, was originally built on BitShares in late 2016 and is already being used in five different cities: Buenos Aires, La Plata, Escobar, Moreno, and Luján. The PAR tokens are backed up by the community’s capacity to produce wealth, such as goods and services.

Once a new member is vouched for by an already accepted member, it’s quite simple:

Those with negative balances are committed to giving back value to the community by selling their goods or services in exchange for PAR tokens. Likewise, those with a positive balance have the right to take from the community goods and services in exchange for their tokens. It’s a system designed for maintaining communities while bringing “money” back to its original function: to facilitate the organization of society in the context of the division of labor.

Created by Proyecto Colmena, the second project is Jellycoin. By tokenizing incentives for households to separate their plastic waste, they are able to supply a local housing company to produce sustainable building bricks. Households, in turn, will use the tokens to consume at the local shops of the town.

Jellycoin is being built directly on EOSIO and Moneda PAR is currently being ported from Bitshares to EOSIO.  Block Producer EOS Argentina, who is also a host of the ECC, plays an important role in these initiatives that leverage EOSIO to positively impact the lives of everyday people. With the recent unfortunate developments in Argentina’s economy, we expect that such activities will resonate well with their communities. We wish everyone involved all the success in the world, and we look forward to getting more updates from Argentina!

EOS Argentina Complementary Currencies
Moneda PAR
Proyecto Comena


LiquidApps, as a multi-blockchain service platform, is connecting existing blockchain projects to additional ecosystems and simplifying the launch for new blockchain startups. Convinced of the massive potential of decentralization, LiquidApps aims to build solutions that provide the necessary flexibility and performance to enable the industry to onboard the masses when larger companies will move to blockchain.

Known for consistently publishing great content every week, this week the team gave a great historical overview of the internet and, using recent data from Deloitte, made a compelling case that the time of a blockchain-based economy is here and it’s inevitable.

The team also released a walkthrough for ZEUS and vRAM, which are the tools they developed to simplify the process for interested companies that want to decentralize their current products and services. The brain behind all the technological solutions of LiquidApps is Tal Muskal, and we had the chance to get to know him better through a recent interview he did with Zack from Everything EOS.

Most of the LiquidApps services are based on the DAPP Network, which is powered by the DAPP token. DAPP can be staked towards various services. Some of these services pay back a portion of the inflation rewards to stakers. We’re happy to report that TokenYield, a service for tracking blockchain rewards, has added the DAPP token their list of supported projects. New to TokenYield? Check out the latest episode of EOS Radio, where this service was covered extensively.

Decentralization is inevitable
Tal Muskal interview 
DAPP token on TokenYield
TokenYield on EOS Radio

Mynt - My Native Token

While the potential benefits of tokenization have been discussed and understood by many, few have the knowledge to execute their ideas and actually be able to deploy, issue and distribute their respective tokens. The Chintai team, known for its innovative leasing models with adjustable resource management options, just introduced yet another service to grow the tokenized economy.

Mynt is short for My Native Token, and is an end-to-end service for deploying customizable token distribution events on EOSIO blockchains. Besides the technological aspects, Mynt packages also provide guidance with regards to regulatory uncertainties, offeringan optimal balance for regulators, investors and businesses.”

Not even a year old, Chintai has proven its utility by generating 65,000 EOS as interest for its lenders in just one week at its peak, and has been an example of a successful DeFi application on the EOS public network. We’d like to congratulate Chintai as they continuously make great progress and keep adding innovative services to their platform.

Mynt release article
Chintai one of the largest DeFi startups

Wallets Updates

The last weeks have seen many developments from EOSIO wallets. If you’re using an iPhone, you might have noticed that the direct connection to dApps was removed on your mobile wallets like Lynx, Token Pocket, and MEET.ONE. This happened due to new rules from Apple.

Token Pocket just announced Token Pocket Pro, which gets around the new Apple rules by installing through TestFlight, and features the dApp Store as used before.

Some other positive news regarding wallets came from BitGo, a popular and trusted crypto wallet. They just recently announced custodial and self managed multi-sig wallets for EOS, which was one of the most requested coins by their clients.

EOS Tribe offered a new service that is simplifying the account creation for the EOS public network as well as other EOSIO networks. It also gives users the opportunity for account recovery through a permission system that involves sharing an owner key with the tribecreator account. This feature can be disabled for users who don’t want third parties to have access to their accounts and are comfortable managing their keys on their own.

It’s still experimental, and the tricky part here is the proof of ownership. Currently, they link an account to an email, and in case of a larger amount, require proof of an exchange account that funded the lost account.

EOS Rio also released an update for SimplEOS, one of the very early and much-used wallets within the EOS Community.

Some of the new features are:

  • REX functionalities to all chains that have it
  • Transit API to connect to dApps
  • Support for WAX Main Net and chance to auto claim GBM rewards
  • Voting through Proxies
  • Transaction history with filters
  • Light and Dark Theme

Dig into the release article to find out the next developments that we can expect on SimpleEOS!

TokenPocket Pro is live with a built-in Dapp Store
EOS on BitGo Wallet
EOS Tribe Account creator and recovery
SimplEOS Update

JRR Crypto & FastECO

We’re happy to report that our friends at FastEco have received funding from JRR Crypto!

The team is working on a large variety of projects ranging from games like SuperHero, to the video streaming platform Five and also the FPAY payment solution. Eventually, all of these projects will complement each other as parts of their ecosystem.

Through the Fast Research Lab, they aim to advance the application of blockchain technology through Fast product solutions such as Transit^, their cross-protocol solution.

The team already secured many partnerships, and this new funding proves that there is more to come. Congratulations to FastEco!

FastEco Research Lab

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