EOS Hot Sauce #41 – LiquidApps Heroes, Microforks Update, Voice Presentation and lots more!

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LiquidApps: Heroes, Grants, End of Token Sale

Congratulations to the team at LiquidApps for recently completing a successful year-long token sale! From the beginning, EOS Nation believed in the potential of the DAPP Network and we’ve been consistently impressed by the professional products delivered by the LiquidApps team. On top of a great technical product, the team has also created an impressive volume of educational content that ranged from blog posts, videos, AMAs and interviews. Their latest video AMA on Everything EOS covered topics including their new products LiquidX, LiquidLink, LiquidChains, and many others.

The team also announced this week the creation of the DAPP Network Grants Program. Developers who innovate and integrate DAPP Network services into their dApps will have the chance to obtain usage grants for vRAM, LiquidOracles, LiquidAccounts, and LiquidScheduler. Are you new to developing on the DAPP Network? Knowledge is power! Make sure to join the DAPP Developers Telegram group and learn alongside the vibrant DAPP Network community. RickEstrada33 is an example of one such vibrant community member. He recently shared a great graphic visualizing the multichain future that middleware software such as the DAPP Network can provide.

And finally, the team at LiquidApps published what has to be one of the greatest crypto videos of all time! We really enjoyed this video about the Heroes that make up the Immortal DAPP Network! 

Microforks, Infrastructure and EOSIO

Two weeks ago, our EOS Hot Sauce edition covered the release and testing of EOSIO 2 and discussed the steps that block producers need to take for the network to be fully upgraded. In last week’s EOS Hot Sauce, we updated the community on the work we were doing to identify the source of the increased frequency of microforks and what we could do to mitigate them.  

This week we’re happy to share an update on the steps that have been taken by block producers and the positive results they’ve had on the network. Here are some of the actions taken by block producers in the last week:

  • Setting up better peering
  • Purchasing better infrastructure
  • Purchasing more infrastructure
  • Sending log files to Block.one for analysis
  • Testing nodeos versions with different settings in order to pinpoint the cause of CPU spikes on producing nodes

In other words, the EOS public network has just undergone its most significant infrastructure upgrade since its launch in 2018! Block producers proved to be responsive to the increase load and demand of the network and are upgrading their infrastructure accordingly:

  • Seven block producers upgraded their full infrastructure (higher clock speeds).
  • Most of the top 22 have added many additional servers to accommodate more peering and more reliable peering.
  • Block producers now run at least 4ghz cores for all critical block producing and P2P nodes.
  • Some block producers are currently transitioning to baremetal infrastructure while others are planning the move.

We’d also like to highlight the fact that Block.one has been incredibly responsive during this time. In fact, they just released EOSIO v1.8.10, which contains fixes that address some of the issues identified over the last 10 days. And block producers have already started upgrading to the 1.8.10 release. EOS Nation has upgraded our public P2P nodes, our private P2P nodes, our public API nodes, as well as our block producing nodes to this new release and, as always, we’re monitoring the situation closely.

Included in EOSIO v1.8.10 is the feature to “drop late blocks,” which allows active block producers to drop blocks that do not arrive in time. This prevents extra work for block producers and is far simpler than attempting to determine if the incoming block is relevant or not to the chain. Once fully deployed by all block producers, we expect to see this feature reduce the amount of microforks on the network. The update also contains security improvements such as validating blocks earlier in the handling process and improving the handling of deferred transactions. Block.one continues working on further refinements to improve EOSIO for these kinds of situations and we’ve seen a 90%+ reduction in the amount of microforks happening on the network as of January 28th compared to January 22nd. 

Voice Presentation to U.S. Regulators


Block.one has released parts of their Voice presentation to U.S. regulators in early December about Voice, the next-generation social media platform that is launching in beta in 2 weeks. Some of the design elements of Voice have become clearer and we could not be more excited for the social media platform that promises aligned incentives between users and owners of the platform.

Here’s some of the information that’s been confirmed for Voice:

  • The Unique Value Propositions on Voice are:
    1. Real Identity – using online identity verification through KYC
    2. Transparency – using EOSIO blockchain architecture
    3. Alignment between platforms and users – Voice token
  • Users must publish all content and interactions under their real name.
  • User attention, the beneficial output of the platform, is distributed back to platform users in the form of the Voice token, which can be consumed to promote or elevate content.
  • Voice token serves three key purposes:
    1. Facilitating engagement with other users and their content.
    2. Allowing authors to boost the visibility of their content.
    3. Serving as a measure of the popularity of content based on public interest in promoting it.
  •  Only KYC registered users can hold or earn Voice tokens, but all Voice content is available for anyone to view. Content creators will also be able to edit their content.
  • Fundamental transparency of the Voice blockchain database allows users to understand the logic behind the content algorithms.
  • Users who violates the terms of use may have tokens revoked and users who report prohibited content may receive token rewards for helping to uphold community standards.
  • Voice tokens are earned through engagement:
    • Active registered users collect a free daily allowance.
    • 30 day up front bonus when signing up.
    • Rewards earned for popular content creation.
    • Rewards may be earned for watching ads, moderating content and inviting users onto the platform.
  • To support development and monetize their efforts, Block.one intends to receive roughly 10% of Voice tokens created annually, which they will use to sell to advertisers who want to interact on the platform. Advertisers will also need to buy Voice tokens on the open market, allowing registered users to monetize their attention.

EOSIO Networks

Fresh off an interview with MaxDapp and an AMA organised by CyptoCaBital, Ultra has just released its 6th Community Update, which covers their roadmap for 2020 and beyond. The next upcoming milestones include deploying to their first developer partner, launching their testnet, and then of course launching their mainnet! They’ve also announced a busy event schedule and teased their second closed beta video that will feature the Store Page where developers can customize the meta-data of their games. 

The awareness and excitement for Ultra continues to grow and it was great to see them featured this week in Block.one’s popular #BuiltOnEOSIO series. The excellent article includes discussion about unique features offered on Ultra, where their inspiration came from, and why they chose EOSIO as their blockchain platform of choice.  We look forward to more exciting Ultra updates in 2020!

Mutli-chain interoperability continues to grow between different EOSIO networks and OpenBRM, the multi-chain and multi-dapp platform, has just announced that it’s coming to WAX! Currently running on EOS only, OpenBRM has announced their plans to also deploy on WAX, citing the following strengths of the network:

  • Quality/Active Block Producers
  • Office Of Inspector General (to ensure quality Block Producers)
  • Free Accounts (or extremely cheap/less than a penny)
  • CPU/Bandwidth Cost
  • Worker Proposal System
  • Real world businesses coming to WAX with a high number of users
  • Creating NFT (items) to acquire & swap with BRM

Those are indeed great attributes of the WAX network and this announcement is yet another example of the great product-market-fit of WAX.

On top of the OpenBRM integration, WAX has also announced their partnership with AIKON’s ORE ID blockchain identity service. This will make it easy for developers and companies to get their customers using WAX. 

 “AIKON’s outstanding team has shown significant progress in onboarding enterprise-level customers, outside of the blockchain space, to utilize blockchain technology such as Moonlighting.com. I’m very excited that the AIKON team can bring their impressive tech offerings to the WAX development community. ” – Evan Vandenberg, Director of Business Development for WAX

Decentralized Blockchain Applications

Want to catch up on the latest developments in DeFi? Equilibrium has you covered with their latest publication: “What’s new in DeFi.” Topics include:

  • The US financial company WisdomTree and their appetite for crypto
  • DeFi lending statistics and the massive potential for 2020
  • A speculative story about the life of an asset manager in 2030 
  • and more 

They also shared a couple of interesting podcasts that allow you to dive deeper into the DeFi rabbit hole.

In related news, EOS Nation’s CEO, Yves La Rose, joined Equilibrium’s first AMA on YouTube. The community had some good questions for Yves that led to great conversations about DeFi, EOSIO and crypto in general. There’s a lot of excellent content in this video so we recommend adding it to your watch list!

Something’s cooking in the Prospectors world and the team has teased their biggest update yet. The upcoming update includes new materials, tools, buildings, features, and new opportunities such as:

  • Coffee industry
  • 2 level buildings upgrade
  • Premium accounts
  • Central Bank
  • Banking
  • New building
  • Game balance fix
  • University
  • A secret long-awaited feature

More details are expected as the team builds up excitement for the February 28th release. An updated roadmap for the popular game is also in the works, giving gamers on EOS and WAX plenty of reasons to keep on developing their characters and businesses.

With the goal of onboarding the masses onto the blockchain, Upland was started with traditional FIAT payment options, providing many “no coiners” their first smooth blockchain interaction. Upland now allows users to also make purchases in their favorite cryptoassets like BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and EOS. The crypto payments are made possible through their GoCoin partnership, and while this feature is currently only available through the web app (play.upland.me), the team expects the iOS and Android app to gain support soon. 

New to Upland? Learn more about this EOS VC funded game and the people behind it in the EOSWriter interview with Co-Founder Idan Zuckerman.

The team behind the Scatter wallet have been working hard since before the launch of EOS and have succeeded in building a secure and trusted wallet.  In the English speaking EOSIO community, no other wallet comes close to being integrated as widely as Scatter, and this week the team is considering new ideas to secure the continued development of highly utilized wallet. We encourage our community to read up on the Scatter Worker Proposal Fund, which is seeking donations in order to pay developers so they can continue to make Scatter better.

The Vibrant EOSIO Community

Are you a music creator? Meet Indieblock Records and Feat. Venezuela (2020)! Feat. is the first song creation contest organized by Indieblock Records in benefit of FamilyTelos – a basic income experiment in Venezuela.

Indeblock Records wants Feat. to become a tool to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in new niches, such as the music industry. We were pleased to learn that Feat. plans on using the Emanate platform to make sure the distribution of royalties is done in a fair and transparent way.


Africa is emerging as a cryptoasset market with tremendous potential. Brendan Blumer spent some time there in 2019 and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has decided to spend 3-6 months there this year to better understand the continent and its potential impact on the blockchain market. Our EOS Nation Ambassador, Samuel Joseph, is also doing his part to promote cryptoassets by hosting the first EOSIO Conference in Nigeria.  The EOSIO Invasion, on February 15th in Lagos, Nigeria is happening just one day after the launch of Voice and features many of the country’s most popular cryptoasset evangelists.  This conference aims to bring together all the African teams working on EOSIO projects together in order to generate more collaboration. 

Episode #40 of the EOS Hot Sauce was able to bring our EOS Nation Youtube channel subscriber count to over 1000! We’ve produced a total of 120 videos so far, and we can find so many great memories in those earlier videos about the evolution of the EOSIO ecosystem. We’re happy and proud to have reached so many people and want to thank all our followers for their support. Special thanks to those of you who helped us share our content and help us in our mission to let the world know about all the buzzing activity and innovation that’s happening on EOSIO.  #SubToEOSNation

Last but not least, we want to share a great piece of art by @Kommienezuspadt of EOS Detroit. We can’t wait to find our Voice alongside all of yours!

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