EOS Hot Sauce #42 – Block.one at the U.S. Capitol, $200,000 EOSIO Challenge, #DACathon Winners, DeFi, LiquidX and even Deadmau5!

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Block.one Visibility, Challenge and Developer Portal

Last week we had the pleasure of hearing a lot from Block.one. We heard some wisdom from Dan in the form of a keynote speech, and the following day we heard from Brendan as he addressed many comments from the community on Twitter. During that time, Block.one also announced an EOSIO Challenge, as well as a new developer portal. It feels like we say this a lot, but it was yet another big week in the world of EOSIO!

CTO Dan Larimer’s keynote speech was at the Government Blockchain Association’s “The Future of Money, Governance, and the Law” event held in Washington at the U.S. Capital Congressional Auditorium.  The talk was filled with great insights. We strongly recommend our readers take the time to either watch the video or read the full text, which was transcribed and published by Sebastiaans van der Lans of WordProof.io. Footage of all the speakers and panels is currently available on GBA’s YouTube channel.

CEO Brendan Blumer’s approach to communicating was markedly different, choosing to engage with the community over Twitter on Saturday. It’s great to see Block.one leadership engaging a variety of stakeholders from grassroots communities on Twitter to high-powered government officials in Washington. On Twitter, Brendan addressed topics such as Voice and treasury management strategy, among others. 

Block.one’s EOSIO Challenge offers an enticing $200,000 to the winning developer capable of running a Solidity (ETH) Smart Contract within an EOSIO Smart Contract. 

And finally, the EOSIO Developer Portal has been given a full revamp, which should make it more intuitive for new developers looking to get familiar with EOSIO. With 6 different modules packed with links, this portal has tons of valuable information for new developers to dive into!

#DACathon2020 Winners

This weekend was the finals of the first #DACathon. Thank you to all the participants, teams and judges that joined and made this event a great success!


  1. Augmented Bonding Curve for DAC Financing (Michael Yates Team)
  2. eosgroups (John Heeter’s Team)
  3. Time Bank (Lucas Wiessel’s Team)
  4. ITHACA (Atharva Desai’s Team)
  5. DACathon Event Guide (Lisa Chandler)
  6. Krownlandia (Lisa Chandler’s Team)
  7. dBoard (Jun Dam’s Team)
  8. Consortium (Vladislav Hramtsov’s Team)
  9. CSX | KROWN Worker Proposal Verification Service (Max Infeld/Duane Phillippi’s Team)
  10. CSX | KROWN Telegram Voting Bot (Max Infeld/Duane Phillippi’s Team)

Winner: Daclify


  • Luke Stokes from eosDAC, FIO & EOS Foundation
  • Yves La Rose from EOS Nation
  • Syed Jafri from EOS Cafe
  • Fred Krueger from Lynxchain | Lynx Wallet
  • Kurt Braget from Chirp.la
  • Dimitri Nikolaros from bountyblok.io
  • Ben Sigman from Sense and shEOS

EOSIO Networks

Not a week goes by without a new partnership or project coming to WAX. We love to see this kind of activity, proving that our excitement for WAX is shared by many other great builders in the space.

With great pleasure, we learned in an announcement by Bountyblok that their suite of services will soon be available for dApp developers on WAX. As a tool to acquire new customers and engage with them through promotional tools, Bountyblok has already proven valuable as they were “instrumental in helping the hit game Prospectors to reach more than 24,000 daily active users on the WAX Blockchain in December 2019.” Besides interacting with their users, a dApp development team can utilize Bountyblok internally via a reward system set up in an Asana workspace.

Onessus, the winner of the LiquidApps DAPP Network Hackathon, also decided to launch their first dApp: a turn-based Battle Royale D&D type game called HodlGod. The game is already live and players are invited to read the battle guide before joining the fun and competing in the 10,000 WAX Giveaway promotion.

In their release article, the Onessus team shared the reasons why they decided to launch HodlGod on WAX. The built-in user-friendliness of WAX was a big draw for them. Services like the Cloud Wallet, which allows anyone to play blockchain based games without even knowing they are on a blockchain.

Capitalizing on its recent momentum, WAX continues to attract established blockchain projects to launch on WAX. 0xGames is one of the most popular Ethereum game development studios on Ethereum, and they’ll be integrating 0xWarriors and 0xRacers into the WAX Blockchain soon! 

Speaking of Ethereum, did you know that before launching on EOSIO, WAX was originally built on Ethereum? However, they soon realized the massive limitations that make it impossible to operate any business that needed a high frequency of transactions like WAX. William Quigley talks about this topic in-depth on another excellent episode of the Everything EOS show.

With the recent launch of their test network and their ongoing monthly airdrop, the Blockbase project continues to attract attention. The goal of the project seeks to improve the way data is stored. To accomplish these goals they’ve introduced a completely new blockchain architecture, which leverages side chains and smart contracts to manage communication between side chain and main chain. To elaborate on this concept and answer questions, Blockbase’s Lead architect, Ricardo Schiller, did an AMA on the 4th of February on EOS Discussions.

Decentralized Blockchain Applications

After recently onboarding superstar Deadmau5, the future is looking blazing bright for Emanate as they continue to gain traction in the electronic music industry. Following the announcement on Twitter, the team released an article announcing that Deadmau5 is also going to port his label, Mau5trap, to Emanate. Make sure to give a listen to Deadmau5’s first track on Emanate named “Aseed.

This cooperation seems to go deeper than just featuring artists on the Emanate streaming platform. In the announcement article, the following was stated:

“The Mau5trap team will provide us with real-time feedback building out custom contracts that will work within their existing distribution chain.”

Emanate is doing an awesome job working with existing structures in the traditional music industry, as well as building up new talent on their platform. For example, their regular Remix competitions allows cooperation with established labels and gives the spotlight to emerging artists. Congratulations to the team for all the fantastic progress!

Acueos, the decentralized money market protocol for the EOS blockchain, based on the Compound Finance protocol, announced the addition of Tether’s EOS based USDT to its platform. From now on, USDT can be used to earn interest, and used to borrow other assets like EOS and EOSDT, with the benefit of paying off the loan at any time, as long as you have sufficient collateral. 

The platform will soon add more EOS-based tokens and is looking for community feedback on which assets are most popular.

Collaborations, Partnerships and Interoperability

We see more and more dApp development teams deploying their products on multiple chains. With the release of LiquidX, the LiquidApps team provided a great tool for such projects, so that they are not limited to the choice of chain, which opens them up to new communities instead of splitting their user base. 

LiquidX also makes other LiquidApps services such as oracles, storage, computation, authentication, SQL databases, and community-created services available for all EOSIO blockchains. All of these services can also be made available for other smart contract platforms such as Ethereum.

Horizontal scaling through interoperability has been a design feature of EOSIO from the beginning and it’s great to see such capabilities emerging now. 

LiquidX also came along with numerous improvements to vRAM and the Zeus SDK. Developers may want to have a look at the release notes.

The Vibrant EOSIO Community

Time to say goodbye to EOS Radio, one of our favorite shows, that always brought us much joy and high-quality content. In their last episode, Ashe and Zane invited the community to relive all those moments and created a great review on important projects and developments within our community. Starting from their Proxy Voter, the Freedom Proxy, both were deeply involved in shaping the political sphere of EOSIO and were never too shy to call out existing pain points. Fortunately, Ashe and Zane confirmed that they will stay involved in the EOSIO community. And Ashe shared he’ll be working at Block.one as a Product Manager for a new exciting project that’s yet to be announced. We want to thank the whole EOS Radio team for the great service they’ve brought to our community. Ashe, Zane, and Dex, thank you so much and see you around!

The security of user funds is of major importance to gain trust and foster further adoption of blockchain applications. News about lost user funds due to hacked applications are mostly not related to the blockchain protocol itself, but to poorly designed smart contracts or user error. Dexaran from the Callisto Network contributed yet another in-depth article on EosGo, and this time he shared many valuable insights on how it’s possible to avoid “poorly developed applications.” A great read that we highly recommend to anyone that’s thinking about building a dApp, but also for those who want to learn about the architecture and options to enhance security for applications built on EOSIO.

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