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The DAPP Network Hackathon has come and gone and the LiquidApps team has once again shown why they are one of the most promising EOSIO projects! Not only were they able to successfully host a global hackathon, they also managed to release new additions to the suite of decentralized services available on the DAPP Network during the same week!

  • LiquidStorage allows easy decentralized frontends for dApps and more
  • LiquidSQL allows dApps to use relational databases in a decentralized manner – and it showcases the new:
  • LiquidHarmony framework, where any contract-consumed service or software can potentially be deployed with customizable trustlessness thanks to the DAPP Network.

You can learn more about these new services by tuning in to the 17 min video featuring Tal Muskal and Peter Keay discussing these new services.

On top of the 234 participants from around the world, an additional 20 leading community members, such as EOS Nation CEO Yves La Rose and EOS Nation CTO Denis Carriere, joined the hackathon as mentors! The prize for Best Mentor went to Michael Fletcher for all the great work he did throughout the event. Thank you to all the mentors who gave their time to help and support all the participants in their innovative efforts during the #DAPPHackathon.

The participants had to build a project that followed one of the 3 themes of the hackathon: decentralized finance, decentralized gaming or a new DAPP Network service. The teams didn’t disappoint and presented some very creative projects! We’ve included a short overview of the 10 projects that made it to the finals, and those who want to watch the entire Hackathon Finals Ceremony and pitches are welcome to do so on YouTube.

🥇Team Onessus (1st Place)

The Onessus team targeted the global economic esports community and developed a solution for referees and gamers to be matched, sign on-chain contracts and organize the arbitration in case of disputes. The necessary functionalities are made possible by LiquidEscrow, a new DAPP Network service developed by Team Onessus, which can be customized for a multitude of other use cases.

🥈Blockstart (2nd Place)

Raman Blindish from Blockstart presented a centralized exchange (CEX) resource lending platform that would enable CEX users to both participate in REX and participate in voting for proxies or BPs. For their solution, they used LiquidAccounts and VRam, as well as LiquidOracles.

🥉BCS Germany (3rd place)

BCS Germany was competing in the Game Category and they introduced us to LiquidGalaxy, an MMORPG game that aims to push the boundaries of today’s typical crypto games. In LiquidGalaxy, players can grow galaxies, mine resources on planets, trade and upgrade planets, craft assets, send spaceships between galaxies and more. Anti-bot measures and randomizing several features of the game allows the gameplay to stay fun and unpredictable.


The Diadem Network team from Russia also worked on a decentralized Escrow service using LiquidScheduler and LiquidOracles allowing any user to create conditional payments using their solution.


Fundex created a platform for mutually owned funds, while removing the need to trust custodians by using the Bancor Algorithm. Currently running live on the Kylin testnet, the team leverages LiquidAccounts to make user onboarding simple.


The MaltaBlock Team introduced a whole new potential product to LiquidApps. The LiquidCrypto Service allows advanced Crypto Algorithms known for having a heavy load on CPU resources, like ZKSnarks and Blind Signatures, to be outsourced to DSPs. As a working example using this new service, they developed an anonymous voting protocol.

mEOS Team

Being passionate about gaming the mEOS team created a token, a hot wallet for telegram and a trivia game that allows gamers to earn through playing. The Telegram hot wallet is leveraging LiquidAccounts for easy onboarding of new users. The mEOS token stands for miniEOS and is designed to be perfect for gaming and giveaways since 10,000 mEOS is pegged to the value of 1 EOS. The smart contract allows instant liquidity for mEOS tokens and Telegram users can transfer mEOS without revealing their EOS accounts. The token contract for mEOS is open source and can be cloned by interested developers.


This simple board game sees users rolling dice, moving to different action tiles and collecting keys to unlock the citadel to release the land of a spell. Built in order to gain more knowledge and experience with EOSIO and LiquidApps, the team plans to open source their code for other developers to have an example of how to use some of the services that LiquidApps provides.


The Tipit team was working on a solution to make use of tokens for everyday purchases, a challenge that crypto enthusiasts have faced since the beginning of Bitcoin. They’ve named their submission “Crypto to Bread” and integrated Stripe as a point of sale system (POS), while the solution is designed to be potentially integrated with other POS systems as well.


Being a team that consists of the members of the Vigor Stable Coin project, it’s no surprise they’ve provided a DeFi related contribution. With LiquidRisk they were targeting the question “Can DeFi become less fragile, without losing its integrity?” and provided a solution to decentralize risk management using Monte Carlo Simulations. The team plans to implement the solution into the Vigor Stable coin in the future.

And finally, we want to highlight Ky Primo for winning the award for best social media post! Ky Primo did a fantastic 4-part mini series, filmed live from Israel, where she documented her journey in the #DAPPHackathon. Look up Ky Primo on Twitter (@Ky_primo) to see the winning social media entry!

The Crowd Favorites Reward resulted in a tie, and the $5000 USD were shared equally between Rekt.Land and Maltablock.

Congratulations again to all the #DAPPHackathon winners!

👨‍🏫 Best Mentor: Michael Fletcher
📽 Best Social Media Post: Ky Primo
👥 Crowd Favourite: Rekt.Land & Liquid Crypto
🥉Second Runner-Up: Liquid Galaxy
🥈First Runner-Up: CEX
🥇Winner: Team Onessus

Tal Muskal and Peter Keay Discuss New Services
Hackathon Finals Ceremony and Pitches
Individual Submissions and Video Pitches

REX Modifications

Those following the EOSIO public repository closely will have noticed a new branch aimed at modifying some of the REX code. This new branch of code has not yet been officially included in EOSIO, but does indicate that work is being done by Block.one in this area. The proposed REX contract changes include:

  • new rex_return_pool (rexretpool) table that includes:
    • current_rate_of_increase
    • return buckets
    • residue
  • return buckets are divided into 30 day and 12 hour intervals

The income earned from REX would be shared and divided into these new “return buckets,” thus incentivizing users to hold REX for the full 30 day period.

Since then, Dan Larimer also tweeted that:

… an upcoming blog post will outline a new approach to cpu on #eosio that will bring price stability and should dramatically lower cpu costs while making allocation predictable. It’s simple and easy to understand. It should provide a sustainable way forward for the community.

In the resulting twitter thread, Dan reaffirmed that Block.one is moving as fast as possible to enhance eosio and that the proposed CPU update would not require a hard fork. With potential updates for REX and CPU being worked on, it’s clear to us that Block.one is paying close attention to the EOS public network and investing significant developer resources into solving some of the issues currently experienced there.

We’re excited to learn more about these potential improvements to REX and CPU and will of course be sharing any updates with our community as soon as we know more. We encourage our readers to follow us on our social media networks, like Twitter or Instagram, to stay informed everyday about all the latest EOSIO news and updates! And don’t forget to subscribe to EOS Hot Sauce on YouTube or through your favourite podcast player. 

REX Modifications Tweet
REX Changes Github Repo
CPU Improvement Tweet
EOS Nation Twitter
EOS Nation Instagram

WAX Nation Community Updates

As we proudly shared last week, EOS Nation was ranked #1 Guild on WAX by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). This week, we are happy to report that all of the top 21 Guilds, as ranked by the OIG, are now producing blocks and securing the WAX network! This marks the first week that the WAX team no longer controls any of the block producers on the network and is a text-book example of how a blockchain network can start out with a more centralized structure while growing more decentralized over time. Many blockchain startups have announced such intentions, but very few have actually achieved the vision. WAX is well on their way and we are honoured to be along for the journey and contributing to the decentralization of WAX.

Over at the WAX Developer Hive, the latest product release was the WAX dRNG (decentralized random number generator), which is able to power provably-fair mechanics for thousands of games & apps. The WAX dRNG is part of the robust microservices layer that makes the game integration process quicker and easier on WAX compared to other platforms. This is exactly what has attracted Splinterlands, one of the most popular blockchain games, with over 2500 daily active users, to integrate their fantasy dApp game with the WAX platform.

With a potential market of up to 50 billion dollars, we expect to see many other such announcements in the upcoming weeks and months. As evidenced by a recent Forbes article, mainstream exposure to the potential of blockchain NFTs is increasing and WAX is well positioned to welcome both developers and gamers to its platform.

Are you a WAX token holder? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that a total of 243 million WAX tokens have been burned since the launch of the network on June 30th 2019! The token burn happens whenever genesis account holders unstake their tokens and give up their share of the GBM rewards allocated to those who remain staked for 3 years.

Thank you for supporting us on the WAX network by voting for nation.wax as one of your favourite WAX Guilds!

Top 21 WAX Guilds Now Producing
Forbes NFT Potential
WAX Token Burn

EOS Ecosystem Updates

EOS Locally Update

EOS Locally added many new digital payment options to their P2P trading platform in their recent update, allowing more users from all over the world to enjoy trading EOS for FIAT without going through the KYC process. Among other recently added features, live chat support is now available, as well as a display that shows if a user is online and increases the chances of finalizing a trade successfully. The team also plans on adding additional EOSIO tokens and asked the community which token they would like to see added first.

EOSLocally November Update

MarketCap.One Traffic

Marketcap.one is a convenient service for tracking the token prices of EOS projects. And they’ve kept adding additional information, such as the EOS8 Index, to get an idea of the EOS ecosystem growth. To evaluate the value of a project, besides the token price, visitors of marketcap.one can now also find info on the Alexa rankings, measuring it through a combination of traffic and visitor engagement over the past 3 months.


TokenYield’s Proxy Rewards Page

Staking Rewards have become very attractive for EOS token holders, and EOS Nation is proud to be a pioneer in this field. Nowadays, there are several Proxies offering rewards, and TokenYield helps ease the selection process with a great overview of current APR (updated every 24hrs) and supported BPs. The new service even allows you to delegate your votes directly from the page.

TokenYield Medium Article
TokenYield Proxy Page

Scatter joins FIO

The Scatter Team made tremendous contributions to the EOSIO ecosystem, providing one of the most used wallets and an open source code for key management, which is used by a lot of other wallets. Core to their mission is the user friendliness of their products across several blockchain protocols.

They share this motivation with the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO), which they’ve joined last week along with several other wallets, such as BRD and Shapeshift.

Together they’re working on the launch of the FIO Blockchain, a protocol that provides a succinct address that can be associated with blockchain addresses and act as a unique identifier for users. The FIO main net launch is planned for Q1 2020 and address names can be already reserved.

Scatter Joins Foundation for Interwallet Operability
Reserve your FIO Address

Ubisoft becomes BP on Ultra

Ubisoft, a giant in the gaming industry, made a big splash in the EOSIO Community as they announced to be the 1st corporate block producer on Ultra’s upcoming EOSIO based UOS Network, which aims to be “the future of digital games distribution.”

Ubisoft’s blockchain initiative director was quoted: “[Ubisoft] believes that all blockchain use cases that bring value to players are important to support.” The Ultra team consists of many veterans of the traditional gaming industry and with partners like Ubisoft, the future of EOSIO powered gaming has never been more promising!

If you have questions or want to learn more about Ultra, we invite you to join their AMA that includes a special guest from Ubisoft, on Friday November 29th 17:00 (UTC+1, CET). You can ask questions directly in their Telegram Channel as well as on Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtag #UbisoftxUltra.

Ubisoft Ultra Press Release
UOS Exchange Listings
Ultra Telegram Channel

Mythical Games Raises Further Investment

Another well known company in the EOSIO blockchain gaming space is Mythical Games. The studio recently raised an additional 19 Million USD, and we’re happy to see that further venture capital shares our excitement for future Mythical Games products, such as the much anticipated Blankos Blockparty.

Mythical Games Raises 19M
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