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EOS Resources

Resources on the EOS public network have been getting a lot of attention recently and stakeholders of all kinds, including Block.one, have been contributing their input to the conversation. Daniel Larimer shared his ideas on reimagining EOSIO CPU resource allocation in a recent blog post. The intended results are something that all stakeholders would like to see: stabilized CPU prices, reduced CPU rental costs and increased CPU access predictability.

“To achieve this 100% of all CPU time should be leased from the system contract at an EOS price that grows exponentially as the percentage of CPU leased increases. The EOS paid to lease the CPU time would be distributed to staked EOS tokens (e.g. the REX pool).” Daniel Larimer, CTO of Block.one

Those who are left a bit confused after reading the article can head on over to EOS community member Phoenix’s YouTube channel, where he uploaded a 30 minute video doing a deep dive on Dan’s proposal and breaking it all down for the viewer. You can also check out his working document to play around with the numbers if you’d like. For example, changing the exponent from 4 to 6 to 2 allows you to see the different impacts it would have on the price of CPU.

Another great contributor to the EOS resource conversation is Dexaran, a skilled developer who’s previous articles were included in our recent EOS Hot Sauce CPU Edition. This week, Dexaran published another article called “The impact of recent EOS proposals on the long term utility” on the EOS GO platform. Dexaran shares his thoughts and insights on the following topics:

  1. EOSIO Resource Allocation Reimagined
  3. Blockchain Governance Proposal by Daniel Larimer
  4. RAM mechanics

There’s a lot to unpack from all of this great content that has been produced in the recent weeks and EOS Nation is here to help you understand and make sense of it all. Join our CEO Yves La Rose and our CTO Denis Carriere on December 4th at 1pm EST for an EOS Radio Live episode that is going to be dedicated to talking about EOS resources and, in particular, the new REX 2.0 model that has been proposed by Dan Larimer.

All this talk about EOS resources has led a lot of people to pay more attention to them and in particular, their costs. Users who are curious to know the prices of various EOS resources like CPU, NET and RAM are encouraged to visit NewDex.io and navigate to “EOS Main” and then “Resources.” Here users can find graphs that allows them to quickly visualize price and trends in the CPU & NET, RAM and REX markets.

“EOSIO Resource Allocation Reimagined” by Daniel Larimer
Phoenix's YouTube Breakdown
Phoenix’s Working Document
Dexaran Article on EOS GO
EOS Radio Live
NewDex CPU & NET Graph
EOS Hot Sauce CPU Edition


EOS VC Invests in Biscuit, Audigent

In the last few weeks EOS VC, the venture capital arm of Block.one, has deployed 2 new investments in blockchain companies. The first investment bolsters Block.one’s growing gaming lineup by backing the creators of the popular game EOS Knights. 

“Biscuit has taken the powerful qualities of blockchain’s smart contract and combined it with the traditional Role Playing Game elements to produce one of the best-loved gaming apps on the market.” -Mike Alexander, CEO of EOS VC

The other investment that was made public was through Galaxy Digital’s participation in a Series A financing round of Audigent, a data management platform and leading edge “data agency.” The funding will allow Audigent to continue its expansion as the premier first-party data platform for the entertainment, sports and lifestyle verticals.


Announces Investment in Blockchain Games Developer Biscuit
Audigent secures $6.7 Million (Galaxy Digital & SVK Crypto)

WAX Nation Community Updates

After weeks of highlighting the different services available for dapps that choose WAX, this week our WAX Nation Community Updates brings news of many projects that are choosing WAX as their blockchain platform of choice! Instead of WAX services, this week we’ll talk about dApps!


First up we have the popular social media platform Karma that has announced their migration over to WAX. Karma CEO, Dallas Rushing, highlights some of the reasons why they felt the move from EOS to WAX was best for them. Very cheap account creation was one of the main draws, along with cheaper costs for network resources. Dallas also mentioned that he appreciates the Office of Inspector General that is assuring that the Top 21 is populated with high value Guilds.


Next we have the very popular game, Prospectors, that’s launching their new map on WAX! In order to help onboard new users onto the blockchain gaming platform, WAX makes it super easy for users to create new accounts through the WAX AllAccess feature. Try it out, get your gold mining pickaxe ready, and jump into the fresh new land on December 4th!

Chain Clash

Another popular game that announced it’s coming to WAX is Chain Clash! This game pits different blockchain protocols and different characters against each other to see which blockchain community will reign supreme! Although we’re usually against crypto tribalism, it’s fun to fight EOS’ Brock Pierce against BCH’s LL Cash J! And that’s just one funny example.


And our final game migration announcement this week brings us the very promising HeroSphere.GG. This fantasy esports platform is tackling the centralized nature of the online betting industry by enabling users to place wagers with their friends and family instead of old-fashioned bookmakers. The platform has 260,000 users and is interested in WAX for their user-friendly features and free & fast transactions!

WAX Cloud Wallet

Actually, we are going to talk about a new WAX service available on the network after all! Apparently there are so many services on WAX that we can’t even go one week without talking about them. The WAX Cloud Wallet allows you to easily interact with the WAX blockchain and the dApps that are built on it. Allowing users to log in through familiar platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit and others, the WAX Cloud Wallet allows users to easily onboard to the platform and start gaming quickly! For a more in depth look at the WAX Cloud Wallet, check out yet another fantastic guide by Top 21 WAX Guild, EOS Amsterdam, which explains the WAX Cloud Wallet and how to use it.


And finally, if you have questions about anything WAX related, make sure to participate in this week’s AMA as WAX Co-Founder William Quigley hosts a Twitter AMA on Thursday December 5th at 10:45am PST!

Karma Moving to WAX
Chain Clash on WAX
Prospectors WAX launch on December 4th
HeroSphere Tweet
What is HeroSphere
WAX Cloud Wallet Guide by EOS Amsterdam
#AskWAX Reminder

Ecosystem Updates

Everipedia Update

Being ranked #1 by traffic on marketcap.one, it’s clear that the Everipedia platform gains popularity and maintains a very active user base. As the Everipedia team reported, several new features were added in a way that will incentivize editing on Everipedia even more. Editors can now earn streak badges for continuous days of editing and very “special” users can get the top editor badge, as a sign of their expertise. A new editor profile page was also added, giving users the chance to share more information about themselves, which will all be stored on-chain.

In order to grow the overall Everipedia ecosystem, the team launched IQ Projects, a fund consisting of 5% of the total circulating supply of IQ Tokens. Anyone planning to build a project that integrates or extends existing Everipedia software can apply and not only get funding, but also receive technical support and advice.

In a special article introducing the fund, the team gave some examples for potential projects that would qualify for funding. We encourage all builders to check it out!

Everipedia November Update
Everipedia IQ Fund

HireVibes Partnerships

We’re happy to report that HireVibes is successfully making new partnerships in the global recruiting economy. Their recently launched contractor services now boasts a partnership with a Global E-Commerce Brand for 11 Software Engineering Contractor roles across Europe. HireVibes has also forged a new partnership with innovative recruiter, Roleforce, and announced that they expect 10–20 senior positions across multiple cities will be added to the HireVibes recruiting platform.

In order to better serve their customers, HireVibes is distributing 250,000 HVT for community members that are willing to fill out their survey, which deals with the following topics: Staking Rewards, HireVibes Community Funds and Rebranding HVT to Vibecoin. Instructions to qualify for the HVT, along with more details about the new partnerships, can be found in their recent article.

HireVibes  New Partnerships and Survey

Sense 2.0 Survey

With Crystal Rose as CEO and Tim Draper on the board of directors, Sense.Chat has some very experienced people shaping the product. Their goal is to bring much-needed benefits of blockchain technology, like censorship resistance, privacy and accountability, in the form of a chat application for the masses. While the team is working hard on their 2.0 product, they regularly keep in touch with their community of users, either directly through features within the app or through surveys. This week’s survey helps the Sense team by giving them feedback on what you’d like out of your next-generation blockchain-based chat application. And you’ll earn some Sense tokens while you’re at it!

Sense.Chat Survey


Based upon questions previously gathered in the BOSCore community channels, BOSCore had their first community AMA with BOS Executive Team Vice Chairman, Win Lin. The main topic was the upcoming unactivated airdrop token burn,” but also other important upgrades that are coming to the BOS network were discussed. If you’ve missed the opportunity to join the AMA you can still catch up by watching the video recording, or reading the written summary.

BOS AMA Article
BOS AMA Video Part 1

Crypto Legends Guide and Competition

Crypto Legends partnered with TokenPocket for a competition to celebrate the launch of an exciting new card trading game. The total prize pool is 1000 EOS for the most successful players, plus an additional 1000 TPT every user can earn for a retweet, and 100 in-game Crystals per daily login. EOS Nation Ambassador, Tojukaka, took some time to check out the game and wrote an article with instructions for anyone who wants to participate.

Tojukaka’s Article 
Crypto Legends Battle Guide
Crypto Legends Telegram


Equilibrium introduced the global crypto community to the opportunities for DeFi powered by EOS-based smart contracts at the Crypto Defiance event in Singapore. There’s no doubt how committed the team is to their project. CEO, Alex Melikhov, took the time to write a great article on Defiprime, in which he compares Equilibrium to the MakerDAO project.

Stable coins play an important factor in terms of general crypto adoption, and we’re happy to see Equilibrium’s EOSDT making waves across the different blockchain platforms.

MakerDAO compared to Equilibrium

EMANATE Remix Competition

Attention, musicians in the EOS community and beyond: Emanate has once again started a Remix Competition with Yunizon Records, who are amongst the first official Emanate label partners. This time aspiring producers get the chance to show their skills using the stems of “In My Head,” the brand new single of the french duo Savaan. Prizes are in USD, as well as in EMT tokens, and the winning remixers will get a release on Yunizon Records. 

Emanate keeps building good relationships in the music industry and also supports very young talent through their artist development program. The young talent Laminar, who was discovered in the last remix competition, just released his very first single on Emanate.

Remix Competition Details
Remix Competition Interview
Laminar’s first single on Emanate
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