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Block.one & EOS Governance

To the pleasure of the entire EOS community, Block.one has announced their intention to publicly join the EOS governance conversation and ultimately begin participating in block producer voting. Those looking to contribute beneficial ideas for public consideration are encouraged to join the discussion by using the hashtag #EOSGOV on social media.

“The power of open source collaboration is core to the identity and mission of Block.one, and the passion for progress that resonates from every corner of the EOSIO community continues to exceed our expectations, fuel our efforts, and inspire our teams. We are excited for this milestone marked by joining the EOS community in more actively furthering the iterative advancement of public blockchain development, and look forward to continuing to work together to push the boundaries of distributed innovation.” – Block.one

Block.one Press Release

Blocksburg Summit, Crypto DeFiance, EOS Pavilion

It was a big week in the world of live EOS events with Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer delivering great presentations at the Blocksburg Summit, many community members gathering at the EOS Pavilion at the Las Vegas Blockchain Week and the leading EOS DeFi project, Equilibrium, hosting Crypto DeFiance in Singapore.

These events have generated some great content for the community and we’d like to recommend some of them to our readers. Our favourite, by far, is Brendan Blumer’s inspiring 50 minute interview with CNBC’s Brian Sullivan covering fantastic topics such as:

  • Blockchain as a social movement
  • Block.one governance participation
  • Blockchain, FIAT and Bitcoin
  • Enterprise adoption
  • Governmental opportunity
  • Challenge of meeting community expectations

Dan Larimer also had one hour on stage and used his time to talk about the importance of integrity and how it can be added to all kinds of systems that implement blockchain technology.

Following his talk, he took the time to answer questions from the audience, which included topics such as real estate on the blockchain, blockchain performance and “when Voice?” While reassuring us that Voice is “coming soon™,” Dan acknowledged that there are some technological and regulatory hurdles that need to be overcome in order to release Voice to the public and that he is very happy with the progress thus far.

One interesting technical comment he made was that Voice is going to be using a multi-blockchain approach. He hinted that a private EOSIO network, used for sensitive data, could be combined with the EOS public network, used for data that needs to be public and transparent, to create a multi-blockchain application architecture. 

It’s clear that Block.one is innovating on the bleeding edge of technology while trying to address some extremely important issues in today’s society. EOS Nation is extremely proud to be able to work alongside such visionaries and we thank all of our supporters for allowing us to do so. Blockchain is a social movement and the strong community that has gathered around the EOSIO protocol is just as important as its rapid pace of technological innovation.

Speaking of EOSIO community, we were also well represented at the Las Vegas Blockchain Week as team members, token holders and curious outsiders gathered at the EOS Pavilion for some great presentations and discussions. Brock Pierce was one of many impressive keynote speakers at the event and we encourage our readers to watch Brock’s recent video about “asking the question why.” And check out the nice video montage recap of the event featuring many popular EOSIO community members. How many can you recognize? Let us know in the comments!

Over on the other side of the world, the leading EOS DeFi project, Equilibrium, hosted Crypto DeFiance in Singapore, an event that attracted attention from the entire energetic decentralized finance space. The event generated a ton of great ideas, which are currently being voted on, so head on over to the Crypto DeFiance page to browse through all the great ideas and vote for your favourite!

Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer’s Interview
Block.one CEO Dan Larimer's Keynote
Full Transcripts by Sebastiaan van der Lans
Asking the question WHY
EOS Pavilion Montage
EOS Pavilion Sense Chat Recap
Crypto Defiance Brainstorm Vote

OKEx BP Pursuit 2

Although OKex has been following the development of EOSIO and the spirit of the community since the launch of the network, only recently have they started to actively participate in the governance of the EOS public network. OKEx made a splash when they entered the governance scene by quickly surging to the top position among block producers and pushing up the threshold of votes needed to reach the top 21 to over 200M votes for the first time.

As an exchange, OKEx has good visibility into what their token holders want, and through research and active outreach to block producers all over the world, they were able to learn about the wider community sentiment. In a recent Twitter post, they announced a list of phenomenal BPs that made the cut and will soon receive votes from OKex. We’re grateful and humbled that EOS Nation is one of the selected candidates.

It’s great to see an exchange showing such significant community leadership and the community certainly took notice, showing Alina from OKEx lots of love on Twitter! Hopefully this motivates other large exchanges to follow in the same footsteps as OKEx and support block producers who bring value to the network.

You can learn more about OKEx by watching a video interview that EOS Writer conducted with OKEx’s Alina Yao, to which EOS Nation was happy to contribute translated subtitles.

OKEx Alina's Tweet
EOSWriter and OKEx Interview

BOS Token Burn

Submitted on Nov. 12th, the BlockGo team has proposed burning inactive genesis account airdrop BOS tokens. The proposal currently has overwhelming support and is likely to be approved in early December. If you controlled the keys to an EOS account on January 1st 2019 you’ve been airdropped some BOS tokens to a BOS genesis account controlled by that same key. Account holders who don’t want to lose their tokens must activate their account by making a transaction such as a transfer, stake, un-stake or vote action.

EOS Nation is a top 21 block producer on the BOS network. Thank you for supporting us by voting for “bosnationftw” on the BOS network!

​BOS Token Burn On-Chain Proposal
BOS Token Burn Explained
Activate Your BOS Accounts

WAX Nation Community

The first report of the Office of the Inspector General has been officially published and we’re proud to be ranked on top of a leaderboard comprised of so many quality WAX Guilds! Dig into the article and for a complete breakdown of all the categories as well as a link to the full applications submitted by the Guilds. Thanks to the WAX team for implementing such transparent governance and thank you to the Office of the Inspector General for investing over 100 hours compiling all of this information! Truly great work by everyone involved – we’re proud to be part of such a vibrant ecosystem! 

In other WAX news, this week’s WAX ON video episode shares some ideas on how to build a winning crypto portfolio by applying a 5 point framework. Is WAX part of your crypto portfolio? If it is, make sure to stake your rewards in order to maximize your return on investment. Tokens that are staked and voting get to earn their share of the daily WAX Staking Rewards.

Over on WAX’s blog, the team shared their reasoning on why they decided not to implement REX on WAX. Citing their desire not to disincentivize people from staking their WAX tokens for resources, the team also feared that implementing REX would add some volatility to the cost of transactions. The WAX Blockchain team rigorously evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of all features and will continue to implement those that it deems beneficial for WAX developers, token holders, customers, Guilds and other participants in the ecosystem. WAX could still implement REX if it wanted to at some point in the future.

As for developers, the WAX Blockchain team has added a new Docker Quickstart to the WAX Developer Hive to help developers build projects faster on the WAX Blockchain. The Docker Quickstart provides documentation on WAX Docker images, which make it easy and fast to run the WAX Blockchain, and to build and deploy smart contracts.

Thank you for supporting us by voting for nation.wax as one of your favourite Guilds on WAX!

WAX Guild ratings report
WAX ON - Building a Winning Crypto Portfolio
WAX Staking Rewards
Docker Quickstarts

Ecosystem Updates

NovaCrypto’s EOSIO Swiss Workshops

In a not-so-distant future, customers of all kinds will be demanding better control and transparency over their data. Companies that are able to integrate blockchain protocols into their technology stacks are going to be strategically positioned to be able to offer such transparency and security of customer data. In order to achieve this, companies must be both aware of the advantages that blockchain can bring and also be able to find qualified engineers capable of building such systems. Thankfully, EOS Nation Swiss Ambassador and NovaCrypto’s CEO, Patrick Schmid, is tackling both of these hurdles at the same time!

As part of a collaboration between NovaCrypto, CV Labs and EOS Nation, Patrick will be hosting the “EOSIO Swiss Workshop” on December 20th during Protocol Week in Zug Switzerland. This event is free and open to any startups or entrepreneurs eager or curious about integrating EOSIO as a part of their technology stack! Spaces are limited so make sure to sign up early if you plan on attending!

EOSIO Swiss Workshop Registration
EOS Blockchain Switzerland Platform
CV Labs Website
NovaCrypto Website
NovaCrypto Promotional Video

EOS Argentina’s Ideas on REX

There’ve been several factors that led to the temporary shortage of resources on the EOS public network. While some teams presented Resource Management Services as a solution for times of high network usage, the EOS Argentina team took a look at REX, the 20% threshold in particular, and released an interesting article introducing an alternative pricing model. As stated in their article, “The point of this alternative is to create a different model that is stable and can determine the price without a threshold.”

EOS Argentina REX Article 

EOS STUDIO updated for EOSIO 2.0

EOS Studio by Obsidian Labs is one of the most popular tools for developers that are working with EOSIO. It streamlines the process and is available in browser and for download. As we reported last week, EOSIO 2.0 release candidate 2 is currently being tested on testnets and now EOS Studio has also been upgraded to allow smart-contract development for EOSIO 2.0. Check out their product and feel free to join their channels on Telegram or WeChat for questions and to communicate with other fellow EOSIO developers.

Obsidian Labs Medium
EOS Studio
EOS Studio App
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