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1.8 Upgrade Activation Successful

The EOS public network was successfully upgraded to EOSIO v1.8 on Monday September 23rd! Two hours prior to the planned upgrade time, 21/ 21 top BPs were present on the BP call to give the “GO or NO GO” for upgrade… and everyone agreed, it was GO time! We are happy to report that the 1.8 activation was professionally executed and the network continued to run smoothly without experiencing any downtime. Those who want to relive the historic moment can do so by watching the livestream that was broadcasted on our YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Dafeng Guo from EOS Asia and Yves La Rose from EOS Nation for helping with the coordination and translation efforts across English, Mandarin, Telegram, WeChat and Zoom! Thank you to Daniel Keyes from EOS Nation for hosting weekly 1.8 Upgrade calls from June 25th to September 23rd, and we also want to give a big thanks to EOS Lao Mao who helped with the coordination effort while also coding a upgrade checker that all BPs ran prior to upgrade to validate that their nodes were ready. 

The high level of coordination and cooperation demonstrated among the EOS community is something we can all be proud of! Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed throughout this process, there are too many to name all of you! This was a great community effort and a fantastic example of what makes the EOS public network so powerful! 

Ok great, 1.8 is activated! Now what? The next steps involve enabling all the different features found within EOSIO v1.8.  These features were enabled on testnets months ago and no issues have been found so we expect them to be enabled on the EOS public network in the coming days and weeks.  The most anticipated feature for many is “Codename: ONLY_BILL_FIRST_AUTHORIZER,” which will allow dApps to pay for the network resource costs of their users an open up EOS to new possibilities in mass adoption. The full list of features can be found in the EOSIO 1.8 Release Candidate article.

These 1.8 features are pre-requisites for the much hyped VOICE app from Block.one. Although no launch dates have been announced, these upgrades bring us one step closer to VOICE and opens up a lot of possible innovation for dApps! This is an exciting time in the world of EOS!

EOSIO 1.8 Upgrade Activation Livestream
EOSIO™ Version 1.8.0-rc1: EOSIO Consensus Protocol Upgrade Release Candidate
EOS Nation Upgrade Tracker

EOS Nation Top21 WAX Guilds

The WAX network will soon have 6 Guilds added to the Top 21, and we’re proud to announce that EOS Nation has been accepted as a WAX Guild! This development is a direct result of the WAX Guild Candidate Showcase, which was announced about a month ago. Several teams participated in the WAX Guild Candidate Showcase and took the opportunity to present their contributions in the categories of infrastructure, community, development and miscellaneous.

Congratulations to all the teams that were added as WAX Guilds and Standby Guilds! We look forward to collaborating with all of you!

  • WAX Guilds: BlockMatrix, Aloha EOS, EOS Cafe Block, WAX sw/eden, EOS Amsterdam, EOS Nation
  • Standby Guilds: ZenBlocks/EOS Miami, Greymass, Polar.io (formerly EOS Asia), EOS Rio and EOSphere

Curious to try out the WAX network but are unsure about how to create your WAX account? EOS Amsterdam has you covered! They recently published a tutorial explaining exactly how WAX accounts are created.

With currently 6.8 Million WAX accounts and an average of 300,000 daily transactions, the WAX network is already substantial and will continue to grow as more developers and projects are attracted by the easy-to-use service layer that saves them time and lines of code. This service layer provides many interoperable solutions, called “microservices,” like the All Access Account System, the NFT Creator or the on-chain Random Number Generator (RNG) that is so useful in games.

To learn more about the concept of the WAX Service Layer, we encourage you to watch WAX Strategic Advisor, Malcolm CasSelle’s, presentation at a recent EOS Isreal Meetup.

In addition to all these out of the box solutions, WAX also recently launched their WAX Developer Hive, which functions as a portal for developers who want to connect and exchange knowledge and questions about working on WAX. In the documentation you can find quickstarts, tutorials, topics & references, release notes, API reference, troubleshooting, code samples, and more.

Another key feature of WAX is that all applications built on WAX are backward compatible with EOS!  This means porting them over to launch on the EOS public network would simply require changing a few lines of code. WAX really makes it easy for developers to build on WAX and you can now count on EOS Nation to be there to secure the network. 🤝

If you are at the World Crypto Con in Las Vegas, you’ll have the chance to meet the WAX CEO William Quigley as he just announced to be speaking there on October 31st!

Accepted WAX Guilds Showcase
WAX Account Creation Tutorial
WAX Developer Portal
Developer Portal Article
WAX dApps Listed
WAX introduced by Malcolm Casselle
WAX CEO William Quigley at World Crypto Con

PredIQt Launches on the EOS Public Network

In the last week, the Everipedia team released PredIQt on the EOS public network as the 2nd member of the planned family of knowledge-based dApps that are using the IQ token.

PredIQt, as the name suggests, is a prediction market, and users can log in through Scatter to buy shares on several markets that are already live on the platform. Those markets are currently revolving around events such as crypto price movements, EOS-specific events like the Voice launch, and other topics like sports and politics. It’s interesting to watch the graphs of each market and follow how sentiment towards a specific question is developing.

The initial number of markets is kept small at the moment to improve the experience of users and increase liquidity during the early days. The team will be gradually adding new markets as the existing markets are resolved and the platform grows.

Eventually users will be able to create and publish their own markets on PredIQt! Those who can’t wait can create markets using the open-source PredIQt protocol, which wouldn’t show up on the PredIQt website.

USER Guide
Oracle Account

Scatter Embed

Shortly after the Scatter team announced their candidacy as a Block Producer, they got back to doing what they do best: shipping code. The team has now separated the Scatter Desktop UI from the code that serves the wallet specific functionalities (signing, encrypting).

The latter functionalities represent the core components of Scatter and will be maintained within a web app that can communicate with other products, such as the key/signature provider. Since the code of those functionalities is not very data-heavy, it makes updates fast and easy. Without the need for users to download new versions, the code updates are automatically distributed to all products, which provides the high level of security we have come to expect from Scatter.

A mobile wallet is mentioned in the announcement and the team plans to revive their browser extension as well. One more new product Scatter is working on is “Scatterbridge,” but so far only a mailing list exists regarding this release.

Scatter also created a survey aimed to analyze where token holders keep their tokens and understand the motivations of token holders who keep their tokens on exchanges. The first results, which summed the answers of over 650 participants, were interesting and showed that we as a community can still improve in areas such as voter education and awareness.

The survey is still open for those who want to participate!

Scatter Embed Article
Survey to Win 25 EOS
Survey Results

EOSIO Ecosystem Overview

EOSmap is a community-led map of the EOSIO ecosystem that displays and categorizes 674 dApps currently built on EOS. That’s a lot of dApps! A great feature of this map allows you to sort by dApp type and provides embedded links to each project simply by hovering over the dApp logo. dApps can easily apply to be added to the map or submit further information of their project. We saw a 10% growth since the last update of the map on May 31st, and most of the additions were in the business solutions category (29%) followed by social networks (17%).

Another interesting source of independent data can be found at marketcap.one, which provides all kinds of market info for EOSIO based tokens. They recently added volume rankings of 10 exchanges that trade EOSIO tokens other than EOS itself. Volumes include all EOS tokens listed on each exchange, including tokens not listed on marketcap.one

EOS Map Update Report
EOS Map Website
Exchanges Ranked by EOS Token Volume
Exchange Volume Article


The benefits of the LiquidApps DAPP Network are known within the EOS community as their technology recently onboarded 750,000 Moonlighting user accounts. This event was covered by the blockchain media channel Cryptonewz as they spread the good news to the wider blockchain community.

In an article headlined “Economic Disruption: From Pipelines, to Platforms, to dApps” the team further elaborated their mission to become the connecting element and scalable solution for any blockchain project looking to build and interconnect a dApp. The current success of platforms like eBay, Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb is analyzed in a high-level piece where the author predicts that the next step for the platform revolution is decentralization. The argument can be made that LiquidApps services are already providing essential infrastructure pieces for this next step in platform evolution.

As a leading DSP in the DAPP Network, EOS Nation is actively supporting this vision and is building alongside the LiquidApps team on services and tools that will help to grow decentralized platforms.

We’re also happy to report that LiquidApps is gaining in popularity in Asia! LiquidApps’ Peter Keay, a well-known full-stack developer and technical educator, was invited to chat with developers from the Chinese community in a Zoom Call on September 24th at 8 pm (UTC+8). The discussion will be about potential problems in dApp development and how to overcome such obstacles with the products and services of LiquidApps.

The bilingual meeting will be open to the public and participants are encouraged to ask Peter some questions.

LiquidApps on Cryptonewsz
Economic Disruption: From Pipelines, to Platforms, to dApps
Peter Keay Zoom Call link

EOS Name Service Marketplace

During the early days of the EOS public network, the community got pretty creative when it came to thinking of clever 12 character account names. Since then, the EOS Name Service went online and made it easy to buy customized account names attached to premium domains like “.mail” or “.ai.”

EOS Name Service has opened its marketplace and account names can now be bought and sold freely. Did you score a great name that you might want to sell? Or perhaps you’d like to put a bid in yourself for one of the more epic names available? Or maybe you just want to check out the highest-selling names. In either case, all you need to do is visit the EOS Name Service Marketplace and you can check out their user guide for some navigation tips!

EOS Name Service Marketplace
Marketplace User Guide

EOS Community Conference 2019 Video

The 2nd EOS Community Conference is less than a month away! Our gracious hosts and fellow sponsors got together to share our excitement for Rio! We welcome the EOS Community in a fun video shared on YouTube! If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, watching this video might give you all the reasons to just say, “Yes! See you in Rio!☀️

EOS Community Conference 2019 Pre-Event Video
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