EOS Nation’s August 2021 WAX Report

This month EOS Nation expanded our history infrastructure, added paid dfuse services, introduced a brand new NFT series called Ocean Defenders, unveiled a new blend UI that makes it easy to blend NFT recipes, and we continued to increase WAX engagement and awareness through our social ecosystem across YouTube, Discord and in the Cryptovoxels metaverse. Read on for more details!

Streaming Data and History Services

We continue to add additional storage capacity to our infrastructure to keep up with the WAX network’s high demands.

In addition to the free dfuse community edition streaming data and history packages we continue to offer, we are now also offering paid dfuse services with increased rate limits for businesses and enterprises.

Ecosystem Development

Virtual Reality Graffiti Battles

The VRGB Season 1 finals were held on the weekend of August 1st and attracted over 400 visitors to our Cryptovoxels metaverse parcel, many of them coming in from the Ethereum community and being introduced to WAX for the fist time. 

The VRGB Season 0 NFT sale was also launched that weekend and generated approximately 7000 WAX in sales.

Watch the VR Graffiti Battle Trailer

The Ocean Defenders

Initiated by a committed group of artists, scientists and watersport professionals, The Ocean Defenders WAX NFT series aims to raise awareness about marine conservation, cooperate with sustainable businesses, and to educate in a fun way. EOS Nation & .gems have been hired to facilitate the blockchain deployment of this NFT series.

A portion of the sales will be donated towards marine conservation efforts.

Blend.gems, VanCity Outbreak, Reid Lucier Art

We’re now up to 5 recipes available through our blending smart contract, including the birthday cake blend for AtomicHub’s 1 year anniversary,  and 4 recipes from our VanCity Comic collection which can be blended into our new Reid Lucier Art collection. Two more recipes are due out over the next 2 weeks.

Community Engagement

Educational Content: Hot Sauce

Each week, we feature original educational and promotional WAX content to our large and highly engaged Hot Sauce audience. In August we explored the following topics, all available in video, audio and written formats:

Our last 5 weekly Hot Sauce episodes have accumulated 2608 views as of the morning of August 22nd. In total, our channel had 3,126 views and 217 hours of watch time this past month.

Live events: .gems' Cryptovoxel NFT Gallery

We are getting consistent foot traffic to our cryptovoxels metaverse gallery, which features many WAX NFT projects. Our parcel has gotten 6866 visits since creation and about 900 in the last month.

We host Hot Sauce after-parties on the gallery rooftop each week, which has been attracting foot traffic to the gallery. More activity on the parcel in turn attracts more attention from the greater cryptovoxels community, who are highly engaged NFT enthusiasts.

Watch the Hot Sauce After Party Trailer

Community Tools: .gems blend tool

We’ve introduced a new blend UI to make it easier for anyone to interact with our blend.gems smart contract to blend NFT recipes on WAX with the click of a button. The UI is still in alpha, but is being refined with a better experience and more features each week.

Daniel Keyes

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Responsibilities include: product management, operations, community
Location: Toronto, Canada

Prior to founding the first EOS community in Toronto and co-founding EOS Nation, Daniel spent a decade in the financial technology industry working several diverse roles. His extensive experience in customer service, sales, sales coaching, agent training, digital marketing, digital process management (lean green belt), and product management (certified scrum master, certified product owner) eventually lead him to consulting for a blockchain dev shop.

Daniel earned a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in 2009 and worked as a chase producer intern at Global TV.

Daniel lives by the principles of Truth, Love, and Freedom.