How to Accumulate Crypto Through Coinbase Earn — EOS Nation Tutorial

How to Accumulate Crypto Through Coinbase Earn — EOS Nation Tutorial

Today we introduce Coinbase Earn, a great initiative from Coinbase to incentivize new users to learn about crypto in the hopes of increasing the rate of blockchain adoption. The strategy is to pay users to learn about different blockchain technologies. Coinbase CTO, Balaji Srinivasan describes the vision behind the initiative: “first adoption came from mining crypto, next it came from buying it, and now moving forward it will be by earning it.”

Even as an EOS Block Producer, we strongly recommend everyone to watch all the educational videos Coinbase provides. Investigate and get familiar with several blockchains and the goals and use cases they seek to provide.

Step 1 — Create a Coinbase Account

In order to earn from these tutorials you will need to have or create a Coinbase account. You can do this by visiting their website at or downloading the mobile application.

Step 2- Take Lessons

This program will take you through several short and simple lessons. Simply click on a lesson to watch a short animated video.

Earn crypto while learning about crypto

Pick a Blockchain and click “View”
Click on a lesson
Watch a Short Animated Video

Step 3 — Take the quiz and earn

Take a one question quiz each time, answer correctly and you will earn yourself some crypto.

Take the Quiz
Answer Correctly to earn

You may notice that after you sign up and try to use the course you will be placed on a waiting list. We have noticed that continuing and watching all the videos and lessons, without being able to take the quiz, will push you to the front of the waiting list and should be invited to quiz within 24 hours. Thank you to our community members for noticing and bringing this pattern to our attention.

Thank you for joining us today and we hope you take advantage of the opportunity to learn and earn! Tell your friends and family!

Have a great day!

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