Introducing EOS Nation Ambassador | Dimitar Dzhurenov| Sofia, Bulgaria

To help in our quest to build a global EOSIO community, EOS Nation has assembled a team of passionate Ambassadors who connect us to various communities around the world. Today we are happy to welcome Dimitar Dzhurenov from Sofia, Bulgaria to our team of Ambassadors!

Dimitar is a developer and is already well known in the EOS community. We encourage you to follow him on Twitter to stay up to date on his various projects and fresh opinions. Dimitar, having started his dapp development career 4 years ago while working with Ethereum, brings with him great energy and a uniquely qualified perspective when it comes to developer pain points.

Dimitar leverages this expertise as the founder and CEO of his own blockchain outsourcing company, called Infinite X Labs, which specializes in Blockchain and DLT solutions for businesses. Their expertise was even recently recognized by Think Mobiles in their ranking “Best Blockchain companies and blockchain development companies in 2019”. Infinite X Labs came in 9th out of over hundreds of companies evaluated! Congrats Dimitar!

Infeos, created by Infinite X Labs and open-sourced for the benefit of the entire EOSIO community, is a JavaScript & npm framework for EOSIO dApps development (EOS, Telos, Worbli), building, deployment and testing using eosjs and the EOSIO protocol. Infeos also added unit testing for EOS smart contracts with Javascript instead of C++. As far as we know, they are the only ones with this feature.

In terms of community building, Dimitar is the leader of EOS Bulgaria and has been a leading contributor in his country in terms of producing education materials, hosting community events, workshops and even podcasts. Recently, EOS Nation collaborated with Dimitar to host 2 meetups in his hometown of Sofia: one was developer focused with EOS Nation CTO Denis Carriere streaming and another had our Head of Community Stephane Bisson stream in for a more general EOSIO discussion.

Interested in attending EOS Bulgaria meetups? We encourage you to join their facebook page!

We have been impressed with the expertise and dedication that Dimitar has shown inside the EOSIO ecosystem and we are excited to support him in his quest to connect businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and developers building on top of EOSIO.

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