EOS Hot Sauce #10

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EOS public network launched on June 14th, 2018

First of all, on behalf of the whole EOS Nation team, we would like to wish the EOS public network a happy first birthday! Thank you to everyone who is part of this great community and we look forward to continue working alongside so many great teams as we collaborate to grow EOSIO!

Block.one activities

EOSIO Labs released an example Web App for “EOSIO YubiKey” support, that demonstrates how they intend to implement WebAuthn support within EOSIO. The example is meant to illustrate how an application running on a private EOSIO based blockchain could generate WebAuthn-compatible keys for users and request signatures for transactions.

As for the new Web Assembly Virtual Machine EOSVM, the team has released a very detailed article that gives a lot of additional insights.

Also, Block.one recently filed for a lobbying registration which clearly signals their intent to have their voice heard on topics such as cryptoasset regulation.

Finally, Block.one compiled a collection of professional photos of their epic June 1st event and you can find them here.

Games! Games! Games!

EOSIO has the reputation of being a platform that suits games perfectly and we are excited to see so much development on that front. We’ve seen several announcements in the last weeks from development studios that are applying the final touches to their EOS games.

Prospectors is a much anticipated online real-time economic strategy game that is currently being tested on the Jungle test net. The game takes place during the gold rush and players do their best to accumulate resources by mining, doing jobs for others, building tools or buying/selling in-game assets.

What we especially like about the game is the chance to organize economic cooperation between players that leads to groups of people cooperating and growing into little villages.

The Prospectors team recently published an article introducing their security standards, which addresses some of the feedback received during the beta and shows that the team is really paying attention to its players.

If you want to get ready for the EOS public network launch, head on over to the Prospectors academy and watch some tutorial videos.

A simulation game set in modern times is “To the Moon”, a mobile game that is all about growing a city and taking care of its population. It is already available for Android devices and is coming soon to iOS. The game features a lucky draw that allows you to get additional buildings and also offers a marketplace where players can trade items. Market fees are 10% with 9% going to the dev team and 1% funding the rocket. Whenever a player manages to launch the rocket he earns the accumulated rocket jackpot. The game is quite easy to understand and fun to play, however, in order to start playing users do need to pay 0.99 EOS.

Augmented reality and real-time location tracking games also seems to be an emerging trend in EOS gaming.

One example is Uplands, which recently secured a 2M USD funding by the EOS VC Finlab AG and seems to be a cross between Monopoly and Pokemon Go. Players roam around their city in order to complete collection of properties. The properties for sale in Upland are 100% owned by the users, with no annual rental fees. The first city that will be featured in UpLand is San Francisco and the overall design of UpLand is very appealing.

Join the waiting list for the beta here and find and read a full introduction here.

Another example, nBlocks Hunt, combines real-time location tracking with AR and is developed by the South Korean BP EOSeoul.

nBlocks Hunt allow users to find, get and share blockchain assets in real-world locations by navigating out in the real world through an AR interface on your phone. Check out this video to get an idea about how the game functions or/read this article to learn more.

nBlocks Hunt is connected to the nBlocks Wallet and is optimized for easy onboarding for new users, even those without an EOS account.

Both nBlocks Wallet and Hunt are part of the nBlocks platform that will feature more games and additional dApps in the near future that are powered by its own utility token, the NBL.

After launching 0xWarriors on EOSIO back in November 2018, the game eventually linked up with Tron and Ethereum. This type of cross-chain innovation is very exciting to see and in this case players from all 3 blockchains can play together and benefit from a larger player pool! Learn more about 0xWarriors by reading their latest article.

The list of EOS based games that are currently in development is long and we’ll make sure to give you regular updates on further releases. Still hungry for more EOS games? Check out the ITAM Games channels for Blue Dawn or Dark town, and take a look at the starter guide for Crypto Sword and Magic.

Decentium, publishing decentralized.

Some well-known content hosting platforms are currently showing questionable practices by subjectively banning users. It has become apparent that large social media platforms manipulate public opinion and have been found on multiple occasions of abusing user data.

Decentium is designed for writers and is committed to providing an alternative to such platforms. Users can simply log in with Scatter and start writing. Articles published through Decentium are saved on the EOS Blockchain and it is therefore impossible to censor produced content or shadow ban users. Furthermore, Decentium is supporting EOS based tipping, not just for the tipped article itself, but also for articles linked within the article.

Partnerships of projects

Since many EOS community members are dedicated contributors of open source software, it is not surprising to see many of them collaborating together.

We are all building in the same ecosystem and each of the successes will be beneficial to the community as a whole so today with are highlighting a few of these partnerships.

Although this one was not a surprise, it’s good to see the official partnership announcement between Chintai and dGoods. Once digital items can be truly owned the next logical step is to be able to rent or lease them for interest and, of course, the place to do that will be on the “Lease Everything” platform of Chintai 2.0!

Speaking of DGoods, they also partnered with Sense Chat, allowing users to issue and own stickers.

Another partnership that makes a lot of sense was announced between Parsl (SEED) and MPT (read those details here). Parsl is working to create a supply chain technology platform, backed with state of the art technologies including bleeding edge blockchain platforms while

MPT is developing a blockchain solution to incentivize and facilitate recycling of metal-based packaging. MPT recently also showed the first sketch of their application, announced an upcoming exchange listing end of this month and got their token contract code audited by EOS42. Lots of activity going on in the supply chain world of EOSIO!

DSP Portal Challenge

As you might know from the previous EOS Hot Sauce Editions, EOS Nation believes in the potential of LiquidApps’ DAPP Network to scale the EOS public network. When the LiquidApps team announced the DSP Portal Challenge, we decided to allocate our resources and technical expertise to building a great interface for the DAPP community. We are proud to showcase our DSP Portal that makes it easy to see and use all the currently available services on the Dapp Network. We also created some tutorials explaining the various sections of our DSP Portal which you can find in our introduction article for the EOS Nation DSP Portal.

LiquidApps DSP Portal challenge ended on the 15th of June and a total of 7 Portal were created! To raise additional awareness LiquidApps invited 2 special judges and invited the community to guess who those might be. Guess right and you could even win a special prize!

EOS Studio Web

Eos Studio is known for providing optimized environments for developers of dApps on EOSIO. Besides their IDE (Integrated Development Environment) they also provide tutorials in both Chinese and English. Starting June 24th, 2019, EOS Studio Web will allow developers to work on their dApps in the cloud simply by opening a browser, without any installation needed. In addition, dApp teams have the opportunity to share their open source smart contracts on the platform, so developing on EOSIO becomes even more dynamic by simply adopting already proven solutions.

EOS Studio Web features are:

  • Web code editor for EOSIO
  • Cloud-based smart contract compiler
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Sign transactions with Scatter
  • Contract Inspector & Account Viewer

If you are a developer on EOSIO or plan to become one you should definitely check it out.

Great job, EOS Studio!

BOS WPS and Referendum

Since EOS Nation launched the BOS WPS and Referendum system a couple of weeks back, already four proposals requesting BOS community funding passed the 40% vote threshold in the first step of the referendum proposal.

The four proposals are:

  • BOS On-Chain Worker Proposal and Escrow system ( EOS Nation proposal)
  • BOSCore WPS global promotion.
  • Mansa: BOS Community Management.
  • Community Governance & Daily Operations.

While these governance-related proposals made the threshold relatively quickly, they now need to maintain those votes for a number of consecutive days before they enter the next phase of approval. A few other proposals are steadily gaining votes as well and if you hold BOS tokens and haven’t voted yet, we encourage you to review the current proposals and vote on them.

Each Tuesday the BOS Community has a zoom call to discuss current proposals. To stay up to date on all the latest news from BOS we encourage you to join the BOS Global news Telegram channel or join the Tuesday zoom calls with the BOS Community to discuss current proposals. Another great source of information is the recent interview with Huaqiang Wen, member of BOSCore and CTO of Huobi Pool.

REMChain is moving to EOSIO

Remme Protocol is an open-source protocol that replaces conventional public key infrastructure solutions with a distributed Network of Trust. Their solution allows for securely accessing a website without passwords and they just recently announced that they are moving their project to EOSIO because:

– EOS is already tested at a very high level
– works on a global scale, supporting hundreds of commercial-scale dApps
– designed to scale
– offers various tools like block explorers, client libraries, mobile frameworks for developers, etc
– Tremendous developer community

In their own words:

“We believe that the advantages of moving to a faster and more scalable EOSIO codebase significantly outweigh the short-term time losses that this trade-off entails.”


It’s been a while since we last heard from Uncloak, but it seems they’ve been busy bringing their cybersecurity project forward successfully as they managed to sign up over 400 companies on their cybersecurity demo platform in only 5 weeks! They entered the 2nd stage of their IEO and are about to be listed on P2PB2B, one of Europe’s better-known exchanges. They are fully SEC/FCA compliant which means that US investors are allowed to participate! If you want to learn more about Uncloak the recent episode of the EOS Writer Podcast where CEO Tayo Dada explains Uncloak’s value proposition. We think cybersecurity is an important subject and will become even more important in the future. The fact that Uncloak chose EOSIO to build on and has been a continuous supporter of the ecosystem speaks for both of the projects.

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