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Block.one Identity Patent

In the internet of today, fake users, fake comments and bots are plaguing most social media platforms. It’s making it impossible for real users to distinguish between real conversations and astroturfing sponsored by malicious actors.  On June 1st, Block.one introduced the Voice platform that promised to address this problem by only allowing real people to use the platform. However, the process of how the uniqueness of identity could be proven, at least without using government-issued documents, was still vague.

Last week, Zak Gall from Everything EOS made an interesting discovery when he found a patent recently secured by Block.one, which is labeled “System and methods for creating a secure digital identity.” The patent is quite the intricate read, so we’d like to explain some of the features that have us excited about what’s coming!

Let’s start with a twitter message Dan Larimer himself posted shortly after the news broke: “The idea behind our identity patent is to use proof of co-location, and relationships over time to secure and recover identity with publicly auditable data to verify uniqueness and then to reward people for doing the work.”

“Proof of Co-location” means that 2 unique people prove that they are in the same place at the same time by taking a picture with both of them in it, each with their own mobile phone that is linked to their identity. The uniqueness of the device can be ensured by a key stored on a chip within the phone that can’t be changed or moved. On the iPhone, this feature is known as the “Secure Enclave.” Other manufacturers might have a different name, but the idea is the same. The patent also mentions an app that is used to take the photo, but potentially also other specific features such as a soundscape, biometrics or surrounding networks.

The fact that the “proof of co-location” can only be established with data generated from a specific app would also prevent deep fakes, which are altered pictures or videos used for faking an identity. Another interesting aspect of Dan’s Twitter quote is that he mentions rewards, giving us a hint as to where this is going. What makes us unique are our relationships to our friends and family, and this patent leverages that in order to prove that users are real. Creating a decentralized database of unique relations of people each vouching for each other is highly valuable and this value could be paid back to each participant based on their contribution to growing this database. It’s a very interesting and innovative approach that combines humans and the uniqueness of the devices that we use to interact with the digital world. If you want to learn more about this, check out the videos from Everything EOS and Colin Talks Crypto linked below.

Mobile phones play an important factor, and wallet applications are becoming more and more advanced in secure key storage and authentication of transacting parties. To help developers on that front, Block.one released the “Android Keystore Plugin for the Java EOSIO SDK.” A solution for iOS-based products, leveraging the above mentioned secure enclave, was released earlier this year.

While these solutions are great for end-users, on an enterprise level, key security and management can be even more advanced as introduced by Remme. They built their own ecosystem on an EOSIO based chain and had the honour of being recently feature by Block.one in their #builtonEOSIO series. There are already several pilots that utilize Remme Protocol, one of which is a blockchain-based customer authentication project for a Fortune 500 automotive manufacturer.

On a more personal and less technological note, Brendan Blumer was responding to some frustrated investors on Telegram, assuring that all the pieces they are working on will fall into place, but also showing appreciation for the patience within the community.

We also met a couple of Block.One employees in Block.one’s video series last week.

Block.one identity patent

Everything EOS video

Colin Talks Crypto video

Android Keystore Plugin for the Java EOSIO SKD

Remme #builtonEOSIO feature

Brendan Blumer tweet

Meeting Block.one employees

LiquidApps Raising Awareness

LiquidApps is committed to advancing blockchain-based network technology. Over the last 6 months, they’ve built the tools needed to scale EOS resources and have begun making these benefits available for other blockchains as well. They’ve united an ever-growing group of highly skilled DSPs, like EOS Nation, to run the DAPP Network. With this 2nd layer scaling on top of the EOS public network, many of the limitations dApp developers were facing are now a thing of the past.

The LiquidApps team is also working on increasing awareness of this good news as they release very interesting articles at a high frequency. They announced their own hackathon and created the DAPP Knights Program that is open to anyone who wants to help support the project.

The current mission of LiquidApps is eloquently expressed in this quote: “Our greatest weapons are knowledge and the DAPP Network’s one-of-a-kind technology.”

The team is determined to provide an elemental infrastructure for the Web 3.0. If you are new to the topic, they summarized the last 6 months of their journey in this article, touching upon topics like:

  • Why do we need dApps?
  • Blockchains need second-layer solution
  • DAPP Network comes into play
  • Where do we go from here? 

This whole journey started with the idea of vRam, which is now called LiquidRam. Tal Muskal published the story behind it on his personal Medium account. Their newest product is LiquidOracles, a way to communicate real-world data to the blockchain so that smart contracts can react accordingly. Since LiquidApps promotes a multi-chain future, they released an article explaining how their oracle solution could co-exist and create synergies with Chainlink, a prominent Oracle solution based on Ethereum. 

It’s exciting to see that the technical progress being made in this space is getting more attention in the wider crypto and blockchain circles. Bitcoin.com published an article this week discussing how bridging blockchains is fundamental for the future of cryptocurrencies and how LiquidLink could be a valuable blockchain bridge.

As a leading DSP, EOS Nation is a proud contributor to the DAPP Network! We also maintain the EOS Nation DSP Portal that allows users to stake their DAPP tokens in order to receive various services. Watch our tutorial video to get familiar with our DSP Portal.

DAPP Network hackathon

DAPP Knights program

LiquidApps 6months summary

How LiquidRam was born

Multi-chain future

LiquidOracles application

Bitcoin.com article

EOS Nation DSP Portal

EOS Nation DSP Portal Tutorial


If you’ve spent some time in the Emanate Discord Channel, you’d know by the increasing activity that the release of Emanate’s alpha is about to happen soon. The team also released an article explaining what has caused the delay and they’ve presented their solutions in detail.

An essential part of their music streaming platform is high-frequency micropayments, to directly measure and reward a musician based on how long a song was streamed. Currently, those payments happen every 6 seconds. In order to ensure scalability of the platform without potentially jamming the EOS public network, they have presented a clever off-chain processing mechanism.

Furthermore, the team announced the Emanate Growth Pool to incentivize users that are making a long term commitment to the success of the platform.

The first round of Emanate Representatives have also been elected and includes our EOS Nation Ambassador Samuel Joseph! Sam has consistently invested in building communities through education and we’re certain that he will do a great job representing Africa as an Emanate Rep!

The team also hinted that there are some big names from the electronic music business that are planning to not just partner with Emanate but to become full-on shareholders.

Everything seems ready to go, and if you’re itching to be one of the first with an Emanate profile, check out their Discord Community and register as an Early Bird Artist and download their banner templates to help your profile look tight!

The YouTuber EOS Sarasota announced a couple of Emanate Minis, which are very short tutorials for users that are new to Emanate and potentially new to EOS and blockchain!

Emanate project update

Samuel Joseph Emanate Rep

Emanate Discord community

Early-bird artist registration

Emanate banner templates

EOS Sarasota tutorial videos

Jobs on EOSIO

Job portals and the gig economy are an ideal example to showcase some benefits of 3rd generation blockchains – bringing accountability, efficiency, transparent referral systems, reputation and free transactions to a global market. More and more innovative platforms in this sector chose to build on EOSIO.

TAP is short for the upcoming Talent Access Portal, and they re focussing on young talents in the tech sector, straight from the best tech schools and community programs. Their platform features a private job board, access to emerging tech hot spots, a pre-verified candidate pool and a straight forward messaging system to contact potential candidates.

Our friends Hirevibes are already in service and are celebrating their first successful hires, which they’ve documented in an article linked below. It’s nice to see how much more efficient a job market is on a portal like this and also how many people can benefit from it. With 5 Hires the platform already generated $7,999 rewards for Job Seekers, $3,428 for the HVT Community and  $2,285 for the Humane charity! You might have already heard about this charity as it receives it’s funding in EOS and is led by Samuel Joseph, the EOS Nation Ambassador we mentioned in the previous section! Congratulations to Sam for all his recent success!

Moonlighting is already a well-established company in the HR sector, and they recently realized the great potential of leveraging blockchain technology to improve their services. With funding from  EOS VC and also some help from Blockstart, they’re about to deploy their product on EOS and bring 600000 users with them!

In an article in Forbes Magazine, Moonlighting also shared some big news, announcing that the staffing giant Kelly Services has partnered with them. Kelly Services, listed on NASDAQ, is the world’s leading recruiter of temporary and permanent staff since 1942 and currently has 2,600 offices in 40 countries worldwide. Through this partnership with Moonlighting, Kelly will be introduced to EOSIO Blockchain technology.

Kelly Services’ John Healy, vice president and managing director for the Office of the Future of Work, was quoted: “We’re going to learn. We’ve got three of our business units today that are actively exploring how to leverage both the technology that Moonlighting has, as well as the business process that we’re delivering for our customers and for our workers to figure out where that best fit is”.

Exciting times!

Talent Access Portal

Hirevibes new hires



Kelly Services announcement


KROWN grabbed the attention of the community this week by being the first to utilize the DAC Factory tool from eosDAC to deploy a DAC on the EOS public network. According to its constitution, KROWN’s primary objective is to nurture and support the EOSIO ecosystem. It’s an open platform built in a way that rewards active supporters and stimulates collaborative community engagement. The distribution of their token is already based on these principles and you’ll see many giveaways, contests, and bounties. The members of KROWN DAC have been leading co-operatives for many years, looking for a way to integrate the blockchain technology with the management of co-ops. It’s an interesting project and we encourage you to learn more about their ideas around a fairer consumer-driven economy.


KROWN Constitution

KROWN introduction

KROWN Youtube

EOS GO Ecosystem Overview

Our friends at EOS Go are known for being always on the ball when it comes to spreading EOSIO news through their EOS Go Turbo News channel. This week they’ve announced a new series of articles that have a different approach. With the EOS dApp Ecosystem overview, they start a deeper dive into the opportunities and realities of dApp developers and touch upon why EOSIO is a superior choice. Since various dApp platforms compete and developments are happening quite fast, it’s not always possible for dApp developers to keep up to date. It’s great to see how developers share their experience, and it creates an appealing summary of the fundamentals as well as recent developments.

EOS GO Turbo News Channel

EOS GO Ecosystem Overview

CryptoLions' Jungle Game Chain Model

The Crypto Lions, famous for their Jungle Test Net and the Simple Assets NFT Standard that just got adopted by WAX, revealed an interesting concept for an additional EOSIO Side Chain. It seems they’ve brought a lot of elements of their previous activities together to unite their research under one umbrella called the Jungle Game Chain (JGC).

Besides being an environment for blockchain games, the JGC introduces an interesting and coherent narrative for blockchain governance, which is described as a decentralized Monarchy. Using terms like “Monarch,” “House of Lords” and “House of Commons,” CryptoLions are exploring a new blockchain governance model that uses familiar terms in the hopes of easily communicating these ideas to a wider audience.

While the CryptoLions currently have no intention of pursuing the JGC, they still published their introductory article in the hopes of inspiring conversations and generating new ideas.

Jungle Game Chain introduction

The Tie's Hype-to-Activity Ratio

We started this week’s EOS Hot Sauce with the Unique ID solution by Block.one to avoid bots and want to close it with a little side note on that topic. Many bot armies are used to artificially blow up projects. But in a recent study, “The TIE” analyzed the Twitter Feeds of 450 Crypto Projects and created a Hype-to-Activity Ratio. We’re happy to report that EOS is one of the least overhyped projects there is and that’s probably due to the healthy work ethics found within our community.

The Tie's twitter thread
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