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Block.one video, CampDAO, Scatter 11, Token Yield, Effect Force, Privacy on EOS, Chintai 2.0 and Bountyblok


After the event of Block.one on June 1st in Washington D.C. some people were asking for the previously announced EOSIO development roadmap. While it was not featured on stage during the presentation, it was released on their website under “strategic vision” and was also showcased during the event on multiple screens.

Block.one has published a video to further elaborate what that means for developers.

One of the main goals of Block.One is to make building on EOSIO as easy and as fast as possible. For that matter, Block.one announced a free webinar for developers that are interested in building on EOSIO. Subscribe here

Meanwhile, the EOSIO v1.8.0 code, which is fundamental for the launch of VOICE, was released on Github as well as v1.7 for the eosio.contracts code. The next step is to update each node of the network and EOS Nation is happy to help coordinate this effort. More information about this coordination effort will be released in the coming week so stay tuned!

EOS Nation as a Guardian of CampDAO

The Burning Man Festival is a one of a kind festival with a large decentralized community that believes in collaboration over competition. Each year for 9 days people from all around the world come together to build a city in the desert of Nevada to experiment on new models of society and explore new forms of organization. Wait, doesn’t that sound familiar?

Isn’t EOSIO a platform where new models of communities, like DACs and DAOs, can be easily created?

Of course it is! Then it should come as no surprise that a few Key Opinion Leaders from the EOS Community came together to form a camp for this years’ Burning Man!

Introducing CampDAO, a tokenized Burning Man camp based on EOSIO that aims to experience the benefits of a DAO in real life.

CampDAO will be managed and organized using DACfactory by eosDAC.

By using EOSIO tools to run CampDAO, this project is a chance to experiment with and showcase how blockchain tools can be used to organize communities and events in a decentralized way. Besides the real-life example, the camp will host a series of talks and workshops to further elaborate on the concept of DAOs and the promises of EOSIO.

CampDAO is an opportunity to build relationships with other like-minded communities, strengthen the relationships within the EOS community, and to start a tradition that can grow and thrive by the will of the CampDAO hive mind!

The token sale with a minimum goal of raising 10000 EOS has already started and funds are going to be used to provide all things necessary to bootstrap the camp. Purchases that are reusable will be stored and used again next year.

CampDAO tokens represent also voting rights used in the camp’s collective decision-making process.

The minimum investment is 10 EOS and each participant has the chance to win a ticket for this years Burning Man Festival.

EOS Nation is proud to announce that we have contributed 1000 EOS, allowing us to be a Guardian of CampDAO.

If any of this sparked your interest, visit the CampDAO website or join in on the conversation about it in Telegram.

Scatter 11 Meteoric

The new Scatter is out and brings many improvements on existing features like the transaction history and an overall redesign of the UI. There are also new features that deserve a closer look.

The Bitcoin integration is one of them and it underlines Scatters approach to become not just the go-to wallet for EOS but also be a universal secure login for all crypto services.

An application explorer, we are especially excited about the RIDL integration which is a reputation system that protects users from scams or phishing sites. Scatter will use the RIDL network to check the score of an app that you are signing a transaction against, and notify you if this is unsafe. (https://ridl.get-scatter.com/#/)

Note: If you are still using the Scatter Chrome extension, please stop as of now this is not supported by the Scatter team anymore.

New features:

– Bitcoin integration

– RIDL integration

– New transaction history

– New network panel

Here you’ll find a comprehensive video tutorial about how to use the basic new functions and navigate on the new interface.

Read more: https://get-scatter.com/blog/were-proud-to-release-scatter-11-to-the-world

You can download it here.

Earning Dividends

The beauty of decentralization is not limited to multiple improvements in data security but it also means new and innovative shared ownership structures. Some EOS projects are exploring these new ownership structures by paying out dividends, on-chain, to their investors. Actually, there are so many projects like that on EOS that it’s hard to track it all! TokenYield is a service that tackles this exact problem and calculates how much dividends projects are currently generating along with other important metrics that helps investors make informed decisions. TokenYield has a beautifully designed clear dashboard and allows for a simple login via Scatter.

The 2nd version of the service is already in the works and introduces new features like:

  • Management tools (stake/unstake/claim)
  • Buy/sell via Bancor
  • Additional token support
  • Telegram alerts

TokenYield is the brainchild of Ashe Oro and his brother Zane Whitaker that we know from EOS Radio and the Freedom Proxy (which also celebrated its one year anniversary just recently).

If you are an investor looking to generate dividends from EOS based projects, TokenYield is a must have tool.

Sneak Peak Demo of the New Effect Force Data Micro-Tasking Platform.

AI technologies are on a steady rise and many predict that human work for low-level tasks will soon will be a thing of the past due to the economic efficiency of automated processes. Some people are afraid of AI because they don’t fully understand what it means. Artificial Intelligence means converting human knowledge into an algorithm that can be applied over and over again at no extra cost and that is exactly what Effect.AI does.

Their first product will be Effect Force, which is the first decentralized micro-tasking platform for AI development. Organizations will use Effect Force to transact between a global human workforce to structure and enrich vast amounts of data, while users can earn EFX by completing small tasks.

Effect Force will go live on the EOS public network on July 10th and registrations will be open for everyone to join, qualify and then earn tokens for training AI. We can expect this to be a fun experience not just for tech-savvy people since there will be leader boards, levels and over 40 badges to collect.

Effect.AI CEO Chris Dawe gave us a little sneak peek of the platform in this YouTube video.

Learn more about Effect Force here and watch the sneak peak demo here.

Privacy on EOS

There are currently a few projects focusing on privacy in the EOS ecosystem, each with a different use case.

PEOS is focused on private transactions hiding who sends to who, whereas PrivEOS is more about the privacy of data which means encrypting shared files in a way so that no one without permission can have access.

A recent video explained the difference between the 2 in detail.

PrivEOS, for example, is essential for the EOSIO based Europechain to comply with GDPR regulations for users from Europe. However, once PrivEOS is finalized it will work on all EOSIO based chains.

PEOS is not designed for encrypting files, instead, it focuses on an option to keep transactions private. How they are planning to do that is explained here.

PEOS’ private transactions were spotted on the jungle testnet just recently and we are excited for them to release those privacy functionalities on the EOS public network.

PEOS also announced to allocate 50 million pEOS tokens originally reserved for the team to a fund with the mission to support third-party privacy oriented projects; projects that take advantage of the pEOS technology and the pEOS token.

That’s 25% of the team’s original incentives to build pEOS!

Novosphere (ATMOS token) is a third EOS privacy project that deserves to be mentioned here. The goal is to give users the ability to post content anonymously through the ATMOSdb, which works similarly to a side-chain where stakers can stake ATMOS tokens and validate data/transactions that take place on the ATMOS layer.

Their first product utilizing ATMOSdb is eos.discussions, which many might know from their AMA’s with popular projects as well as hosting one of the Endless Dappathons.

Chintai 2.0

EOS tokens are more than just a currency for payments. Each EOS token represents a fraction of the computing resources of the whole public network on which EOSIO based applications are running. However, many token holders are speculative investors and hold more resources than they actually need for their daily use. Chintai came to life to create a marketplace for those unused resources, allowing developers to have the cheapest development costs possible while allowing token holders to earn interest on their assets.

Since launching in 2018, the Chintai team has been listening to community feedback and have now released a full update, which greatly improves the general usability of the platform.

Chintai 2.0 now has full Ledger support, is optimized for mobile use, features user profiles, introduces a practical market finder and has language support for English, Chinese and Korean.

Soon the new Chintai will also make use of its native CHEX token for which the auction is still going on. Find more info here.

A nice feature of the new User Profiles is that it allows users to export CSV data for tax purposes. Details on all of these new features are included in their recent article found here.


Gamification, rewards, and loyalty programs are being integrated into many marketing and awareness campaigns to motivate and connect customers and users in a fun way. Many models have proven their value already and it’s the right time to ask how the accumulated data like ranking, scores or contributions are administered. At the moment, most of these models are still working with centralized databases with all the flaws and risks that come with it. Bountyblok is here to change that by helping develop new models or customizing existing ones by integrating EOSIO technology that enables more trustworthy ways to administer data. We are excited to see what the team will pull off in the near future! Learn more about Bountyblok in their recent article found here.

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