EOS Nation sponsors EOSwriter for EOSIO education and community development

EOS Nation is excited to sponsor EOSWriter, expanding our EOSIO education and community development efforts.

Our teams share similar visions of the projected growth of the EOSIO community, and the education through news and articles that those in the ecosystem benefit from. We’re proud to sponsor EOSwriter as they grow a pool of talent armed with the educational resources to thrive in this new decentralized economy.

EOSwriter is a community-driven media outlet focusing on the EOSIO community, featuring news and articles about the EOSIO software and its deployment through the EOS public network, side chains, and decentralised applications.

EOSwriter will maintain total autonomy and control while we provide assistance and more. We’re very happy to be able to continuously reinvest into the EOS community.

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Daniel Keyes

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Responsibilities include: product management, operations, community
Location: Toronto, Canada

Prior to founding the first EOS community in Toronto and co-founding EOS Nation, Daniel spent a decade in the financial technology industry working several diverse roles. His extensive experience in customer service, sales, sales coaching, agent training, digital marketing, digital process management (lean green belt), and product management (certified scrum master, certified product owner) eventually lead him to consulting for a blockchain dev shop.

Daniel earned a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in 2009 and worked as a chase producer intern at Global TV.

Daniel lives by the principles of Truth, Love, and Freedom.