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EOSIO Resource Allocation Proposal

Block.one recently released more information regarding their new eosio Resource Allocation Proposal, which was prompted from observing the results from a massive surge in REX loans in early November. The increase in demand for network resources was so great that REX ran out of available resources, although less than half of the network resources were being utilized. Dan Larimer is not perfect, but one of his strengths is that he does not succumb to the sunk cost fallacy. If a design or product of his is not producing the intended results, he has no problems removing the flawed design no matter how much time he spent building it.

As evidenced by the recent article, Dan Larimer and his army of Block.one engineers were quick to both come up with a new solution and produce the code for this new solution. Many community members were pleasantly surprised last week when Block.one published both a detailed article describing the new Resource Allocation Proposal and the associated code that’s been included in the latest release candidate! Block producers have already deployed the code on the Jungle testnet and are in the testing process. Once properly tested, we expect block producers to deploy the system on the EOS public network.

Block.one also grabbed the community’s attention with the unveiling of their new grant program! This program encourages eosio contributors to apply for a grant, that could be worth up $50,000 USD, for work that benefits eosio networks. There was some initial confusion regarding whether or not someone associated with a block producer on a public eosio network could apply for funding or not. Brendan Blumer took to Twitter to clarify that such a person could apply for a grant, as long as the funds are not used for block production or securing the network, since block producers are already paid for this function via block rewards.

And for our last piece of exciting Block.one news for this week, we’ve learned that Dan Larimer has been confirmed as the Keynote speaker on The Future of Money, Governance and Law on the 31st of January! As far as we know, this is the first time a leading cryptoasset thought leader has been invited to speak at the U.S. Capitol.

EOSIO Ressource Allocation Proposal
EOS VC Grants Program
eosio 2.0 rc 3
The Future of Money, Governance and Law

WAX Nation Community Updates

The December 2019 WAX Guild Ratings Report has been released! The competition is heating up and the rankings have changed a bit since last month. 

🥇 WAX Sweden has claimed the top spot this month
🥈 Pink.Network surged up to #2
🥉 EOS Nation rounded out the Top 3
🏅 Congrats to all the Guilds that earned a passing grade!

Thank you to the WAX Office of the Inspector General for spending 60 hours to properly evaluate all the Guilds. The results of this latest OIG report are now also reflected in the WAX Guild rankings, which you can look up on block explorers such as wax.Bloks.io.

In other WAX news, the power of the eosio open-source software continues to grow as cross-chain compatibility makes it easy for dApps and products to deploy across multiple eosio networks. dFuse, which we love, was originally built on EOS and is now also active on WAX!

dfuse.io is a powerful suite of APIs for WAX dApps that allows developers to easily execute searches, stream real-time data, and push transactions to the WAX Blockchain. 

WAX was also listed on NewDex, which now allows users to trade EOS for WAX on NewDex, the leading EOS decentralized exchange. It was also listed on Marketcap.one, which enables users to compare the cryptoasset to other eosio based cryptoassets. Overall, it was yet another great week for WAX!

December 2019 WAX Guild Ratings Report
dFuse on WAX
WAX listing on Marketcap.one
WAX listing on NewDex

Unhackable, Ungameable, Immortal dApps

The LiquidApps team released a lengthy article this week, describing what they call “Unhackable, Ungameable, Immortal dApps.” It’s a fascinating article that covers a lot of information. We’re sharing a small sample of the article and hope that our readers will be motivated to read the full article:

“The open-source movement has stopped short of guaranteeing total freedom. Companies still choose to keep their data to themselves instead of sharing it with a community of developers and users.

Developers can harness the DAPP Network, a powerful middleware platform, to decentralize their applications across the entire tech stack — from the frontend to the backend to the data they generate.

Unhackable, ungameable Immortal dApps can finally emerge. These Immortal dApps enhance user privacy and bolster data integrity, driving new business models for forward-thinking companies while granting maximum freedom for the average user.”

Coming off their recent successful showing at the DAPPHackathon, Maltablock produced a short video covering one of their products, LuquidCrypto, which was the crowd favorite. This new LiquidApps service allows developers to outsource heavy processing algorithms like ZkSnarks and Blind Signatures to DSPs. They also spoke about another Maltablock product called Project Phoenix, a Patreon-like application coming soon to eosio that’s using a multitude of LiquidApps Services, such as Scheduler, Oracles, vRAm, LiquidAccount and more).

For those who want to learn more about Maltablock, we encourage you to watch the 40 minute interview they recently did with Zack of Everything EOS.

LiquidApps - Unhackable, Ungameable Immortal dApps
LiquidCrypto Video
LiquidCrypto Pitch
Maltablock interview Everything EOS 

Ecosystem Updates


Learning about blockchain, and eosio in particular, can be challenging for people completely new to the subject. Most of the educational content is only available in either Chinese or English. In order to grow the community, it’s important to lower these language barriers and DACH-EOS.io defines its mission to make sure information about eosio is available in German so that people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland get an easy and welcoming entry into the eosio Ecosystem.

We’re proud to announce that EOS Nation’s Martin Breuer is part of the team behind DACH-EOS.io, along with representatives of Newdex, TelosGermany, EOS Cafe, GenerEOS, Wombat Wallet and other independent eosio enthusiasts.

DACH-EOS was founded with the vision of being an intermediary and provider of knowledge, as an advisor, initiator and ambassador for EOS, for other eosio based networks, and for decentralized applications built on top of eosio blockchains.

Founded online in July 2019, they had their first live offline event on October 3rd, 2019 in Frankfurt, which was followed by the website launch in November. The shared website serves as an ever-growing knowledge base about all things eosio for the German-speaking community and invites like-minded enthusiasts to participate.

Everipedia partners with GIVE Nation

After partnering with the Brave Browser, the Everipedia team just forged yet another partnership, and this one aims to educate the future generation of blockchain users at a very young age. GIVE Nation is a gamified wallet for children focused on teaching sustainable financial literacy and altruism. GIVE Nation will feature Everipedia pages that are deemed age-appropriate for their audience and will also be the first outside organization to build a custom front-end that interacts with the IQ Network, enabling young people to not only learn about the financial system in a playful way, but also about the value of information and how they can potentially contribute to a decentralized knowledge base for the world. Furthermore, GIVE Nation will be uploading their lessons to Everipedia.

“We are looking forward to building a new ecosystem with Everipedia. This will be an essential piece of GIVE Nation’s media infrastructure, empowering millions of children around the world” states Arnaud Saint-Paul, the CEO of GIVE Nation.

We congratulate both teams for this great collaboration.

GIVE Nation Article
GIVE Nation website

Emanate Welcomes Choon

We’re happy to report that Emanate just agreed on a friendly “merger” with Choon (25,000 users and 40,000 songs), a similar music platform featuring blockchain-based payments for music streaming. Choon artists will be assisted in migrating to Emanate in Q1 2020.

Choon artists who held NOTES, the native token of the platform, before the Choon site closed will be given a token swap offer, but to be fair to Emanate token holders and encourage the EMT token economy, this won’t be a simple handout. Read more about the Token Swap in the article linked below, where we also learned about some great new features and programs planned for Emanate in 2020. The “new distribution service enabling Emanate songs on the likes of Spotify and Tik Tok + up to 100 other streaming platforms” has certainly caught our attention. Congrats Emamate for your continue progress!

Emanate Announcement
Choon Statement

StartEOS’ Acorn

The StartEOS team has been working on many fronts to grow and maintain the user base of EOS, and with Acorn they created another practical product for EOS token holders. Acorn is an easy to use digital asset management platform that helps users to stay profitable, by doing things like calculating earned interest beforehand. It comes with the usual security that StartEOS wallets have proven to provide. And we really enjoyed learning about a new feature called the “flourish wishes” function, which helps users to save up assets until they’ve reached a certain goal to make a wish come true.

Explainer Video StartEOS Acorn

EOS Events Ranking

EOS Authority shared a summary of Events listed in their EOS Events calendar, and we’re happy to see EOS Nation being ranked #1 for hosting the most online events since the creation of the page. In total there were 120 online/offline events registered and we’re confident that we’ll see that number increase in 2020. Why? Because we know for a fact that there were many additional eosio events that weren’t listed by their hosts, and EOS Nation will make sure to list all of our future events to keep track. We encourage all the other eosio event organizers to do so as well and token holders to join the EOS Events Telegram Channel to never miss an eosio event online or in a city near you!

For now, we congratulate Shipple, Everything EOS, Block.one, EOS New York and EOS Brazil for making it into the rankings with us. Great work!

EOS Events Page
EOS Authority Tweet
EOS Events Telegram Channel

KROWN #DACathon 2020

Speaking of events, one of the first eosio events in the new year might be the #DACathon 2020 on January 11th-12th. Decentralized autonomous organizations or communities (DAOs or DACs) was a term coined by Dan Larimer in the year 2013 and so it should come as no surprise that eosio is designed to be the perfect protocol to build such organizations on. KROWN is an already existing example and, funded by one of their worker proposals, the #DACathon 2020 aims to bring DAC Enthusiasts from all over the world together to share their knowledge, experiences, and passion with the goal of accelerating DAC adoption and tools. The event is online and all are welcome to participate. What a great way to kick off the new year!

Teaser video
KROWN website
#DACathon 2020 sign up

WordProof on Blockchain Timestamping

Sebastiaan van der Lans, CEO of WordProof, gave a very interesting presentation at a meetup organized by Blockchain Netherlands dedicated to blockchain timestamping. While the whole presentation about current issues of the internet and potential solutions is worth watching, his key points about “Why timestamps matter” are:

  • With an Open Source platform like WordPress, publishers or merchants become resilient against censorship. #OwnYourData
  • Timestamping content on the blockchain creates a proof of existence, like a birth certificate for data.
  • Timestamped content is verifiable by any human, such as a reader or buyer, in an Open Source manner.
  • Timestamped content is verifiable by any machine, such as search engines or social media, in an Open Source manner.

Sebastiaan gave us an outlook of what we can expect of WordProof in 2020 as well, and we’re happy to hear that, besides working with more projects and partners on WordPress, they also plan to extend their service to other Website-building-platforms like Joomla, the 2nd biggest after WordPress.

An internet of enhanced data integrity is a much-desired goal, and with effective yet user-friendly tools like WordProof, it’s in the hands of content producers to reap all the potential benefits by simply using it.

Presentation video
Presentation slides
Why timestamps matter

Tipit Dashboard and Tutorial

Tipit has been very innovative when it comes to micropayments and tipping eosio based tokens for content producers or participants on various social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Facebook Twitch and more. With the new Tipit dashboard and its new features such as user profile pages, Tipit transaction history, and the chance to attach links and pictures to a transaction, tipping has gotten even more interactive and makes it fun to use crypto. Watch the new tutorial to learn more and check out their website to open a Tipit account.

Tipit Dashboard tutorial
Tipit website

Upland Update

The EOS VC funded game Upland has been in public beta for a while and made some great progress. Players move around the map and collect properties in the form of NFTs and earn UPX tokens if other players visit, a bit like Monopoly with a lot of other bells and whistles. The new Block Explorer makes navigating in Uplands easier, and the reworked property details card lets you keep track of all the visitors among other details.

Until recently, every user was automatically an Uplander, but new players to Upland will now start out with a ‘Visitor’ status and need to renew their Upland Visa once every seven days to maintain ownership of their digital assets. To become an ‘Uplander’ and enjoy true ownership of their digital assets, visitors need to accumulate a net worth of 10,000 UPX.
Learn more about these features and others in the release. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet you soon in Upland. The game just was released for iOS in the Apple App Store.

Upland Update Article
Upland available in the Apple App Store
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