EOS Hot Sauce #37 – EOSWriter’s 2019 Recap, WAX NFTs, BOS & SWFT, EffectAI’s Rosetta and more!

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EOSWriter's 2019 Reflections and EOS Guide

“What a year this has been! We experienced a lot of ups and downs during the course of the year but upon broader reflection one realizes that EOSIO has accomplished a lot in 2019. In a vacuum, the EOSIO ecosystem has seen exponential growth. Despite an entire year of being clouded by the on-going bear market. Many projects in the ecosystem made great strides in their pursuits this year.” –  EOSWriter’s EOSIO Ecosystem | Reflecting on 2019

Ever since appearing on the scene in November 2018, the EOSWriter has consistently produced great EOSIO content. On top of growing their team in 2019, EOSWriter also launched their new platform while continuing to publish many great articles. Their latest publication, “EOSIO Ecosystem | 2019 Reflections,” covers a variety of milestones that were attained throughout the wider EOSIO community this year. It can sometimes feel like a blur when trying to keep up with everything from week to week, so we appreciated going through the article and reflecting on all the progress made in 2019.

For those that are newer to EOSIO, or are introducing the network to family and friends, the EOSWriter has also recently published fantastic EOS User Guide.  Keep the link handy and make sure to share it with newcomers to the ecosystem!

Thank you to the EOSWriter and everyone else in the EOSIO ecosystem for all of your continued contributions! Everyone at EOS Nation is incredibly excited about 2020 and we look forward to continue working alongside all of you to establish EOS as a leading public, permissionless, and highly performant smart-contract blockchain platform!

EOSWriter Reflecting on 2019
EOSWriter’s User Guide to EOS

WAX's March Towards Decentralization Continues

As part of their ongoing efforts to decentralize the WAX Blockchain’s service layer, the WAX ExpressTrade is moving onto the WAX mainnet at the beginning of the new year. Until then, users can take advantage of three convenient features and services for holders of both WAXP  tokens and WAX NFTs like VGO Skins, WAX Stickers, WAX Digital Art and WAX Collective Cards.  Users can:

  • One-click transfer all your WAX NFTs to the WAX Blockchain
  • Convert WAX Keys to WAXP Tokens in your WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW)
  • Sell and transfer your WAX NFTs on dApp marketplaces like SIMPLE MARKET

In other news, the excellent WAX ON video series continued this week with two new videos. The first one talked about how to analyze off-chain metrics for a blockchain and offered examples in these categories:

  • Developer Community
  • Project Funding
  • VC Investors, Advisors (warning!)
  • Core Team

The second WAX ON video discussed current pain points in DPoS voting networks and explained how WAX is addressing these issues. The Office of the Inspector General is one such initiative designed to increase voter turnout, increase voter knowledge, as well as making sure that quality teams are getting rewards for contributing to the network. EOS Nation is proud to have been ranked #1 and #3 in the first 2 reports of the OIG.

And finally, the final steps of the EOS to WAX migration for Prospectors has been completed. Prospectors are now free to migrate their PGL assets from the “Wild West” instance on EOS onto the “Yukon” instance on WAX.  Congrats to Prospectors and WAX for this successful cross-chain migration!  

More features and services available for WAX Token and NFT holders!
Wax Inventory
Simple Market
WAX ON: Blockchain Voting
William on off-chain metrics
Prospectors Migrator ( EOS <-> WAX )

BOS Integration with the SWFT Blockchain

BOSCore and SWFT Blockchain have formally reached an agreement that will see the BOS cryptoasset listed on SWFTC Express alongside more than 200 other cryptoassets. This means that users can now trade BOS directly for a variety of cryptoassets taking advantage of the best prices available across a wide range of exchanges. 

BOSCore continues to innovate as it builds a DPoS public blockchain dedicated to building a trusted business ecosystem covering a billion users. 

BOSCore and SWFT Blockchain Partnership

Ecosystem Updates

Effect.Ai’s Rosette

Effect.Ai is an open, democtractic & decentralized network for artificial intelligence. Users who sign up to be part of the Effect Force can perform tasks and get rewarded in real time for their efforts, since all of these accounts, tasks, and payouts are managed on the EOS Public Network.  Their latest product, Rosette, has just been released! 

“With Rosette, adding multilingual subtitles to your YouTube videos has never been so easy… and fast! With 1000’s of expert translators to translate your content in 24 languages.
Why Rosette?

1. Expand your reach
2. Increase sales
3. Get more subscribers and views
4. Generate more ad revenue
5. Build brand trust
6. Multilingual Search Engine Optimisation (MSEO)”

Effect.Ai's Rosette
Effect.Ai's 2019 Overview

DAPP Network’s New Service: LiquidScheduler

“Scheduled transactions and task automation have proven to be thorny issues for blockchain developers. With LiquidScheduler, a cron-like service running on the DAPP Network, developers can finally automate key functions within their dApps without compromising on trustlessness or decentralization. Whether writing to or reading from a database, sending batch emails or updating data feeds, LiquidScheduler enables task automation in a seamless and trustless manner.” -LiquidApps

Blockchain Automation Made Easy (LiquidScheduler)
LiquidApps CTO Tal Muskal Interview with CryptoNewsZ

REMChain Mainnet is Live

The REMChain mainnet is now live and we have lots of resources for you to explore and learn more about the advantages of REMChain for users, Guardians who earn staking rewards, and block producers. Congratulations to the team for a successful launch!

REMChain is based on Remme, the distributed public key infrastructure protocol with PKI-enabled apps. Their mission is to upgrade and deliver a new security standard and apps to address the challenges of the Web 3.0.

REMChain Explorer
REMChain Mainnet is Live
Who's on REMChain
How to become a Guardian
Become a Block Producer
Tokenswap Video

MPT Partnership and Prototype

MetalPackagingToken (MPT) announced its partnership with Singapore Estes Engineering and is proud to present its prototype of the MPT Deposit Point! Make sure to check out the beautiful picture shared by the team on Twitter.

MPT is an EOSIO based solution to improve cost-effectiveness within the metal packaging industry. By raising awareness, we can change the world! This project incentivizes recycling, allows competitive pricing, eliminates commissions and is committed to a metal scrap purchase program to create healthier global market conditions.

Metal Packaging Token Prototype

Free CPU from Meet.One and EOS Authority

EOS Authority’s great website and EOS explorer now offers users up to 5 free transactions per day. Combined with the same offer on Bloks.io, that’s up to 10 free transactions per day! That’s pretty good!

Meet.One on the other hand is currently giving away a fixed amount of CPU MS (millisecond) for users who sign up to MEX, their Meet.One Exchange. Users can get 50ms for signing up and get a bonus 10ms per day by signing in daily, which is also pretty good! 

Video: Free CPU on EOS Authority 
Blog: Free CPU Giveaway from Meet.One

Korean Military Uses EOSIO

We have known that EOS is very popular in Korea, but this news takes it to a whole other level! The South Korean government’s Military Manpower Administration (MMA) has announced they are preparing a digital identity system that will be run on EOSIO technology. This amazing news was shared by KOREOS, a leading EOS content platform. 

Original article (in Korean)
Tweet by KOROES 

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