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Block.one Voting Preparations & Requirements

Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one

On May 14th, Block.one published an article titled “Voting with the EOS Community” and announced that they plan on voting for candidates in a rotational manner. They’re currently unstaking some tokens and intend to vote with 10M EOS tokens initially.

EOS Nation is excited for this next step in the evolution of EOS governance and we look forward to hearing more about Block.one’s plans for the EOS mainnet through their newly formed Public Blockchain Engagement division (PBE).  

Block.one also announced some basic criteria that block producers must attain in order to qualify for this first round of voting. Over time, additional criteria can be expected to qualify for the Block.one votes. For now, they are:

  1. The general location of the node has been disclosed publicly through the BP JSON file.
  2. Independently operating an API or P2P node that is publicly queryable.
  3. The API or P2P node is running EOSIO v2.0 or greater.

In the process of preparing to vote, Block.one was also active on their official “b1” EOS account. They created 4 different accounts and allocated 200 staked EOS for CPU and 200 staked EOS for NET per account. These accounts are named: 

  • signer1.b1
  • signer2.b1
  • signer3.b1
  • sub1.b1

You can also notice that all of the 13 actions required to create the 4 accounts and allocate resources to them were executed inside the same efficient transaction. We look forward to seeing more on-chain actions from Block.one!

Topps' Garbage Pail Kids Successful Launch on WAX

The traditional trading card company, Topps, has finally arrived on the blockchain, so that physical cards can become digital cards in the form of provably unique collectible NFTs stored on the WAX blockchain. We’ve been talking about this launch for quite some time now and we’re excited to finally see the day arrive!

Many of us at EOS Nation remember the Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) trading cards from when we were kids, and it brings us tremendous pride to see these new NFTs hosted on a blockchain that we help secure! The Garbage Pail Kids were the first ever collectibles from Topps, which were originally released in 1985. This classic brand was a great choice for their first digital NFTs and even celebrities like William Shatner shared their excitement on Twitter!

Users can buy, trade, view their cards in inventory, view public price history and provenance, browse the catalog and the inventory of other collectors, follow other collectors, and share their favourite collectibles on social media with just a click. On top of trading individual cards, you can also trade unopened packs! In fact, the slightly discounted MegaPacks sold out in 7 hours and the whole #GPKWAXPACKS series was sold out in 28 hours! Users who missed out on the packs can head on over to the SimpleMarket to buy individual cards or even unopened packs, which were seen being purchased for ~4x the original asking price! 

The 1st GPK card series features 41 characters, each with an “A” name and a “B” name and 4 different levels of rarity:

  • Base – Standard static cards 
  • Prism – Uncommon cards, these cards feature a prismatic sheen effect
  • Sketch – Rare cards that feature an animated transition from original sketches to final art
  • Collector’s Edition – Super rare cards with special animations

Congrats to the WAX team, to Topps, to the WAX Guilds and the entire WAX community for such a great milestone in the world of blockchain NFTs! 

Still looking for more great WAX content this week?

WordProof has been featured here in the EOS Hot Sauce quite often as we’re big fans. But for readers new to Wordproof, we suggest watching the most recent high quality introduction to WordProof by the founder Sebastiaan van der Lans himself.

In short, WordProof provides an EOS based timestamping tool to create a layer of trust for content published online. And as an increasing number of fake news stories and plagiarism is shared across the web, such tools are sorely needed to verify the integrity of sources.

Starting out as a plugin for WordPress, WordProof is integrating into an existing infrastructure. And with already over 200.000 timestamped posts, pages, and images, this service definitely seems to be in high demand.

Inspired by the success, the team developed WordProof Files, so the service is no longer limited to content producers that host a website for their content. 

With WordProof Files, you can simply drag & drop a file, have it timestamped, and then download a PDF with proof of the timestamp. It can be found and activated on the My WordProof dashboard.

Besides expanding the service itself, WordProof founder Sebastiaan van der Lans gets around and actively spreads the word about the possibilities and benefits of securing web content on the blockchain. Watch his talk at WordCamp Miami earlier this year.

In an effort to explain the rather deeply technical innovations that are developed by the BOSCore team to a wider audience, the BOSCore team hosts AMAs on several platforms. The most recent one covered the EOS EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), which, after the successful launch of the BOS IBC HUB, will be yet another important component in BOSCore’s interconnectivity toolkit. Luckily the team summarizes and translates these AMAs, as they are a great source of information.

At first, Deadlock explained the general concept of EOS EVM, and came up with a pretty smart example: 

“The relationship between them (EVM and EOS EVM) can be analogized to running a Windows virtual machine on a MAC computer to play a Windows game.”

By using the EOS EVM Smart Contract instead of the EVM, Ethereum based dApps can leverage speed, scalability and cost-efficiency of EOS, without migrating their smart contract to another language.

More specific questions asked during the AMA were about security aspects, the difference between GAS on ETH or CPU on EOS, and the reasons why BOSCore took part in the EOSIO Challenge by Block.one.

The 2nd part of the AMA turned into a brainstorming session, which showed once again the sophistication within the BOSCore community. Thanks to the BOSCore team for another great tool and their educational efforts.

HireVibes, the “World’s Most Rewarding Jobs Platform,” is taking the recent shift in the job market head-on and made substantial changes to the policies of the platform. As a direct result,  HireVibes 2.0 introduces new opportunities for hirers and seekers equally, opens up for potential partnerships with agencies, and creates more utility for the HVT token.

New features scheduled for Q1 include:

  • New job types that cater to freelancers. Those listings can be done for free and the salary will be paid in HVT as the default currency
  • Categories and filters to improve browsing through the talent database and job listings
  • A new opportunity to spend or earn HVT will be added through “mentoring.” All those that currently have additional time on their hands can use the HireVibes platform to either upgrade their skillset or create an offering to share their knowledge. This new feature could potentially grow into an open market for education.
  • The previously mandatory 6% reward will from now on be optional for a 3-month trial. This change could potentially increase the number of vacancy listings and at the same time open opportunities to onboard professional hiring agencies to the platform. 

Here, HireVibes takes an interesting new approach by augmenting rather than disrupting the recruitment industry. And they’re already in talks with several hiring agencies, some of which signaled interest in becoming custodians in the HireVibes DAC, which brings us to the phase 2 of HireVibes 2.0.

Turning HireVibes into a DAC has already been defined as an ultimate goal in the original whitepaper to open up the project for wider participation, and it’s exciting to see this becoming a reality soon. Q3 2020 is all about decentralizing the governance, access to funds, and smart contracts currently controlled by the HireVibes team.

Overall these changes make a lot of sense and we look forward to witnessing the future of this ambitious project.

Blockstart made a big splash when they used LiquidApps’ LiquidAccounts service to onboard 750K Moonlighting users to EOS.

Following this experience, Blockstart realized the big potential and developed Dapp Account, a project that introduces Blockchain Accounts as they should be, easy to use and non-custodial.

We encourage you to check out the newest episode of #BuiltonDAPP to learn how Dapp Accounts work. And we highly recommend a thought piece published by Blockstart, where they take a look at the current state of the digital society and make a compelling case for how Dapp Accounts can improve our freedom and privacy, simply by using our devices as access keys and effectively detaching us from universal logins through the usual internet giants.

Dapp Accounts are currently being used in another great product by Blockstart, the organic community market, and hopefully other apps will soon pick up on this. The next steps for Dapp Accounts is extending their service to the WAX and Worbli Blockchains.

The growing staking economy already brought much innovation to the blockchain space, and the first successful staking models attract many investors with juicy interest rates. As larger custodial institutions such as Coinbase offer Staking as a Service, these developments don’t go unnoticed. Recently the Proof of Stake Alliance met with the SEC to talk about Blockchain Standards. 

We expect that while the technology matures, the use cases for staking will become more diverse. And we can already see this happening. A rather complex staking model was introduced by the LiquidApps team to access utilities such as LiquidStorage and vRam. While the general concept was explained early on, the team recently gave an update on further reasons for staking, which are:

  • Holding DSPs accountable
  • Boost your favourite dApp teams with leasing markets
  • Spin up a LiquidChain
  • Support the CoVax efforts against COVID-19

Regular readers of the EOS Hot Sauce already know about the popular Wombat Wallet and the Chain Clash game, which just launched a public beta on the EOS Mainnet. But only a few have heard about Spielworks, the German company responsible for the development of both of these outstanding products.
It seems we’re not the only ones impressed by the quality that Spielworks delivered, as they just
successfully closed a seven-digit seed financing round led by FinLab EOS VC Fund and Volksbank Mittweida eG, which have been investing in Spielworks since 2019.

The additional funding will help Spielworks to attract more high quality games to their platform and develop features that improve the user experience for their blockchain gaming audience.

Stefan Schütze, managing director of FinLab EOS VC Fund was quoted: “As a supporter of the EOSIO ecosystem with our fund and investments, we really like the approach of Spielworks – how it enables the unique solution for users to create free EOS token accounts easily. This is in the purist sense a true “game changer” as with Wombat users can get effortless access to the best blockchain games built using EOSIO software.”

Congrats to the Spielworks team!

In the last few months, Effect.Ai has been heads down working on onboarding clients and training workers for Effect Force and Rosette. While doing so, they’ve almost effortlessly won a community contest for the “Best EOSIO dApp to use while under quarantine,” which resulted in an in-depth review of the project by The EOS Writer. And just this week the EFX token ranked 1st place in the inaugural EOS Go Hot Token Ranking. So the project has a bit of hype going, and on May 15th the team hosted a Live AMA to share with their community what they’ve been working on.

Breaking news & AMA spoiler alert: Effect.AI announced that Kraft Foods (Heinz) is now a translation client, Akon’s Crypto City “might” have an Effect.Ai Center, a new partnership for Rosette with the very popular YouTube channel “Linus Tech Tips,” and a new exchange listing coming next week! 👏👏

EOS Costa Rica just made the news by developing Inter.x and playing an essential role in bringing on Grant Thornton as a high profile user of EOSIO Technology with 59 offices in the US and over $1.7 billion in revenue. As a new community-building initiative they are doing a weekly meetup named EOS Open Office every Friday at 8pm UTC, which features guest speakers and interesting topics by the week. It’s a great opportunity for Spanish and English speaking members of the EOSIO Community. You can find more information on the EOS Costa Rica’s Meetup account.

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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