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Learning EOSIO with Lena & Coding for Change

There are a lot of opportunities to learn about EOSIO these days and we want to highlight some of them today, including introducing our new series, “Learning EOSIO with Lena!”

Lena Wang is one of our EOS Nation interns that has been with us for almost 2 years now. In 2015, Lena began her university study in the faculty of computer science of Sichuan University. For now, she is studying for her master’s degree with a full scholarship at Sichuan University, located in Chengdu, China. Due to her major, she has a strong interest in blockchain and she’s honored to be a part of EOS Nation and make some contributions by writing and translating articles about EOSIO. 

She is now going through various training materials on EOSIO and is going to be producing write ups of her experiences, allowing anyone to follow her progress and hopefully inspire others to learn as well! Her first publication goes through the new Tic-Tac-Toe game contract tutorial that was recently released by Block.one. 

Programming is a valuable skill and we hope that our new series inspires you to dip your toes into EOSIO coding. Block.one has also announced a series of 3 free webinars that are coming up over the next 10 weeks. The first one is next week on the 18th & 20th of May.

For those who are a bit more advanced in their EOSIO learning process, remember that the Coding for Change Hackathon, organized by Block.one, is currently going on. Registration is still open and the hackathon deals with the topic of the COVID-19 virus and the many changes that it will bring to society. 

And finally, those who want to get an inside look into the mind of a veteran EOSIO developer can take a look at EOS Writer’s recent spotlight on John Williamson. John‘s been helping us build our xNation.io liquidity platform and has worked for great projects like Karma in the past.

Everything About Newdex

Currently sitting as the 2nd most active dApp across all blockchains with ~17M USD of daily activity, Newdex is a shining example of the great user experience that is possible on a highly performant blockchain like EOS. They released a great article this week titled Everything About Newdex, where they describe the approach and philosophy behind Newdex and highlight all of the different products they’ve released over the last 2 years. It’s an impressive article that covers these topics:

  • Why Newdex chose EOS
  • Risks of Centralized Exchanges
  • Benefits of the Newdex decentralized exchange
  • Addressing user needs
  • Multi-chain support
  • USDT stablecoin conversion tool
  • Over-the-counter offering (OTC)
  • BTC/ETH/USDT cross-chain deposits and withdrawals
  • Newdex Swap 
  • Decentralized finance features (DeFi)
  • Newpool (multi-chain staking pool)
  • Danchor (stable token generation)
  • NDX utility token

Congratulations to Newdex for an absolutely amazing 2 years of decentralized exchange innovation and success! We can’t wait to see what the next 2 years will bring.  

As a new member of the Blockchain GameAlliance (BGA), WAX participated in the BGA April 2020 Online Meetup on April 30th. It was great to see so many companies and quite a few familiar faces from the EOSIO community united by a common goal.

WAX Senior Business Development Manager, Evan Vandenberg, did a great job making an introduction to WAX

He explained why building on WAX is becoming increasingly attractive for developers, due to the multiple solutions and tools provided in the service layer, but also the legal framework for the protection of intellectual property.

For the users, he pointed out the easy usability and high performance of WAX. 

He also gave a little sneak peek of the updated Cloud Wallet that comes with new features like an app store and tools to manage NFTs and tokens.

Dark Country is another new member of the BGA and responsible for the latest record on WAX. Through a massive Airdrop of 461 494 Dark Country NFTs in 3 days, the WAX Network reached new highs of more than 1200 transactions per second, without any issues. After the 2nd sale stage, the next milestone for the game is the private alpha game version.

Another much anticipated event for the WAX Community is the launch of Topps on WAX, as it might bring lots of new users to the platform. Earlier this year the announcement of the Topps Partnership already caused much euphoria and a significant increase in the WAX token price. On the 12th of May we’ll finally see what WAX and Topps came up with and what a mainstream blockchain applications could look like. 

And in our final piece of WAX news, congratulations to WAX for placing 9th in the top 50 blockchain game companies rankings by Blockchaingamer.biz.

The BOSCore team’s passion for the interconnectivity of blockchains is obvious to anyone following the project. So it came as no surprise that they quickly got to work when the #EOSIOChallenge was announced, asking developers to run Ethereum smart contracts within an EOSIO smart contract.

Along with the introduction of their solution, which will be later integrated into the BOSCore Multi-Engine, they gave quite a bit of background information and presented potential scenarios where an Ethereum Smart Contract executed in the EOS-EVM might be very practical.

EOS-EVM solution enables the Ethereum community to “leverage the benefits of EOSIO” in a seamless way without the friction of transitioning Solidity code, which can attract more developers to the eos community. Deploying existing Solidity smart contracts to run in the EOS-EVM can be a great benefit to the community as a whole.”

You’ll also find a detailed walkthrough video for developers interested in using this new tool in the article. 

They’re also holding a special EOS-EVM Ask me Anything on Twitter, where BOSCore Blockchain Architect Deadlock will be available to answer any questions.

The ability to create stake-weighted polls has just been added to EOS Nation’s deWeb portal. This allows creators to accurately poll their community as token holders have their opinions counted according to the size of their stake.

Online services built on deWeb are different in that they can be developed, operated, and marketed by multiple and different parties in a permissionless and free market ecosystem. As a deWeb operator and marketer, EOS Nation’s deWeb portal allows users to easily generate a token that can be used to incentivize the growth of their community. Many community members have already done so and it’s clear that deWeb has struck a cord. 

Our EOS Nation Ambassador, Patrick Schmid, was one of the first users to try out the deWeb service by creating his NCO token. As the CEO of NovaCrypto, Patrick plans to leverage the deWeb platform to market and sell his upcoming EOSIO educational services. Check out his page for examples of the new stake-weighted polls.

It’s important to note that deWeb is still being built. We can expect more and more features to be released in the coming weeks and months. If you have any questions about deWeb, we encourage you to join our Telegram chat and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Shortly after Bitcoin (pBTC) arrived on EOS, Equilibrium added it as an option to generate EOSDT, which resulted in a significant increase of 100 Million in EOSDT supply

With new functionalities constantly being added to the Equilibrium Framework, the landing page underwent a complete overhaul that resulted in an all-in-one interoperable DeFi hub, where users can find new and old features neatly arranged.

New features include:

  • The ability to generate EOSDT with pBTC
  • A positions overview window
  • A product dashboard
  • A history section
  • And mobile compatibility

The section for BP Voting and the System Monitor got a nice facelift too, and now look better than ever. 

If you’re interested in the future of DeFi and want to learn more about Provable Things, the company behind pTokens and pBTC, check out their most recent community call with special guest Alex Melikhov, CEO of Equilibrium. 

During the call, Alex shared plans for an exciting new product, which will bring new opportunities for passive income to the token holders of multiple blockchains.

We also heard some interesting news from the pTokens side, such as an upcoming Hackathon. And now that we have pBTC on EOS, there could be a couple of fun ideas popping up from the EOSIO dev community.

Meanwhile, Equilibrium Governance has its first decision to make. The very first proposal suggests raising Equilibrium’s stable coin fee to 1.8%, and you’ll find the reasons why such an increase would make sense in the announcement article, along with instructions on how to vote.

Everipedia and TokenPocket announced a partnership and agreed to cooperate closely on bringing a rich blockchain experience to their users. While TokenPocket can definitely can boost the on-boarding process, as one of the most popular multi-chain wallets and dApp explorers, products like the Everipedia’s encyclopedia and the PredIQt knowledge market are representing rather sophisticated use-cases among the plethora of dApps. 

We’re looking forward to seeing the results of this partnership, which from our perspective seems like a perfect match.

While we already covered PredIQt in the previous Hot Sauce, we’d still like to share a short video guide by Jacques of EOS Discussions, demonstrating how easy it is to create your very own prediction market.

As more Emanate accounts are being created and more tracks are being uploaded, the Emanate team is creating a perfect storm scenario announcing a remix competition in cooperation with mau5trap, a rather huge deal in the EDM scene. The track to be remixed is Half Light by ATTLAS feat. Alisa Xayalith.  

If you feel like you’re up for the job, you’ll find all the necessary info on Emanate’s remix webpage.

The competition closes on June 5th.

It’s been a while since we visited the Prospectors world, and development is literally chugging along with the newly announced Railroad Projecttheir second public works project.

It will enable Prospectors Citizens to transport materials between the Wild West map and the Yukon map, meaning between the WAX and EOS instances of the game. 

And the newly introduced central storage functionality will provide each player with their own 12 cells located in plot -01/-01, which is especially good news for the so-called nomads, players who currently don’t rent a plot.

The central storage will also play an important role in collecting materials for the railroad construction, as it marks the spot where the future railroad station will be located.

Yet another new item was added to the Prospectors roadmap for 2020. The “Boomtowns” will bring additional opportunities and excitement to the game. 

How exactly this new feature will look is still a bit of a mystery. For now, we’ll leave you with the following quote:

“With proper planning, good execution, and a little luck, some adventurous prospectors may be able to secure their fortunes in gold, before the Boomtown becomes a ghost town.”

Now that the full release of the Anchor wallet is available, it’s time to get it integrated into dApps and interfaces throughout the ecosystem.

For that matter, Jesta of Greymass put out a new developer-focused demo to help show how Anchor and anchor-link can be used to create a multi-chain, multi-account, multi-device EOSIO application. 

Digging through the anchor-link-demo-multipass Github Repo we found that it’s not only been successfully tested on Anchor Desktop, but also on Anchor Mobile, which is currently in beta testing.

Haven’t heard about the Anchor wallet yet? Eosio.support published a practical overview to fill you in.

You’ve probably come across the occasional error message you didn’t understand while transacting on EOS. Thankfully, the dFuse team put together a helpful collection of the most frequent error messages occurring along with a translation and solution.

A very helpful contribution, making the life of end-users and EOSIO community managers easier.

Due to the current global virus situation, remote meetings and virtual reality has been able to attract many new users. 

Just as blockchain and crypto will bring change to the world of money and digital collectibles, VR and AR will redefine how education, collaborative design and meetings will happen.

The EOS VC funded company High Fidelity might be the most prominent VR project on EOSIO.

CEO Philip Rosedale was quoted, “we are not competing with the gaming industry, we are competing with airlines.”

With the new Weekly EOS.IO VR Meetup, Jana Schiffer of EOS Cafe gave the EOS Community a chance to meet in VR, explore the opportunities, discuss current topics, and listen to speakers and panels.

To participate, only the EngageVR app needs to be installed and VR sets are not necessary. 

As Jana says: “There is only one thing, you have to brew your own coffee and don’t forget your moon suit.”

Next Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 9th at 6 pm UTC.

On the agenda for this week:

  • Welcome & Intro
  • VR Collab Software and so-called “Social VR”
  • Introduction to EngageVR
  • The Missing Link between High Fidelity VR and EOS.io
  • “Microcontrollers with EOS.io Blockchain (IOT)” by cc32d9 | EOS Amsterdam
  • Networking & Chat 

If you’re interested in speaking at one of the future meetups or have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jana on her Twitter.

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