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StrengthEARN the network. Your stake, your rewards. 

There’s been a significant shift in how token holders indicate their respective meaning of value creation to Block Producers over the past few months. Share of inflation back to the token holders has now been largely normalized as a means to attract stake.

This development didn’t happen overnight. In an article EOS Nation published in May, we outlined the upcoming trend and introduced the idea of “Proxy as a Service.”

As a Block Producer, we are stewards of the ecosystem, and leaders in the implementation of token holder wishes. EOS Nation continuously strives to do what is best for token holders and the greater ecosystem.

With this in mind, we are excited to introduce the proxy4nation staking rewards.

Claim your share of inflation every 24 hours once you signed up for our proxy. Skip a claim period and donate the tokens back to EOS Nation – you are now in control of the inflation on the EOS Mainnet. If you prefer to automate the process, you can use the bloks.io EARN page, which will auto claim the rewards for you.

Your stake gets automatically directed to one of the two proxies (proxy4nation or proxy2nation), but once you’ve signed up, you’re free to switch to one or the other if you have a preference. 

The interNATIONal proxies aim to achieve a balance in the EOS ecosystem. Having ears on the ground across the world, we vote for those who bring value in a variety of ways, keeping an open mind about what constitutes value and what is needed at this time. We ensure that those who brought value in the past but are no longer doing so are not rewarded continuously.

There are many ways to create value as Block Producer in the EOSIO ecosystem: building tools, building community, creating educational content for users and developers, representing EOS in the wider blockchain space, and creating a welcoming environment for investors. 

Leading the coordination of the EOSIO 1.8 upgrade, we gathered further key insights into the operations of all Block Producers. We can assure token holders that each of our picks merits a place in our proxy.

StrengthEARN the network. Your stake, your rewards. 

CPU Congestion - FUD or FACT?


What is EOS network congestion? Why is my CPU usage suddenly sky high? To answer these questions we encourage you to read the article by Dexaran, an experienced developer currently stress testing the EOS network. Block Producers, along with Dexaran, have since discussed possible solutions. Block.one quickly confirmed they are working on improvements in this area and published an official blog post on the topic on October 5th.

Since Dexaran is engaging with the Block Producers and discussing possible solutions with the community, we consider Dexaran to be a white-hat hacker. In the end, Dexaran is simply simulating what would happen if a malicious attacker tried to stress the network in a similar fashion or what would happen when massively popular dApps come online. In both cases, the extra unused resources that are usually allocated for free to users are no longer available. This is leading users to wonder why they can’t use their accounts like they usually do and makes for a poor user experience.

The issue stems from the fact that many users have grown accustomed to using 1000x more resources than they actually own, thanks to a feature of EOSIO that enables access to unused network resources. At the same time, a large supply of resources is available on REX and allows anyone to buy 4500 EOS worth of CPU for 1 month for the cost of 1 EOS. Dexaran is buying a lot of EOS and using his resources to run scripts designed to use up system resources and is lowering everyone’s 1000x free multiplier to much lower levels.

For example, Bob the gamer usually does 1000 transactions per day playing EOS Knights on his mobile. Yesterday Bob was confused and frustrated that he could only do 1 transaction today. Aren’t EOS transactions suppose to be free? What’s going on? Was Bob lied to?

Bob wasn’t lied to, but he did get accustomed to the free 1000 transactions that the network was giving him when no one else was using it. So we understand why Bob the gamer is annoyed. No one likes being given something and then have it taken away from them. So where do we go from here?

First of all, we can modify EOSIO to allow users to at least be able to stake more CPU, or buy some from REX, even when they are maxed out on CPU. This will help users get “unstuck” from exhausted CPU and Block.one has already confirmed they are working on such an update.

Another possible solution would be lowering the 1000x free multiplier to something smaller, which would reduce the amount of free transactions given to users during periods of low network activity. If users don’t expect so many free transactions, they won’t be shocked to find out they don’t have any when the network is congested. But to what degree should we reduce the multiplier? Block Producers, developers and community members are discussing various options and we’re confident that we’ll find adequate solutions to these temporary issues. And with the new features of EOSIO 1.8 on the brink of being activated, soon Bob won’t need to worry about having any resources to play his games. dApp developers will have the ability to delegate CPU to their users.  

In the meantime, the white-hat wizard Dexaran wondered how the network would react in a situation of prolonged network congestion and wanted to collect some data. As expected, the sudden drastic increase in demand for the CPU resources led to an increase in CPU rental costs. You can visit chintai.io or eosrex.io to see the effect on the price of CPU when the stress-test began around October 2nd.

The community also reacted by innovating and implementing new solutions to help users who needed a bit of extra CPU. For example, EOS Nation added a CPU boost bonus to our daily proxy4nation voter rewards, and we’re happy to be able to help out our supporters in times of CPU need. Syed, from EOS Cafe Block, was also quick to get to work and implemented the ability to give CPU, to yourself or others, directly from Telegram through his tip bot!

The EOS public network is evolving and getting ready for a situation where the network is being heavily utilized. This is good for EOS!

Dexaran Article on EOSGO
Block.one article addressing the issue
B1 Improvements
Dexaran Warning Community of October 5th Stress-Test

EOS Telegram Bots

Much discussion and information exchange in the EOSIO world is happening on Telegram, and we’ve seen a couple of bots become very useful to manage the chat and keep bad actors and spammers out. We’ve seen some new and very practical EOS specific Telegram Bots emerge in the last week, which we want to introduce in this segment. 

Tipped is a Telegram Bot which was created by Syed and our friends at EOS Cafe Block, and is a simple method to send and receive EOS (and other tokens) using just your telegram account.  It’s a fun method to reward a user for a good comment or a funny meme. It doesn’t require leaving Telegram, and it makes your donation visible for everyone in the group.

On top of tipping tokens, this bot can also be used for lending CPU resources to an account that needs it! How amazing is that? Make sure to always leave a slice of EOS on your bot so you’ll be able to reward quality contributors on Telegram or use it to replenish your EOS account if it runs out of CPU. 

After first messaging @TippedBot on Telegram, users can charge their tipper account by sending tokens to the smart contract account “tippertipper” and then use tipper functions simply by contacting @TippedBot within Telegram.

However, it’s important to note that the security of this account is no more secure than your Telegram account, so we would not advise you to load a lot of funds on the bot. Even 0.1 EOS will give plenty of CPU for the majority of users during a network congestion event.

Bountyblok’s new Telegram Bot is also related to rewards, although those rewards are not distributed on Telegram. The bot is used to monitor activity in Telegram Groups and can filter specific hashtags or keywords, view media, sort by date, and more. For creators of Telegram challenges and contests, Bountyblok made it very easy to track social media activity. Join our EOS Nation Telegram group and you could have the chance to win a contest powered by Bountyblok!

Bloks  Telegram Tipper Bot article
Bloks CPU Help Telegram Channel
Boutyblok Telegram Bot 


The Wax Blockchain enables developers to quickly realize their ideas, and WaxPeer is a perfect example of how a seamless product, built on top of the Wax blockchain, can benefit from all the features provided by the WAX Service Layer. WaxPeer is a trading platform for CS:GO Skins, the very popular digital assets used in Counter Strike, which is one of the most popular First-Person-Shooter (FPS) games ever.

The WAXPeer platform allows many great features like:

  • Anonymity, speed, and safety
  • Low fees
  • Instant orders for selling, buying and renting
  • Deposit and cashout with cryptoassets
  • API availability

The platform can be easily accessed by the WAX All Access login, which recently extended the login options to Kakaotalk, a very popular chat app in Korea.

An alternate login option for your WAX Account is the Ledger and Scatter combination, which will allow you to stake, vote and earn rewards. The team released a quick and easy to follow video tutorial for those interested in staking. While you’re at it, please consider voting for EOS Nation! We’re known as “nation.wax” and really appreciate your support! 🙏

Incentives work! The clever reward structure has allowed WAX to achieve an impressive voter participation of more than 90%!

There are more great features in the pipeline for WAX and to get a good overview, we encourage you to watch the recent interview with WAX Strategic Advisor Malcolm CasSelle on MaxDApp’s popular Youtube Channel.

WaxPeer Website
How to link WAX and Scatter
MaxDapp’s recent interview with Malcolm CasSelle

EOS VC funds Verisart

Verisart is the second art verification project to receive funding from an EOS VC, after Alpha’a, which was funded earlier this year. This time it was EOS VC Galaxy Digital who led the seed financing that raised $2.5 million for Verisart.
Verisart applies blockchain technology to combine transparency, anonymity, and security to protect your records of creation and ownership.

With just 2 steps, a museum quality record, encrypted and timestamped, can be made for any object using a computer or mobile device. Verisart is building a new global standard for art certification and verification.

The funding will go toward expanding Verisart’s product and engineering team and will make it possible to launch a whole range of services aimed at artists, galleries and collectors.

Verisart’s CEO Robert Norton was quoted on Cointelegraph: “With this new round of funding, we’re able to scale our business and ramp up our partnership integrations. The art world is quickly realizing that blockchain provides a new standard in provenance and record-keeping and we’re looking forward to extending these services to the industry.”

Verisart has been pioneering verification of artworks already since 2015 and made history as the first company to apply blockchain technology to the physical art and collectibles market, as well as being the first blockchain certification provider on Shopify to offer digital certification for limited editions, artworks, and collectibles.

Verisart Funding in Techcrunch
Verisart Website
Alpha’a Press Release

Games Games Games

With over 10 million users, the TAPSONIC mobile game was a great success for NEOWIZ in 2011. The Korean Company has since released the VR version of the game, EOS Tapsonic VR, as the first EOS game available on Steam. Developed by our friends at EOS Seoul, EOS Tapsonic VR is an uplifting game that throws rhythmic blocks at you to smash them for points!

Players login with Scatter and the game tracks the result of each action on the EOS Public Network! In the article released by EOS Seoul, you’ll find detailed instructions and a video that gives an idea of the gameplay. But the game is best experienced in Virtual Reality!

Upland, the real estate collectible game with a twist, is entering the next chapter of their beta by introducing “Collections.” These groups of properties will have varying difficulty levels and will boost a player’s UPX earnings when completed. New features and new collectibles combined with solid graphics and innovative gameplay is exactly the type of progress we like to see in EOS-based games!

While the Upland Real Estate NFTs are made to trade, other NFTs can be designed to be never tradable. Through their open-source standard for digital goods on EOSIO, Simple Assets, Cryptolions now also supports Non-Transferable Tokens (NTTs). The new standard was requested by game developers for two main use-cases. It can be used to assign awards and trophies to specific users and can also grant official licenses and certificates. This also opens the door to other creative use-cases for NTTs and we can’t wait to see what EOSIO developers cook up next! Kudos to Cryptolions for expanding on Simple Assets and listening to the needs of developers.

A quick reminder came from the Rocketbattles team as they still have a couple of early access spots left for their game. Sign up is easy on their website and just requires a bit of creativity to come up with a unique battle motto. Each account that signs up for early access is eligible for their giveaway of 1000 Rocket Tokens.

EOS Seoul Article about EOS TAPSONIC VR
Upland introducing Collections
Cryptolions’ Non-Transferable Tokens (NTTs)
Ultra announces first 3 Block Producers
Ultra Interview with GenerEOS
Win 1000 Rocket tokens

WordProof 2.0

WordPress is nowadays the most used toolset for building a website. Thanks to WordProof 2.0, all of its users can soon easily protect their content from intellectual property theft using the EOSIO Blockchain. The update allows users to choose between automatic or manual timestamping.

The WordProof approach here is to make the use of blockchain less scary and more user-friendly. Onboarding is simple: all you need to do is add a plugin to your WordPress website. The power of time-stamped content was well described by Ashe Oro, stating that “blockchain-based timestamping will separate the truth-tellers from the opportunists.”

The heart of each account is the new MyWordproof interface. And the first 10 timestamps are free to use, so everyone can check out the process without having to make a financial commitment.

Some features you’ll find there are:

  • List of all your timestamps
  • Downloadable blockchain certificates
  • WordProof Copyright Infringement Letter Tool

WordProof is doing big things and we included a couple of videos and an article for those who want to learn more!

WordProof Tutorial Video
How to use ur EOS or TELOS Account with MyWordproof
WordProof 2.0 Update Article

Community Corner

EOSIO Dapps Telegram is hosting a Rap Battle and Roast Competition! 

Diss your favourite EOS personality or project and win prizes in EOS, BG (thanks to Big.Game) and other tokens. Also, expect loads of tips from our generous community! 

“I gave negativity a creative outlet and made riches” – Ja Rule 

Participants are suggested to write a short rap verse or non-rhyming roast. But submissions of any length and format will be accepted. Just make sure your diss is relevant to EOS and its community.

Entries will be judged on wit, savageness, humour, and even cringeworthiness (if it’s so-bad-it’s-good). Just like with real rappers of today, talent and rhyme-skills are completely optional! 🥇🥈🥉

Drop your sick lines in chat, or tweet and link to them. Make sure an admin acknowledges your submission to be included in the contest. 

The competition will end on October 16, 2019. The winners will be announced and awarded their prizes after the judging is complete. 

Early entry from NSJames
Fantastic music video by mBlu Crypto
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