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Block.one Hackatons, SEC Settlement

The EOSIO Global Hackathon Series hosted a series of inspiring events during the last year and laid the foundation for many interesting projects and connections to be forged. Many expected Block.one to continue this initiative, and we saw a video released last week that showed precious moments of previous hackathons, while explaining how they plan to evolve the concept.

The new Motto here is “Host. Partner. Attend.” and brings many opportunities to everyone in the EOSIO community. It’s an open call to follow the example Block.one gave in the previous year and aims to further decentralize the EOSIO community and diversify how the developer community wants to grow while catering to what is most needed in their specific region.

In other Block.one news, the company announced they’ll open their new US Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, as their fourth global site. After successful cooperation with the State of Virginia and the educational hub Virginia Tech, it seems Block.one is happy to deepen their presence in the region and is reportedly committed to creating 170 high-skills jobs in Arlington over the next three years.

“We are excited to be setting up Arlington, Virginia as our U.S. headquarters. The region boasts a rich combination of security, engineering, and IT skills that we seek, and its proximity to the nation’s capital positions us close to the policy innovation around digital assets and distributed ledger technology in the U.S,” said Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer. “This expansion opens up important new avenues of talent expansions for us at a time when there is rapidly increasing demand for blockchain-based technologies.”

Clearly, Block.one is intending to further expand their workforce and it will be exciting to think about the highly skilled talent that Block.one is attracting. Some of this talent is highlighted in a video series that portraits individuals already hired by Block.one. In the most recent episode we had the chance to meet Greg (Vice-President of Engineering) and Joe (Product Owner) as they describe their roles and why they love what they do.

Our final piece of Block.one news has quickly echoed around the crypto world! As posted on the Block.one blog:

“Block.one has reached a civil settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) in connection with the company’s sale of an ERC-20 token between June 26, 2017 and June 1, 2018. Under the settlement, Block.one will pay a one-time fine of US$24 million, whilst neither admitting nor denying the SEC’s findings.”

This is actually very good news for Block.one, EOSIO and consequently, the EOS public network!  Marco Santori tweet stormed a good overview of the settlement while Katherine Wu from Notation Capital did a great job breaking down the legal documents with simple annotations in a way that makes the situation easy to understand. This is good news for the entire crypto space and we expect it to get a lot of attention in the coming days!

Host. Partner. Attend. Video
EOSIO Hackathon Sign up
Block.one New US Headquarters
Greg and Joe from Block.one
Block.one SEC Settlement Blog Post
Reg D/A No Action Letter from SEC
Crypto Twitter Thread @mantoriESQ
Katherine Wu Dissecting the Settlement

Korea Blockchain Week

The Blockchain Week in Seoul just started and of course, the EOS community is being well represented! There is an EOS meetup on October 2nd that promises to showcase some of the most interesting projects currently building in our ecosystem. The motto of the meetup is “Bringing Blockchain to the Masses” so it should come as no surprise to anyone that the team from LiquidApps will be present to discuss their scaling solutions that allow developers to think big on a small budget.

Block.one’s Voice project will also be introduced during the meetup by special guest Brittany Kaiser from #ownyourdata. You might know her from the great Netflix Documentary “The Great Hack” where she plays a major role as a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower. With her knowledge and experience, we think she’s a perfect fit to explain the massive potential of a decentralized social network that Voice aims to be.

As a third speaker, the event will host Raman Blindish from IWAD and Blockstart who will surely have many interesting insights to share. A staple in the EOS community, Raman manages one of the biggest proxies, is a well-known Youtuber and played a key role in onboarding 750,000 users via LiquidAccounts onto the EOS public network.

The event is sure to be one of the highlights of the Korean Blockchain Week since it’s organized by EOSNodeOne’s Hahn Ryu, who organized the first EOS Community Conference in Seoul, which was a great success. Well known international crypto influencers such as Ivan on Tech announced that they are excited to attend as well.

Just in time for the event, the LiquidApps team released DSP 2.0, which brings improvements to the software run by every node in the DAPP Network.

Some of the highlights of DSP 2.0 include:

  • LiquidAccounts, LiquidScheduler, and LiquidOracles have all been upgraded to Beta
  • Third-party staking is now supported, so DAPP token holders can stake to developer teams they want to support
  • DSPs can now resume from the latest block, deduplicate service request delivery, and disable and re-enable service packages
  • Multi-DSP support has been enhanced, solidifying the ability of dApps to use redundant providers for maximum confidence

There’s much more detailed in their release article, which we highly recommend reading! We continue to be impressed by the quality of work delivered by the LiquidApps team and we wish them a great time in Seoul!

EOS Nation is proud to be a DAPP Network DSP! Visit our DSP Portal (dsp.eosnation.io) or email us (info@eosnation.io) for more information on how we can help scale your dApp on the EOS public network!

EOS Community Meetup in Seoul
Ivan on Tech Confirms His Presence
Brittany Kaiser - The Great Hack trailer
DSP 2.0 Release Article

WAX Hive, WAX Rewards, EOS Nation Top 21

The WAX Developer Hive went live last week and now provides additional tools as well as an all-inclusive knowledge base for anyone that wants to build a WAX-based application. WAX continues to streamline the process from idea to launch and we are sure their developer hive will soon be filled with buzzing working bees! WAX stands for “Worldwide Asset Exchange” and has created the infrastructure and tools that are needed to tap into the $50 billion economy of goods.

In the hive you will find:

  • Quickstarts
  • Tutorials
  • Topics & Reference
  • Release Notes
  • API Reference
  • Troubleshooting and more!

Besides taking good care of the developers, the concept of the WAX ecosystem has also created many incentives for token holders and there are several rewards that can be claimed. From staking rewards to GBM rewards for dedicated early WAX investors, we encourage you to go over the detailed tutorial by EOS Amsterdam that explains each of the rewards and how to claim them.

Finally, we are proud to announce that EOS Nation has been officially voted in as a Top 21 Guild on WAX! We are happy to be producing blocks and securing the WAX network!

Thank you to all the EOS Nation supporters!

WAX Developer Hive
WAX Rewards Tutorial

Privacy Projects Updates

The PrivEOS project by Slant seems to be all set for the launch of its services to allow private data on the blockchain. Building up momentum for their launch, the team released a couple of articles so the community can learn more about what’s about to come and dig into the underlying concepts of PrivEOS. They shared a full breakdown and explanation on Steemit and published a getting started guide for developers on GitHub.

PrivEOS will have a token that allows the network to govern and organize itself, as well as allowing for the automation of costs and payments among all participating parties. But the PrivEOS token will be private, meaning there won’t be an airdrop or airgrab. In the Steemit article, the team explained why they’ve made this decision and what will be the functionalities of the token. The tokenomics bring innovation in the form of a token that has a claim on the income generated from the privEOS network, as well as having permanent rights attached to them.

BlockBase, an EU funded project making blockchain privacy possible through side chains, is making great progress. On October 8th, 2019, exactly one year after the team started with development, the 1st portion of their token will be distributed. Out of a total 100M tokens, 45M will be distributed through an airgrab model stretching over 24 months, giving each token holder the opportunity to grab monthly. The team put a countdown on their website where you can find a lot of other useful information about the project.

While PrivEOS and BlockBase are working on privacy and security of data, PEOS is taking care of private and untraceable payments. Their team is also preparing for the launch on the EOS public network tentatively set for the 15th of October.

PrivEOS Tokenomics
Getting Started with PrivEOS for Developers
BlockBase Token Distribution
BlockBase Airgrab Countdown
PEOS Launch Announcement

ChainRift Standby Testing

Standby Block Producers play an important role in the security of the network.  They need to be ready to produce blocks in case Block Producers in the higher ranks get voted out or need to unregister their node for technical reasons. Teams in the standby position earn vote rewards so that they can afford to maintain their infrastructure to be ready when needed.

The recently passed updated “regproducer” MSIG proposal by EOS42 included a clause indicating the intention to test Standby Block Producers. A few months ago several proxies created the EOS Voter Bounty (EVB) program to finance various developments, including the ability to test Standby BPs on the EOS public network. ChainRift EOS was selected and supported through Vote Pay to develop such a mechanism a couple of months ago. Last week they presented their solution and released their code for review on Github. The team deserves extra credit since they continued their work and delivered the code as promised even though the EVB votes were not enough to keep them at a paid position. This shows integrity as well as a desire to invest in the EOS public network. In their release article, they documented the process and also gave ideas on the next steps needed.

The code is in testing for now, but we hope that soon the EOS Public Network will have a mechanism to test the reliability of its standby Block Producers.

Thank you ChainRift for this valuable contribution to the EOS public network!

Original EOS Voter Bounty Proposal
ChainRift EOS sBP Rotation Article
Random Standby Solution on Github
ChainRift EOS Website


IBC stands for Inter-Blockchain Communication and it was one of the first contributions from BOSCore to the EOSIO Ecosystem. Looking back, it can be seen as a great symbolic gesture, as it connected BOS to EOS for communication and exchange. Months later, BOS proved itself again by continuing to deliver and test code such as the 3 sec LIB and the WPS system, both of which could potentially be ported to other EOSIO networks.

With the successful upgrade of the EOS public network to EOSIO 1.8, BOSCore released their IBC 2.1.0. and with it provided ibc-plugin-eos, and ibc-plugin-bos for developers interested in using the solution or running a relay node.

A great performance on all levels by BOS, which was recently added to the marketcap.one website.

BOS IBC for EOSIO v1.8 Article
BOS Listed on marketcap.one

Drife IEO

DRIFE, a decentralized Ride sharing dApp built on EOSIO, will be selling some of their tokens on the Shortex Exchange on the 5th of October. DRIFE, which hails from India, is hoping to gain a competitive edge through the offering of market-dictated pricing while taking no commission. The team advised interested investors to register an account on Shortex before the IEO goes live. EOS Nation Ambassador, Debraj Ghosh, is part of the dedicated team at DRIFE. We wish the whole team the best of luck for this milestone and further development of DRIFE!

DRIFE Website

HireVibes Monthly Update

The HireVibes teams shared their monthly summary of activity on their platform and we’re happy to report their continued growth in the global recruitment industry. While the platform is still in alpha, important data points are being generated, which are used for further improvements and optimizations.

The platform generated $23,341 worth of HVT as rewards from its 8 successful hires. Those are broken down into:

  • Candidate and referral rewards: $13,617 worth of HVT
  • HireVibes Community: $5,835 worth of HVT
  • Charity: $3,889 worth of HVT

Recent updates to the platform includes the new HireVibes Wallet, which allows a smoother interaction for the users on the application, as well as bringing some interesting modifications to the reward system.

The HireVibes team is following their roadmap and they plan to introduce HireVibes Staking and share more details regarding the HireVibes Community Portal (HireVibes DAC) in the next update.

HireVibes Monthly Report
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