dotGems’ EOS Fan Art Challenge & Featured Artist: GBK

We’re one week into the EOS Fan Art Challenge and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from within our community so far. The goal of this challenge is to include as much talent as possible for our first sale on EOS. We’re going to continue reaching out to artists and also wanted to share a small update on how things are going.

EDIT: Deadline for submissions has been finalized. Artists have until Wednesday March 10th to submit their designs to

But first a recap:

The EOS Fan Art Creative Challenge is an open call for artists to design a Chestahedron, the geometric body that was chosen as a symbol for the EOS community. 

While participants are granted total freedom of expression, their work needs to remain within the shape of a canvas we’ve provided in the instructions PDF.  You can also download the PSD file with only the canvas if that is easier for you.

We got the shapes, you bring the looks! We can’t wait to showcase a rich and diverse collection that is representing the creative energy within the EOS community.

Through Diversity, Strength Emerges

Selected art will be part of the very first NFT pack sale on the EOS Mainnet, which is sure to be a historic event! It’s a great opportunity for a diverse set of artists to showcase their talents to the EOS community as we continue to promote this collection, the sale, and all participants. Participating artists will earn 50% of the revenue generated by the collection. dotGems will also be contributing some pieces to the collection.

So why hesitate? Download the PDF and get creative!

Accepted submissions will be rendered into animated 3D chestahedrons that can be owned and passed on for generations. We’ve done a little test run with a few scribbles that we wanted to share here, so you can have a clearer idea about what we’re planning to do with your design. Submit your 2D designs and be part of our collection! Submissions can be still images or animated.

NFTs have the potential to democratize the creative industry and world of fine arts, by lowering the barrier of entry for both collectors and creatives. However, promoting artworks has become a daily hustle and especially now that we are officially in hype territory there’s a lot of noise.

At dotGems, promoting new and upcoming talent and discovering the occasional hidden gem is a core part of our mission. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re thinking about publishing your work as an NFT on EOS or WAX, we’re here to help.

dotGems Featured Artist: GBK

During our artist reach out we’ve already come across a bunch of great artists. One, in particular, was the perfect fit to be included in our upcoming sale, as he has been designing artworks that feature the Chestahedron for a while already.

GBK is an absolute pro when it comes to digital art and design and has been a supporter of EOS since the very start. Some of you might have seen his breathtaking renders of the Chestahedron being shared across social media. Check out some of his works on Instagram and give him a follow if you like it!

We’re happy to announce that GBK will be the 1st feature in our dotGems Artist of the Month series and we’ll be releasing a special collection of GBK’s stunning artworks in tandem with the EOS Fan Art Packs.

We’re very excited about this collaboration! L
eading up to the sale we’ll publish an interview with GBK so that collectors can learn more about his career and the history behind these very special pieces.

Unleashing the Potential of NFTs on EOS

Like we did for the Vancity Outbreak Episode 2 release, we will once again prepare a virtual exhibition for both of these NFT releases. Once the exhibition is open you’ll be able to enter the metaverse and experience selected works in VR and potentially win some rare NFTs by participating in various promo activities that will soon be announced.

Stay tuned for more information and follow dotGems on Twitter to stay up to date on all our activities!

Want to learn more about dotGems? Catch up on  what we’ve been up to in Vol. 1 Issue #1 of dotGems Monthly and make sure to claim your free dotGems Monthly Cover NFT from the drop link at the end of the article. Each account can only claim one and holders of this NFT may earn future drops in the future! 😉

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