Create a Proxy Account with  — EOS Nation Tutorial

Create a Proxy Account with — EOS Nation Tutorial

Advanced Account Actions Disclaimer: This content contains advanced EOS account features and actions which must be taken with extreme caution. We strongly suggest you practice these actions on a test account with a minimal balance. DO NOT perform any of these actions without first fully understanding and accepting the risks. Errors may result in losing access to the account.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can easily turn any EOS account into a proxy account by using the wallet tools on

A proxy account manages voting rights and chooses BP candidates on behalf of subscribed accounts. If you don’t know who to vote for but trust a certain community members’ judgment, an option you have is to proxy your vote to them. Interested in managing your own proxy? Follow this EOS Nation Tutorial and easily convert your EOS account into a proxy account.

Step 1 — Login

First log into the EOS account that you want to convert into a proxy account.

Step 2 — Create Proxy

Go to the wallet tab and look for “proxies” under “list of tools”. Here you have the option to “create and delete a proxy” as well as “register or unregister a proxy.” Click create or delete proxy. Now click on “Create Proxy” and this will pull up a regproxy action.

Go to “Wallet”
Under Proxies — Click “Create/Delete Proxy”

To add details to your proxy account such as display name, background information, website and social media links you will need to click on “Register Proxy”.

To add proxy details- click “Register Proxy”

Step 3 — Lookup your Proxy

EOS Vote Proxy Research Portal – Aloha EOS

To look up your proxy, go to the aloha EOS Proxy Research Portal. Of course, our sample proxy will have minimal information, but looking up our interNATIONal Proxy you can see all our proxy information: account name “Proxy4nation”, the amount of proxied EOS, its decay, our philosophy & background, our current candidate votes as well as all the individual proxied accounts.

EOS Nations’ interNATIONal Proxy

If you have questions, please reach us on Telegram:

Proxy your vote to PROXY4NATION

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