EOS Nation’s October 2021 WAX Report

EOS Nation and .gems have been working on a bunch of WAX-related activities this month and we are happy to give you a little overview.

Introducing .gems Discovery TV

The frequency of interesting and valuable NFT drops on the WAX Blockchain has increased a lot over the year. 

So much so that we couldn’t fit the load into our weekly Hot Sauce publication.

To give justice to the vivid creativity on WAX, the .gems team launched the .gems discovery format. 

On a weekly live stream, we’ll introduce a curated selection of WAX NFT releases to our audience on Twitch and YouTube. Shows are scheduled every Wednesday at 16:00 UTC and live viewers will have multiple chances to participate in engaging activities such as games, raffles and giveaways. 

Join us to discover diamonds in the rough and nifties in the wild.


Introducing WAX Audio NFTs on the Metaverse Music Festival

The .gems team has been actively building bridges to communities across all blockchains, advocating for the benefits of WAX-based NFTs to the wider crypto community. 

This work is now paying off, as the .gems team was chosen to become one of the major stages for the Metaverse Music Festival. The main focus of the stage is to promote major WAX Audio NFT projects such as Yoshidrops and cXc Music. 

Throughout the whole event, there will also be a live VR Graffiti Session taking place presented and managed by the VRGB team and resulting in a special edition VRGB NFT sale on WAX.

Check out the 1st draft of our schedule:

We believe that fine arts should have a place on WAX and will continue to introduce established artists to the ecosystem. In order to do so, art curation is key and therefore we’ve launched the .gems marketplace, a place to discover curated art and high-quality collectibles.

The .gems marketplace entered public beta and we will continue to improve and add new features over time.

Join us live in the metaverse

Live events: .gems' Cryptovoxel NFT Galleries

We continue to promote WAX NFTs on our Metaverse Galleries Events each week. 

We also featured BluDAC, the newest addition to the WAX DeFi Toolkit comes from the BluDAC, in a recent EOS Hot Sauce Live Stream.

BluDAC’s mission is to bring more liquidity to the various tokens on the WAX Blockchain. 

To participate a BluDAC membership NFT is required. These memberships have a limited supply and the price increases per mint number. 

Holders of the BluDAC membership NFT then can provide liquidity on Alcor with the BLU Token matching the respective amount of a wide selection of other tokens.

Daniel Keyes

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Daniel earned a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in 2009 and worked as a chase producer intern at Global TV.

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