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Eden Election Recap

Eden Community Website https://genesis.eden.eoscommunity.org/

Eden Election Live Stream Recording: http://bitly.ws/hn5h

Playlist of all Eden Election sessions: http://bitly.ws/hmZU

EdenOS Roadmap http://bitly.ws/hn45

Cryptowriter Roundtable: http://bitly.ws/hn3T

First Official Chief Delegates Intro http://bitly.ws/hn3M

Aaron Cox: Sharing Pieces of a Larger Vision http://bitly.ws/hn6m

Anchor Wallet now on all platforms http://bitly.ws/hn6vhttps://create.anchor.link/

Violet Garden on EOS

Violet Garden on EOS https://violet.garden/home

Interview with John Williamson http://bitly.ws/hn7m

Voice Transactions on EOS Mainnet http://bitly.ws/hn7Q

EOS Foundation Recognition Grants

$1.1m in support of the EOS DeFi ecosystem! https://twitter.com/EosNFoundation/status/1449160481961390084

100,000 EOS grant to the ClarionOS team https://bloks.io/msig/larosenonaka/clarion

Blu DAC - DeFi on WAX

Byron’s Halloween Blends

Metaverse Music Fest


Emanate Playlists Intro Article http://bitly.ws/hnaM

Emanate Youtube Channel: http://bitly.ws/hn9g

Merijns Kavelaars NFT Drop

Merijn Kavelaars Intro Article https://eosnation.io/merijn-kavelaars/

Merijn Kavelaars Video Interview https://youtu.be/MggU1M8JOLE

Merijn Kavelaars Drop Details https://eos.atomichub.io/drops/81+82

User Onboarding Guide – How to become an NFT Collector https://support.dotgems.io/

Heidi Taillefer Raffle

Heidi Taillefer Metaverse Exhibition https://www.cryptovoxels.com/parcels/4159

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Art Cologne Drop

The .gems team is proud to announce yet another cooperation that brings more fine art NFTs to the WAX ecosystem. In partnership with Provinz Editionen, leading publishers of contemporary fine art editions and multiples, we’ve launched provinz.digital.

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