EOS Hot Sauce NFT Collection: Spicy Rares 🌶

EOS Nation is excited to announce Season 1 of the Spicy Rare NFT promotion!

Spicy Rare NFTs are going to be given away to live chat participants during the weekly YouTube Premiere of the EOS Hot Sauce every Sunday at 12 pm ET. These limited edition Spicy Rare NFTs are sure to look great in any collection and can even earn collectors additional prizes and unlock higher-level NFTs!  On top of that, this week we are also giving away 5 unopened GPK Exotic card packs so you’ll want to make sure you tune in!

The EOS Hot Sauce Collection is designed by our in-house artist and Regional Director of Asia, Martin Breuer. We hope our community enjoys this fun promotion which tries to showcase the power of NFTs and how they can be leveraged in various creative ways.

Make sure to read the full contest details which explains how to sign up for this promotion and enter the weekly giveaways.

This week to highlight the recent hype surrounding NFTs and celebrate the exciting launch of the GPK Goes Exotic series, we decided to add a bunch of unopened GPK Goes Exotic card packs to our EOS Hot Sauce Giveaway! To be precise, we are giving away 1x unopened GPK Exotic MEGA Pack and 4x unopened GPK Exotic Standard Packs on Sunday July 19th during the YouTube Premiere of the EOS Hot Sauce #64!

Make sure to sign up and join us live to have a chance at winning some Spicy Rares and GPK packs! Instructions on how to join the giveaway will be shared during the Premiere. All of these giveaways are done through YouTube so make sure you subscribe to the EOS Nation YouTube Channel and click the bell to be notified when we go live!

Good luck NFT collectors and see you Sunday!

Upcoming EOS Hot Sauce YouTube Premiere Giveaway - Get Your Spicy Rares!

Time: Sunday July 19th , 12 pm ET (16h00 UTC)

Location: EOS Nation YouTube Channel

Prizes (10): 5x Spicy Rares, 1x GPK Exotic MEGA Pack, 4x GPK Exotic Standard Packs

EOS Hot Sauce Giveaway Details - How to Enter & How to Win!

Signup for the Spicy Rare Giveaways: In order to join our Season 1 giveaways, users need to take a few seconds to sign up via this simple form. We will need your YouTube screen name, your email address and your WAX account name. This will allow us to identify and contact you in case you win a giveaway prize! Users must always use the same WAX account when claiming NFTs.

Entering the weekly giveaway: In order to enter a giveaway on a specific week, you must be present in the live chat during that live Premiere. Follow the instructions in the live chat to participate and make sure to join on time to not miss your chance!

Announcing winners:  EOS Nation will announce all the winners in the live chat at the end of the Premiere and also post the winners list as a video comment. Winners will be contacted shortly after the end of the Premiere and awarded their prize (Spicy Rare NFTs, unopened GPK Exotic packs or other prizes).

Other Prizes Coming Soon: Stay tuned to our social media as we announce other prizes related to the Spicy Rares.

HINT: If you win a Spicy Rare, make sure you don’t transfer or trade it as that might disqualify it from counting towards other prizes. Details announced next week!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please reach out, we love to hear from you. Email us at info@eosnation.io or find us on social media! 

Past EOS Hot Sauce Giveaway Winners

EOS Hot Sauce #64 – July 19  (To Be Determined)

  • TBD (Spicy Rare)
  • TBD (Spicy Rare)
  • TBD (Spicy Rare)
  • TBD (Spicy Rare)
  • TBD (Spicy Rare)
  • TBD (unopened GPK Goes Exotic Standard Pack)
  • TBD (unopened GPK Goes Exotic Standard Pack)
  • TBD (unopened GPK Goes Exotic Standard Pack)
  • TBD (unopened GPK Goes Exotic Standard Pack)
  • TBD (unopened GPK Goes Exotic MEGA Pack)

EOS Hot Sauce #63 – July 12

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