EOS Hot Sauce #70 – Uplift.art & mBluCrypto’s Creative Philanthropy, the Ultimate Guide to Ultra and the DAPP Network Bridge to Ethereum Activation Party!

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Uplift.art: mBluCrypto's Creative Philanthropy

mBluCrypto has been on fire lately! It’s impossible to watch the latest video about this weekend’s 72 hour charity NFT auction without smiling. Try it, we dare you!

mBluCrypto has been a pillar of the EOS community and a source of relentless positivity for the last 3 years. A few weeks ago, mBluCrypto created a beautiful NFT inspired by our very own EOS Nation CEO Yves La Rose. Since then, mBlu has continued to create these fantastic art piece NFTs to commemorate this period in EOS history. The guys from the Greatest Everything EOS Podcast Episode Ever were next to be immortalized as art on NFTs and since then a few lucky community members have been turned into NFT art, including our passionate EOS Nation Ambassador Patrick Schmid and our CCO and co-founder Stéphane Bisson. On behalf of the entire team at EOS Nation, thank you mBlu Crypto for everything that you do! Your support means a lot to us and the EOS community is lucky to have you!

These beautiful NFTs are great, but it gets better! All of the income generated by mBluCrypto uplift.art auctions serves as revenue for his legally registered blockchain-based charity. Make sure to visit uplift.art to learn more about his creative philanthropic approach. 

His latest project consists of a 72 hour auction for the release of his “My Bitcoin Bull” (MBB) music video NFT. Yes, you heard that right. mBlu Crypto composed a great song, animated a sweet video for it and then put it all on an NFT! How amazing is that? mBlu Crypto is combining art, philanthropy and cutting edge blockchain technology to express himself in an artistic way, do good in the world and promote blockchain adoption. Wow! We need more mBlu Cryptos in this world!!

Show your support for mBlu by joining this weekend’s charity auction:

  • 72 hours duration starting on Friday August 28th at 2200 UTC
  • Minimum 30 WAXP bid to enter (USD$ 1.46 at time of writing) 
  • All bids win a copy of the My Bitcoin Bull (MBB) NFT music video
  • All bids have a chance to win 1/9 Special Edition Uplifter Blockchain Hero
  • All bids have a chance to win 1 of 18 MBB Remix & 1 of 6 MBB Gold 
  • Top 3 bids after each 24-hour period win 1 of 18 MBB Remix
  • Top 3 bids after 72 hours win 1 of 6 MBB Gold
  • Grand Prize: Top bid after 72 hours win 1 of 1 Ultra Rare Original MBB

The auction goes live just a few hours after the publication of the EOS Hot Sauce and can be found on uplift.art. Good luck to all the NFT collectors that are participating this weekend!

The Ultimate Guide to Ultra

Thank you very much to the Ultra community members that welcomed us last week as we officially joined the network. We’re ecstatic to be here and it’s been wonderful connecting with Ultra enthusiasts across the globe: in Telegram, Twitter, our YouTube live chat, on the KOGs and WAX Discord chats, it’s clear that Ultra fans are everywhere. Some sent the EOS Nation Founders a welcome message while others taught us that “Ultra is Life”. 

If you are new to Ultra, we would like to highlight a great guide that was created by CryptoMick, a self-proclaimed blockchain and gaming enthusiast who is also  a brand evangelist for Ultra. CrypoMick created an incredibly useful resource for anyone looking to find out more about the network.

The Ultimate Guide to Ultra is divided into 10 sections and contains everything a newcomer could possibly need:

  1. Quick reads to get you started.
  2. Visual introduction of the platform.
  3. The UOS Token- Supply, Allocations, use cases
  4. The Ultra Blockchain
  5. The Ultra Games Platform
  6. Ultra’s big partnerships
  7. In-depth content and community reviews
  8. Video content
  9. Other Announcements
  10. Community Updates

While the Ultra platform is certainly going to be appealing for gamers, right now the focus is on giving the necessary tools for game developers to build out amazing games. The Ultra team has attended all major gaming events around the world and have onboarded more than 150 developers and publishers keen to release their game on Ultra.

The Ultra SDK, announced this week, is a key piece of the platform that will allow designers to accelerate their game development and focus on what makes their games unique. Some of the highlights of the SDK include:

  • Create games for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation
  • Feature parity with Steam
  • Ability to enhance current Ultra, XBox, Playstation or Steam games with blockchain technologies, including the powerful Ultra NFTs
  • Transparent, free blockchain account creation
  • Private key security and recovery
  • Blockchain data access
  • Management of user’s blockchain NFT inventory
  • Direct blockchain interactions
  • Easy porting of current Steam, Xbox, Switch and Playstation games

LiquidApps' Bridge to Ethereum Activation Party

The LiquidApps’ DAPP Network is ready to activate a bridge between the DAPP Network and Ethereum! During the first weekend of September 2020 DSPs will work together to activate this cross-chain bridge between the Kylin testnet and an Ethereum testnet. EOS Nation has been preparing its own DSP to participate in the event.

Two major collaborative steps are going to be undertaken during the weekend, starting with the bridge activation and then stress-testing the bridge while hunting for some bug bounties.

“The DAPP Network is an advanced, robust layer-2-Plus technology (layer-2 is old news…), that has the potential to catapult Ethereum towards enterprise-grade scale. dApps on Ethereum are perfect candidates for its native oracles, IPFS hosting, dApp-specific chains and other features in addition to enabling cheaper transactions with higher throughput. LiquidLink’s initial release marked the DAPP Network’s first foray into Ethereum interoperability.”

Are there specific tokens you would like to see on Ethereum? Reach out to the team on Telegram and make sure to let them know! Those looking to learn more about interoperability and how the DAPP Networks tools and services minimize development efforts can tune in to this DAPP Talk conversation with Zack Gall and Nathan Rempel.

It’s never been more exciting to be a part of the DAPP Network community than right now and it’s only getting better from here!

State of DeFi on EOS: USDT Needed? USDT Coming!

This week EOS Nation CEO Yves La Rose posted an article on Voice asking the community to “Bblow a kiss for DeFi on EOS” and the community responded in force! We asked everyone to retweet our tweet while tagging your favourite exchanges to let them know that we want to see more ways to bring USDT on EOS.

Thanks to your engagement, it is one of our best performing tweets!

A few days later, Bitfinex’s CTO Paolo Ardoino took notice of the increased USDT activity on EOS and said that “It calls for a chain swap.” and it sounds like we are all going to get what we want: more USDT on EOS!  

As mentioned in past episodes of the EOS Hot Sauce, EOS users on Defibox have been locking up a big portion of the available USDT into the Defibox liquidity pools. By providing liquidity, these users can earn their share of the trading fees generated by the liquidity pools while also earning some BOX governance tokens. The process of earning governance tokens in exchange for providing liquidity is what referred to as “yield farming”.

Non-mobile users of Defibox will be happy to learn that the desktop version is now ready to be accessed through your web browser at Defibox.io. Also, shortly after the release of their desktop version, BOX announced the exciting news of getting listed across 4 exchanges at the same time. BOX tokens can now be traded on Newdex, WhaleEx, BigOne and Hoo.

While Defibox is a relatively new project that has injected some excitement and energy in the world of EOS DeFi, it’s important to highlight that established DeFi projects like Equilibrium continue to build out their product suites and continue to establish meaningful partnerships within the ecosystem. This week Wombat highlighted their Equilibrium integration by publishing a short guide showcasing how users can start earning interest directly from within the wallet.

All Eyes On Effect.ai

Effect.ai is sizzling hot at the moment! CEO Chris Dawe invited old and new community members to a special Moon edition AMA, where he answered many questions regarding the recently announced Effect DAO structure as well many other interesting developments. 

While the whole AMA is worth to watch, let us look at the key takeaways.

  • Staking of EFX will not end with the creation of the Effect DAO, only the distribution of the governance token (NDX) will be finished by then. Moving forward the Stake AGE (how long EFX is staked) will become more important.
  • An ERC20 bridge for the EFX token is about to be implemented, to gain more liquidity and to simplify purchasing EFX for users unfamiliar with EOS. However, the main features of the EFX token will only be available on the EOS network.
  • The team recently won the EOS name auction for the .efx premium account and is looking at innovative ways to integrate the premium accounts in the future.
  • Kraft Heinz, currently the most prominent client utilizing the Effect Translate service, is impressed with the results achieved and the cooperation will enter the next phase.

Effect Translate is a service built on the Effect Network (TEN) however, there are many other opportunities to utilize the system Effect.ai has built. The team is currently in talks with several other parties that have shown an interest in building on the network. To understand how the Effect Network is structured, Chris gave a great explanation during the AMA (timestamped in the video below 23:28 -26:14).

With an increasing number of workers joining the Effect Force, new hires for a dedicated social media team, and the EFX token on the rise, the project is doing well.

And there is more to come! 

After Crypto Youtuber Ivan on Tech mentioned Effect.ai in one of his recent shows and showed support on Twitter, he invited Chris to join him on the live show next Thursday for two special announcements. 

You might want to tune in for that.

In case you are new to Effect.ai, we suggest a great interview Chris gave to Altcoin Buzz which will bring you up to speed.

Should you  have further questions join their active community on Telegram

Built on EOSIO: dfuse

The dfuse team is quite the success story!. Learning from their hands-on experience with EOS, they quickly realized the need for Blockchain APIs that are as performant as the underlying blockchain protocol itself.

In the latest #BuiltOnEOSIO episode Block.one spoke with Marc-Antoine Ross, CEO of dfuse, to shine spotlight on the great tech that dfuse has to offer to blockchain developers.

We often speak about the plumbing that needs to be done before blockchain is ready for prime time and part of this plumbing is done with dfuse. As a standardized solution across blockchains dfuse allows the ecosystem to keep it’s lead across the industry. 

Along the way, they have forged an impressive list of partnerships. EOS Nation is proud to be one of these partners and we are working closely with the dfuse team to provide the best possible API service for developers building on EOS.

We want to encourage our readers, viewers, and listeners to check out this great interview as dfuse provides an essential building brick for a blockchain-based internet.

For now, we want to leave with the following quote:

“Every day, we speak to more Enterprise users who are looking to integrate blockchain technology. Their needs are unique, but as we deliver solutions, those improvements trickle down to our global service. In turn, this creates a more robust and feature-rich service, creating a positive feedback loop. Our plan is to continually listen to those who seek out blockchain data, and figure out how to best deliver it to them. 

We are also developing solutions across different blockchain platforms, listening to the needs of developers across the entire blockchain ecosystem. We believe that in the future, developers will be multi-chain enabled. Rather than having to learn the nuances of interacting and reading from each blockchain, dfuse can be a middle layer that obfuscates complexity, while offering the benefits found from each platform.”

Greymass Anchor Wallet Account Creation

Quick news from the Greymass team: they shared a short preview on Twitter about an exciting new feature of the Anchor Mobile Wallet… Account creation! Check it out, the process is fast and easy. Omg, we’re so excited about the next update for the Anchor Wallet. Kudos to Greymass for their great work!

Worbli --> UX Network Token Swap *Final Weekend*: HODL EOS Walkthrough

Users who are holding Worbli tokens have until the end of the weekend to swap their tokens on the new UX Network. Hodl EOS on YouTube published a quick 4 minute walkthrough showing users exactly what they need to do in order to claim their balance on the UX Network.

Important: You must swap your tokens before August 31st.

EOS Nation CEO Yves La Rose's Publications on Voice

Our CEO Yves La Rose published a series of posts this week on Voice that were well received by the community. From his Voice introductory post that used his beard as a metaphor for the crypto markets, to his World Photography Day article that highlighted the benefits of either slowing down or speeding up based on environmental circumstances, Yves has really enjoyed his experience of writing on Voice. Other articles that he has recently published include “Blow a kiss for DeFi on EOS”, “Roles and Responsibilities / Block.one and block producers” and “Anonymity on Social Media – Voice to the rescue”. 

EOS Nation is a top Block Producer on the EOS public network. We earn inflation rewards based on the percentage of tokens staked towards us. Those rewards are reinvested into EOSIO community, tools, and infrastructure. Help grow the ecosystem by staking your vote to eosnationftw for BP or proxying to proxy4nation

Remember, we never accept compensation in exchange for featuring projects in the EOS Hot Sauce. That means if a project is included in the EOS Hot Sauce it’s because we believe that project brings value to the EOSIO ecosystem and we want our community to know about it!

Are you building an interesting project on EOSIO? We want to hear from you! Reach out to us on social media or email info@eosnation.io. 

Thank you for supporting EOS Nation and for reading this week’s edition of EOS Hot Sauce! Want more spicy updates? Check out some of our recent EOS Hot Sauce episodes!

Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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