EOS Hot Sauce #69 – EOS Nation Joins Ultra, Vigor Countdown to Launch, Nodesuite for EOSIO Networks, KOGs on WAX, New Voice Features and we Reclaim r/EOS

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EOS Nation Joins Ultra as Founding Block Producer

The EOS Nation team is excited to announce that we’re joining Ultra as a new block producer, alongside Ubisoft, Bitfinex, EOS Rio, and EOS Seoul! We’re preparing to join the launch of the Ultra public Testnet, which should take place in the next couple of weeks.

“We are excited to welcome EOS Nation as a block producer of Ultra’s blockchain, their experience speaks for itself with 99.9% round availability and their ongoing contribution to the EOSIO ecosystem. EOS Nation will offer prime access to all the EOSIO developers, evangelizing the technology Ultra built for the past years, bringing the first mass market blockchain solution to the games industry.” – Nicolas Gilot, Ultra Co-CEO

Besides providing the highest quality infrastructure, validating transactions and securing the network, our responsibilities will consist of providing feedback to the Ultra blockchain team on the launch of the testnet, and the switch to mainnet. Ultra and the block producers will work together to make the Ultra blockchain launch and the token swap as smooth as possible.

“EOS Nation is excited to join Ultra in their quest to transform the video game publishing industry. Our world class infrastructure is well suited for the needs of the Ultra network and we’re honored to contribute our EOSIO expertise alongside other industry leaders as we all work together to deliver more value to gamers and game developers all around the world. We have no doubts that the future of gaming will play out on the blockchain and we believe that Ultra is well positioned to be a leader in this new industry.” – Yves La Rose

Our technical team is already working with Ultra and we can’t wait to be producing in the Ultra distributed network! If you want more details about Ultra’s blockchain governance approach, please take a look at their recent blog post.

Want to learn more about Ultra? This lengthy interview with Nicolas Gilot on Shartalk is a great place to start.

Interested in being a beta tester for upcoming games on Ultra? Sign up now!

Interested in developing games on Ultra? Check out the newly released powerful SDK!

Vigor Progress: Sentnl Audit Complete & USD$1M+ in TLV

Vigor recently crossed a significant threshold, reaching over $1M USD in “Total Value Locked” (TVL), which is a very important statistic in the world of DeFi. What’s great is that since crossing this threshold, the growth has continued, and at time of writing Vigor had $1.36M USD in locked value. 

Make sure to visit https://stats.vigor.ai/ for all the relevant statistics about Vigor. Speaking of statistics, we were also pleased to learn that VIG is now listed on CoinMarketCap.

And finally, the biggest news of the week for Vigor is the fact that the code audit has been finalized! Led by Charles Holtzkampf, former CTO of EOS42, the auditing firm Sentnl has completed the audit of the Vigor code and no issues were found.

“We’re pleased to have completed a security audit for Vigor protocol. You get our stamp of approval.”

On top of code audits, Sentnl also offers free penetration testing for EOSIO block producers on various EOSIO chains, such as WAX. With more product releases coming up in the next 18 months, this security firm is well positioned to bring a lot of value to the EOSIO community. In their recent article on the importance of guild security, the firm highlights the risks faced by block producers and offers advice on how to improve security such as:

  1. Performing 3rd party security audit
  2. Setting realistic policies and procedures
  3. Education & training in areas such as phishing and security awareness

Nodesuite by EOS Detroit: A Swiss Army Knife for EOSIO Networks

EOS Detroit has been one of the top performing standby BPs since the start of the network. Their dedication to the EOSIO community is unwavering and today we’re happy to highlight their latest contribution, the “Nodesuite.”

Rob Konsdorf, CEO of EOS Detroit, describes it like this:

“Nodesuite is the culmination of EOS Detroit’s internal work to reliably and repeatably, update and create EOSIO nodes across many different EOSIO networks. By separating core functionality from configuration, we’ve created a framework for cross-community collaboration to standardize best practices and procedures for accomplishing different operational tasks related to EOSIO node management.”

In other words, Nodesuite is a set of Ansible playbooks that helps power users automate various processes surrounding deploying EOSIO node infrastructure. Specifically, Nodesuite encapsulates the work required to initialize an Ubuntu 18.04 system, prepare EOSIO binaries, and configure an EOSIO node into easy-to-use playbooks and configuration mappings.

Out of the box, Nodesuite supports the following EOSIO networks and their testnets:

  • EOS
  • WAX
  • FIO
  • Telos
  • Proton

Nodesuite also supports the following modes:

  • Producer
  • Seed
  • V1_history
  • Hyperion
  • Oracle

Nodesuite is a work in progress and there is still a lot more to be done. If you’re interested in contributing, the team invites you to join the project on GitHub.

KOGs Launches Their NFT Series 1 on WAX

This week saw another exciting NFT launch as KOGs on WAX had their Series 1 release. 

These NFTs are more than simply collectables as they’ll be used as pieces in a variety of upcoming games. The KOGs brand name actually stands for “Keys to Other Games” and is also a play on words of the popular game from the 90s called POGs.

Although there were some hiccups with the pack opening process during launch, those issues were quickly forgotten by the community when they started opening packs and seeing these absolutely beautiful KOGs for the first time. On top of impeccable art work, the collection has some serious depth to it. While the collection is made up of 100 different KOGs divided into 8 differently themed sets, plus a 12 piece set of slammers, the possible border, colour and foil combinations are what makes this collection especially interesting. From these 112 KOGs and slammers we can find over 3400 variations, each of these with their own mint numbers.

The result is something we haven’t seen in any of the NFT releases so far. With so many combinations and #1 mints out there, the standard strategy of collecting a full set is thrown out the window. Sure, the #1 minted super rare foils are of course very valuable, but what we’re seeing evolve is people choosing specific subsets of the collection and focusing on completing those with their favorite style of border and colour.

Another interesting trend that could have been anticipated by keen NFT traders is the fact that mint #21 of Bitcoin KOGs are extremely popular. Other quirky trends are emerging as traders explore the collection and find their favorite subsets and style. The Ultra Rare Foiled Satoshi Nakamoto Slammer is currently the most coveted piece of the collection. 

We’ve also recently learned that many clues or puzzles can be found within the artwork! Apparently the first place we should look is the Staff Selection subset, and the community has been buzzing about the potential implications of various symbols and numbers that have been found. 

And we haven’t even started talking about how these KOGs will interact and be required for upcoming games. One thing we do know is that mint numbers will have no impact on gameplay. Those are only relevant or interesting for collectors.

If you missed out on the sale last week and want to get some KOGs, packs are available on Atomic Marketplace through great NFT portals like Atomic Hub, WAXplorer and Collectables.

While all three portals are hard at work adding features requested by the community, this week WAXplorer added a new ranking system that allows users to compare their collection score to others. The new system does not favor whales and instead focuses on awarding points for complete collections, low mints, and rare cards.

Are you looking to learn as much as you can about NFTs and increase the size of your network in this exciting space? Make sure to sign up for NFTDay, a CoinGenius event hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright of The Bad Crypto Podcast. The event features speakers from WAX, Topps, Nifty Gateway, Open Sea and PeopleBrowsr.

In other news, the WAX School wants to incentivize you to learn about WAX! Join the community, hop into the Telegram chat, and you could win one of many NFTs being given out over the next few weeks. 

Are you done with school and looking for work? Make sure to keep an eye out on the WAX Careers page for any job postings. Right now WAX is looking for 2 fullstack developers, one for blockchain systems and one for online systems.

Voice: Methodical & Sustainable Growth

Voice officially opened for account registration to 20 additional countries on August 15th and registered members now have the opportunity to send out invites to friends and family. Since then we’ve seen many new and familiar faces join Voice. 

We saw Sebastiaan van Der Lans writing about use cases for his project WordProof and also giving valuable feedback on how the Voice team can improve the platform.

EOS Nation’s CEO Yves La Rose also made good use of the platform. He shared some of his thoughts in “EOS to the moon – a story of pomelos and cicadas” and “Introduction to my mind.” He also published some updates on the MSIG Contract upgrades being prepared for the EOS Mainnet..

Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo also had a bunch of updates to share on the EOS Voice News podcast.

  • Since April Voice hired 60 employees
  • The new onboarding process takes just 90 seconds
  • 70,000 people are currently on the waiting list
  • The options to change profile pictures and names are coming in the next few weeks
  • And new features for community building and content discovery is scheduled for this fall

Let’s listen to Salah introduce some of the new features:

Biggest Change – new feature this Fall (18:25)

“The biggest change that you’ll see will be coming later this fall, when we introduce our new community feature. Right now our site has a global feed and we have categories you can select from and the future that of the platform will be so that users can create communities within the app.”

Salah also had some breaking news to share exclusively on the show. 

Breaking News (10:40)

“I’m happy to break some news. We will absolutely be enabling the ability for a link to have many people sign up…and we are preparing the introduction to referral rewards”

He also gave some ideas about how users of Voice can monetize their activity. Monetize Voice activity (31:25)

“The Voice Token, we intend it to be transferable, independent marketplaces will emerge for it and that’s how users will be able to extract that value.”

With a referral program and the opportunity to extract generated value from the platform, the incentives are aligned for influencers to make the much-needed switch and support a fairer social networking platform. 

The writing is on the wall and also mainstream media are pushing to #takesocialback. As an example, check out a recent opinion piece in The Guardian headlined “If you’re not terrified about Facebook, you haven’t been paying attention

It’s time for social as it should be. It’s time for Voice!

Introducing: Effect DAO

The Effect.ai community is preparing for a major milestone as they’re preparing the launch of the Effect DAO. 

CEO Chris Dawe will publish a series of blog posts to guide us through the process. Chapter 1 of the Effect DAO Blog Series was already published and shows a clear roadmap for what we can expect in the next weeks. In playful language, Chris lays out the different components of the Effect DAO like the Effect Staking Protocol 2.0, the Effect Network Fee Distribution, the Constitution, Guardians of the Galaxy Pool, and more. He also provides some general information about what a DAO is. It’s a great read for everyone that is interested in decentralized governance and a must-read for EFX and NFX token holders. 

If you’re interested in learning how to earn EFX as a worker in the Effect Force, check out this fresh off the press video tutorial.

Exciting times ahead for Effect.Ai!

Weekly EOS DeFi Roundup

While the DeFi bull market rages on across the entire crypto space, DeFi users and yield farmers on Ethereum are starting to get annoyed at the high fees they have to pay. Even whales will complain about $100+ unstaking fees eventually. 

But on EOS, DeFi is growing both in terms of usage of current products and in terms of new projects launching.

This week saw the launch of the OGX Network, which aims to offer synthetic versions of various crypto and traditional assets in a similar way to the very popular SNX protocol on Ethereum.

Defibox continues to improve their platform through the BOX DAO voting initiatives and some new community focused marketing efforts. Think you have what it takes to write an interesting article about Defibox? The Defibox Foundation is offering up several BOX prizes for community members who submit articles. The theme of the contest is “Defibox, Improve the Efficiency of Global Value Circulation.” Good luck writers!

As mentioned in previous EOS Hot Sauces, we believe that DeFi is set to expand across many chains and Equilibrium is a great example of this trend. This week the team announced that they’re entering into a partnership with Polkadot to extend their Equilibrium product line to a one-stop cross-chain money market. Users who wish to continue using the EOS based products of Equilibrium will continue to be able to do so.

And wrapping up this week’s EOS DeFi roundup we wanted to highlight the launch of Just Stable. Built on deWeb and running on EOS miannet, this incentivized message board allows anyone to post and read for free, but users can upvote each other with stable coins.

Blockbase & HireVibes

We’re happy to report that HireVibes will start using BlockBase’s decentralized cloud service to store data related to businesses, jobs, and job seekers in a private and cost-efficient manner. 

Besides becoming a service requester, the HireVibes team will also join BlockBase as a full provider on the network, which makes this cooperation even more interesting. 

As HireVibes core business is related to creating networking effects in the HR sector, they can now also offer technological services like database management to their users and introduce them to the power of decentralization.

It’s great to see both of these projects complimenting each other and how EOSIO tech brought them together.

BlockBase is an open network offering lots of opportunities in the data storage sector. Interested parties can learn more on their website.

Adnode is #BuiltOnEOSIO … and Live on the EOS Mainnet

We had the chance to learn more about the EOSVC Grant recipient AdNode in one of the most recent #BulitOnEOSIO episodes. AdNode is an exciting project aiming to bring more efficiency to the digital advertising sector.

Ads are an integral part of the business model for the most prominent websites and digital advertising is as omnipresent as the internet itself. With a total of $380 billion spent annually in the digital ad space, this sector grew a lot since its inception. But it’s rather problematic for all parties involved to agree on the impact of ads in order to determine a payment rate.

According to AdNode’s Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Rodov, there’s a lot of wasteful spending and potential for fraud in the reconciliation, so he and his team develop a product to automate the process transparently using EOSIO technology.

AdNode has been live on the EOS Mainnet since May and is already generating revenue for the company and savings for their clients.

Michael Rodov was quoted: “We have enterprises using it live right now to improve profitability and they are really excited about the positive impact of automation on our industry.”

We like the sound of that!

Learn more about their 3 step process, the team and how they’re planning to grow in the article.

The Community Reclaims r/EOS

The EOS community has finally reclaimed the r/EOS subreddit

Big thanks to Chaney Moore for pushing this along and staying at it for many months to convince the Reddit Admins to grant him the moderator position. While Jerry of EOS Go has been an r/EOS mod for a long time, he didn’t have the required permissions to enact change. The previous head of moderation for r/EOS had been absent for many months and the subreddit was not very enjoyable without moderation or maintenance. Well, that’s all about to change!

Chaney Moore has successfully assembled an all-star cast of EOS community members to form the new mod team, and we intend on bringing some life back into the Reddit EOS community. The mod team is now made up of Chaney Moore (EOSwriter), DataJunky (GenerEOS), Jacques (Discussions.app), Jerry (EOS Go), Rektkid.x (EOS OG), Stéphane Bisson (EOS Nation), Zack Gall (Everything EOS) and zendealer (EOS Fanatic).

EOS Nation is happy to be involved and we’re looking forward to revitalizing the Reddit community through more active moderation and various initiatives. Jerry has taken the lead on our first task and has already started working on updating the FAQs and sidebar information.

We want r/EOS to be an enjoyable place for both community veterans as well as newcomers. Do you have ideas or suggestions on how we can make that happen? Reach out to anyone on the mod team, we want to hear from you!

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