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Bitcoin (pBTC) Arrives on EOS

Cross-chain interoperability is proving to be quite interesting for the blockchain DeFi community. Pegged (or wrapped) tokens like pBTC unleash liquidity that has so far been mostly siloed on their own networks by effectively allowing tokens to move from one chain to another. This week the potential for DeFi on the EOS Mainnet was levelled up with the launch of pBTC.

How it works is pretty simple. You deposit your BTC on the pTokens platform to mint (peg-in) the corresponding amount of pBTC on EOS. Provable Things, the company behind pTokens, acts as a custodian of the deposited BTC. Working in the blockchain space since 2015 under their previous name Oraclize, Provable Things is now focusing on ”un-chaining” liquidity by implementing pTokens for a wide range of assets across various blockchain networks. These pTokens can be transferred to any account and allows anyone to peg-out back to BTC by redeeming pBTC from the EOS Mainnet.

In addition to EOS, pTokens are deployed on Ethereum, Bancor and Kyber Network, which unlocks new DeFi possibilities across these networks. It should come as no surprise that EOS’ leading DeFi operator, Equilibrium, has plans to integrate pBTC as collateral for users who wish to mint EOSDT on Equilibrium’s platform. On the exchange side, Bitfinex has announced that pBTC will be the first cross-chain DeFi token that it lists.

The ease of development and high performance of the EOS network makes it an obvious choice for developers looking to add their DeFi building blocks to additional blockchain networks.

WAX Cloud Wallet Explainer Video and Upcoming (online) Meetup

The WAX Cloud Wallet is the easiest way to onboard non-technical friends and family into your blockchain universe! If you’re not yet familiar with this great product, make sure to watch the EOS Nation animated explainer video, which showcases exactly why we love the WAX Cloud Wallet!

Fans of WAX and Karma are in for a treat as a WAX Meetup is coming up this week. It’s the 5th one organized jointly by the Malta-Block and EOSphere guilds. It will be live streamed on the 5th of May and feature guest speaker Dallas Rushing, CEO of Karma.

EOS Hot Sauce Survey & ".eosn" account giveaway

We want to hear from you! We want to know how you enjoy the EOS Hot Sauce and which topics you are most interested in. We’ll be giving away 30 custom .eosn EOS Mainnet accounts randomly to users who participate in our survey and provide a valid email address. There’s only 6 questions and it takes less than 1 minute to fill out. Thanks for your feedback!

Block.one announced that it’s awarding a $50,000 US grant to Genobank.io, a blockchain company developing an open-source app to facilitate anonymous and secure access to COVID-19 testing. The app will run on the Telos blockchain and allow users to source low-cost testing kits and receive their results on-chain. This allows the results to be shared with the users’ doctors or even other medical professionals and researchers.

The grant was awarded via Block.one’s EOS VC Grants program in partnership with FinLab EOS VC.

This week we learned that Grant Thornton, a reputable accounting firm with $1.9 billion US in revenue last year, has adopted EOSIO technology to track internal transactions. The new platform, called “inter.x” will allow the company to “track and account for intercompany transactions with an audit trail that is ‘immutable,’ meaning the integrity of the audit data persists over time. The result is a permanent and unforgeable audit trail for consistent transaction information.”

Auditability and integrity of financial records and transactions is one of the most attractive features of blockchain networks and has grabbed the attention of accountants and auditors across the world. On top of these advantages, the EOSIO blockchain protocol offers software that is extremely efficient and highly customizable. Block.one’s Dan Larimer has often stated that believes EOSIO can eventually replace traditional database structures in many organisations due to the efficiency gains that it will bring them.

Congratulations to EOS Costa Rica for building and delivering the inter.x platform.

Salah Zalatimo, the CEO of Voice, recently published a scathing article on Forbes calling out the digital giants like Facebook and Google for unfairly using news article snippets to drive traffic to their platforms while not compensating the authors of those news article. Mr Zalatimo points out that ad revenue for these digital giants has risen dramatically while as the same time, ad revenue for news organisations and journalist has seen a steep decline, resulting in the closure of many such local news organisations. Mr Zalatimo calls on these giants to implement fairer ad revenue sharing policies and to bring an end to the “middle ages of social media.”

Interestingly, this article was first published on Forbes before being removed by the editor. It’s now up on Medium. Did the digital giants put some pressure on Forbes to remove such an article? Are they starting to feel the heat from disruptive platforms like Voice.com? It sure feels that way!  

EOSX.io is one of our favorite EOSIO explorers, offering token holders a portal to manage their accounts, browse the chains and learn more about EOSIO through the EOSX Guides. In the last week, they’ve had some great news to share, as from now on transactions made through EOSX are completely free. This service is made possible through FUEL, a resource management solution by Greymass.

The Wombat Wallet is one of the easiest to use EOS Wallets out there, and with over 80,000 users from over 160 countries the success of the concept speaks for itself. As the next step, the team announced plans to add multi-chain support and they’ve started with the Telos Network.

They shared their reasons for opening up to other networks and why they chose Telos as the first additional EOSIO network to gain support in the announcement article.

Telos Foundation CPO Justin Giudici was quoted:

“We’re so excited to welcome Wombat as a preferred wallet to Telos. They’ve really pushed the boundaries when it comes to UX and ease of use for the EOS ecosystem and will enable rapid growth for us, too.”

Last week we reported about a partnership between the Telos Foundation and BlockBastards and their Proof of Game reward system Qudo. The BlockBastards introduced BLOX this week, a Tower Defence Game with a crypto twist and the first game to integrate Qudo. Your job in the game is to defend your Block Producer against the usual suspect blockchain enemies, such as little bugs or bad bankers and earn as many block rewards as possible. 

You’ll learn a ton about cryptocurrencies while playing the game and come across some interesting quotes from crypto legends like Andreas M. Antonopoulos and others. Each game level is themed on an existing crypto project, and while the first levels are taken by the most prominent coins out there, the team is open for suggestions. So if you run a project and want it featured as a level in BLOX, or if you just want to become a beta tester to earn some Qudo, check out the BLOXtheGame Website.

Another company launching on Telos, this time focused on digital identity, is Ecoin. They currently have an airdrop going, and since the goal of the project is nothing less than mass crypto adoption and onboarding billions of users, they’ve made participation stupid easy.

In other Telos news, we have dStor, a decentralized cloud storage service on Telos. They have several open positions and if you successfully recommend someone you can earn 5000 TLOS Tokens. 

Open positions are:
1) Marketing lead
2) System administrator/dev ops
3) Developers

The candidates need to be legal to work in the USA (US citizens or existing green card holders) but can work remotely.

EOS Nation is proud to have been part of BOID since the very beginning. We’ve been running a team and offering up prizes since Season 0!

BOID is an EOS mainnet powered dApp that allows users to donate their extra computing resources to various scientific endeavours. To add a touch of gamification to their platform, BOID encourages community members to create teams that users can join.  When contributing computing resources through BOID, users earn BOID tokens for themselves and also earn points for their respective teams. This creates some friendly competition, incentivizes more computing, and allows teams to offer unique rewards to attract users. 

Season 4 sees the collective BOID computing power channeled towards contributing in the fight against COVID-19. EOS Nation is putting up 7500 DAPP tokens that are going to be distributed proportionally among all the contributing members on our team throughout the season. Good luck to all the teams participating and may the best team contribute the most computing resources to science!

Trybe is one of the first content-driven social media platforms with an EOS-based token, and in a recent article Trybe Founder Tom Norwood gave an update regarding the future of Trybe

The biggest change made for now is related to the staking rewards, moving away from a passive stake to earn model to a more active model, meaning that a staking account needs to participate on the platform in order to be eligible for rewards. This will be organized in weekly tasks. 

Another change announced for the coming months will introduce a “tipping” model, following the general goal to minimize the amount of newly issued tokens.

Tom also shared a completely new project that he’s working on, which benefits a lot from the lessons learned while working on Trybe. It’s called Loop, is built on an EOSIO network, and is basically a wallet app with built-in social features. 

Loop’s mission is to give real-world businesses a tool to incentivize their customers, create an individual token, and create opportunities for cross-promotions or referrals. It seems the project is pretty far along in development, and according to Tom, they’ve gotten quite some interest from potential participants. Tom shared the pitch deck and white paper draft along with the article, looking for feedback from the community.

Good news for Trybe token holders: they’re going to get some free Loop tokens airdropped into their accounts.

After 6 months of closed and controlled testing, the Emanate music streaming platform just made a huge step forward and is now officially the fastest way on the planet to publish music and get paid. In the newly added “my account” section, any artist can create its own profile, upload music, and earn, with a per-stream rate that’s about 10 times that of Spotify. 

Did this catch your attention? Check out this tutorial video guiding you through the upload process!

The use of Emanate is currently still free, but a new subscription model and a staking section will be revealed next month. 

The Emanate team was hard at work in the last month, pushing lots of great news and results of their tireless efforts. They gave a full summary of recent events in another article, but that’s not all, the Emanate team has a lot more in the pipeline. 

Through the grapevine, we heard about an official remix competition with mau5trap and a potential seven figure deal in the making. Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned!

With PredIQt officially launching on the Mainnet, EOS finally has its own open and fully functional prediction market, or as the Everipedia team calls it: a Knowledge Market. From now on, anyone with an EOS account can create a market on an interesting topic, ask a binary question about it, and invite friends to bet on the outcome. The goal of PredIQt is to create a simple, fun, and intuitive user experience. Looking at the final product, this was successfully achieved. 

Creating a new knowledge market can not only be lucrative for the creator, it also benefits all IQ token holders as IQ gets burned for every market created.

Check out this PredIQt Demo video with Everipedia Co-Founder Sam Kazemian, where he explains some of the unique design features and differences to other prediction markets like Augur. 

It’s nice to see Sam sharing his enthusiasm for this awesome new product.

At the end of the video, he’s also hinting at Everipedia’s ambitions to step into the DeFi space and leveraged markets.

Exciting stuff!

The EOS Hot Sauce has extensively covered all the tools and services built by LiquidApps and as a DSP we know first hand how revolutionary these technologies can be. But the focus for now must be on the dApp builders to integrate the solutions into their products and put the DAPP network to use.

The LiquidApps team must have had similar thoughts, since they started putting out a fresh series of walkthroughs and guides, especially addressing developers. 

For example, a getting started guide for the ZEUS SDK, which is basically the entry point for developers, as it unites all the available LiquidApps services in one development environment. Similar to Truffle for Ethereum.

Once the ZEUS SDK is set up, specific walkthroughs provide further assistance for using services such as LiquidScheduler or LiquidStorage.

In another new format, the DAPPTalk, Zack Gall sits down with LiquidApps developers to talk about what they’re building on behind the scenes. In the newest episode, Natanaël Prudhomme told us about an update for the Oracle Price Feed and the upcoming LiquidPortfolio service.

We’d like to remind all of our readers to check if they’re holding EDNA tokens in their accounts, which were originally airdropped to EOS genesis accounts. We’ve explained the general concept of EDNA already in EOS Hot Sauce #14, but there’ve been a couple of updates since then. The EDNA project decided to move the EDNA token to the Worbli network in order to ensure the compliance of its product. Token holders are advised to move EOS based EDNA Tokens over to Worbli. This “token teleport” can be done on bloks.io. The teleport portal will only remain open for a limited and rather short time, so the action is required ASAP.

In order to successfully move the tokens, you’ll need an account on the Worbli network. Check out the instructions and a video tutorial if you need help getting set up.

As the Teleport process is a bit technical, here are some important notes that were previously shared in the EDNA Telegram group:

1) You must enter the [QUANTITY] field as [X.XXXX EDNA]. The X’s need to be numbers….

“1.0000 EDNA” = works
“1.000 EDNA” = won’t work (only 3 numbers after the decimal) 
1 = won’t work
1.0000 = won’t work
1 EDNA = won’t work
1234467634.2300 EDNA = works

2) target_chain is just a 1-digit number. Valid entries are 1, 2 or 3.
1 = EOS

For further questions join the EDNA community on Telegram.

It seems things are moving forward for the EDNA project, as they’ve just launched a brand-new website and created an online community. Go check it out and happy teleporting!

Syed Jafri of EOS Cafe Block gave an update about his submission for the #EOSIOChallenge, which has the goal to create a solution that enables the execution of Ethereum Smart Contracts in the EOS Virtual Machine. 

Syed announced on Twitter:
“Eosio.evm is now feature complete, and can handle all transactions and signing flows currently seen on Ethereum.”

In a video published on Youtube, he demonstrates how to connect the eosio.evm contract on EOSIO nodes directly to the Ethereum services Metamask and Remix.

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Thank you for supporting EOS Nation and for reading this week’s edition of EOS Hot Sauce! Want more spicy updates? Check out some of our recent EOS Hot Sauce episodes!

Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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