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EOS Nation: Université de Sherbrooke Partnership, REX Explainer Video, and 2x Daily Snapshots

Université de Sherbrooke Partnership

This week EOS Nation was proud to announce a one year joint partnership with two teams of 7 fourth-year bachelor students from the Université de Sherbrooke in Québec, Canada. The students, under the leadership of our CFO Vincent Grenier and CTO Denis Carrière, are building an EOSIO platform that will empower people and businesses with accounting, governance, and shareholding tools. We have been impressed with the work that they have done so far and look forward to sharing more information about their project when appropriate. 

REX Explainer Video

Education has always been a priority for EOS Nation and we’re happy add a University partnership to our list of initiatives that aim at promoting EOSIO adoption through education. On top of our weekly EOS Hot Sauce YouTube videos, we also publish animated explainer videos from time to time to help illustrate EOSIO concepts that may be hard to grasp or explain. This week’s EOS Nation explainer video goes over the EOS Resource Exchange, what it is, and how to use it. Consider subscribing to our EOS Nation YouTube channel to catch all of our videos!

2x Daily Snapshots

In response to community demand, EOS Nation has increased the frequency of our EOSIO network snapshots, which we now offer twice daily. Developers can also add the permalink, https://snapshots.eosnation.io/eos/latest, to scripts such as ‘wget’.

Greymass Launches Anchor 1.0, EOSLaoMao Updates iOS Authenticator App

When EOS launched in June 2018, many community members who wanted to vote without using CLEOS (command line EOS) used the unbranded and open-source wallet called ‘eos-voter’. Having now worked on this product for almost two years, Greymass is now launching its official replacement: Anchor 1.0. 

“Anchor is an open source, multi-account, multi-chain, EOSIO wallet offering secure key storage and many of the tools you’ll need in your day-to-day usage of these platforms. It also offers authenticator features that allow you to use Anchor to sign in and interact with compatible EOSIO applications and dapps. 

This EOSIO wallet and authenticator contains all of the functions one needs to manage all of one’s accounts across ALL of the public EOS networks.” -Greymass

If you’re curious to get a better overall feel for what this great product offers, we recommend checking out the recent Hodl EOS video, which explores the wallet in detail. Still using eos-voter? You can easily migrate from eos-voter to Anchor 1.0 by following their simple guide

In other EOSIO authentication and wallet news, EOSLaoMao’s open-source Apple Store Reference Authenticator App also recently got an upgrade and now supports wallet file based secret key importing, iCloud and more! 

It’s been a good week for EOSIO-based open-source innovation and progress! 🎉

WPS Security Audit by SlowMist

SlowMist is known in the EOSIO ecosystem as a leading and premiere smart contract auditor, and we want to thank them publicly for generously accepting our invitation to audit the EOS Worker Proposal System (EOS WPS). SlowMist volunteered their time and expertise and produced a publicly available report that can benefit community members across all EOSIO networks. 

Thank you SlowMist for this valuable contribution to the EOSIO ecosystem!

EOSIO Webinars, Hackathon and Challenge

Those of us looking to increase our online education intake in the coming weeks and months are in for a treat. From webinars to hackathons and challenges, there’s something for every level of EOSIO interest and expertise.

Our very own EOS Nation Ambassador Patrick Schmid also contributed by hosting his EOSIO Swiss Workshop as an online webinar on April 23rd. The event was a success, attracting 50 people for the 2 hour presentation. If you were unable attend live you can always watch the video on YouTube.

Block.one has also announced a series of webinars that are free to attend.

We have also learned about the next Block.one EOSIO Hackathon that is taking place online during the month of May. Although the exact challenge will only be known on May 1st, the prizepool of $100,000 USD has already been confirmed!

For developers looking to play around with EOSIO contracts right away, a new EOSIO tutorial (Tic Tac Toe game contract) is now available on the newly revamped developers.eos.io platform.

China's Blockchain Service Network (BSN) Integrates EOSIO

Blockchain technology is rapidly getting adopted across the world by people, corporations, and governments alike. China, with its top-down approach, has been able to mobilize many different sectors of its economy by working hard and fast towards blockchain adoption. This week we learned that China’s Blockchain Service Network is ready for action after a 6 month long beta test. 

“Designed to unify the fragmented market, BSN is a cross-cloud, cross-portal and cross-framework public network that enables developers to easily and affordably develop, deploy, operate and maintain permissioned … and permissionless blockchain applications and nodes,” – Leon Li, CEO of Huobi Group, founding member of BSN. 

It’s important to note that the BSN is not a blockchain protocol itself. Instead, it’s a centralized platform that allows developers to choose from several enterprise blockchain protocols or public chains. This allows for reduced operational costs and flexibility for developers while allowing better regulatory oversight at the same time. EOS and Ethereum are the only 2 public blockchain protocols that have been announced as being part of the BSN. EOS has been once again ranked first on the CCIDs Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index.

China has also recently begun the first trial of their digital yuan, which is being released in 4 different cities.

Based on the latest DappRadar Report for Q1 2020, the WAX Blockchain continues to build momentum and is closing in on the notorious Top 3 Blockchains for dApps, Tron, Ethereum, and EOS. One reason for the growing numbers might be that WAX has a big focus on creating the most user and developer-friendly environment possible. 

Let’s take a look at the most recent tools developed by some of the WAX Guilds.

The newest contribution by Aloha EOS is the WAX Tracker, which helps you easily follow WAX Accounts that are important to you. All info is sourced in real-time, including prices via DelphiOracle. The Tracker is already available as an iOS app and the team is currently working on an Android release.

Other features that will be added in future releases of the tool include an indicator of account health showing whether you are getting maximum rewards, and WAX account activity notifications for transfers or permissions changes.

After releasing the @waxmeetupbot, a simple tool to create WAX accounts within Telegram, the WAX Guild MaltaBlock brought us further tools, such as the ZOS-IBC Solution for Cross Chain token transfers between WAX and EOS, and the 2bpintegrity smart contract in an effort to improve network security. The smart contract stores the name and contact information of a BP’s system administrator on-chain and also includes an agreement that states that the block producer is not sharing its infrastructure with anyone else.

Another initiative of Maltablock in cooperation with EOSphere is the Wax Blockchain Meetup, which was live-streamed on CrowdCast and can be reviewed on Youtube.

Besides covering and discussing all the recent developments in the WAX Ecosystem, they’ve also invited Jona Wilmsmann, co-founder of the pink.network. He shared some interesting insights about their new NFT standard, Atomic Assets, and its upcoming NFT Hub, the first Worker Proposal to be funded via WAX Labs.

As you can see, there’s much activity in the WAX Ecosystem, and lots of it is driven by the WAX Guilds who are evaluated on a monthly basis by the Office of the Inspector General. The OIG report for the month of April just came in and we’re happy to report that EOS Nation has held its position in 4th place.

After a complete rebrand, a lot of new tools, and some interesting dApps like Seeds, Zeptagram, and Newlife successfully launching on Telos, this EOSIO network is definitely worth a mention in this week’s Hot Sauce. And in an effort to improve the public exposure for the ecosystem, the Telos Block Producers have voted to partner with the Transform Group, a global firm with unique public-relations expertise in the blockchain space and an impressive track record representing Tether, Ethereum and Dash. Our guess is that we’ll hear a lot more about Telos in general Crypto Outlets, which is a great opportunity to show the power and flexibility of EOSIO Technology.

And yet another partnership, this time related to gaming, was announced by the Telos Foundation. 

The blockchain development company BlockBastards decided to launch Qudo, a proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism, on the Telos Network. Qudo is compatible with the Unity engine, a popular platform for game developers. A release is planned for the end of the second quarter of this year. The Telos Foundation partnered with BlockBastards to provide marketing and technical support.

The BOSCore team had some great news to share as a BOS/USDT Trading pair will be listed on the hoo.com Exchange. And they launched a daily trading competition to celebrate the occasion. Congratulations to the whole BOSCore team for this great step forward for the BOS token. 

Meanwhile, the BOS IBC is shaping up nicely and there was some interesting activity going on across a multitude of different EOSIO Networks. 

3 years after the concept of side chain based data storage was first envisioned by the BlockBase team, and after 3 months of testing on the Jungle Test Net, Blockbase Beta is now connected to the EOS Main Net. The Blockbase storage services will be paid in BBT Tokens and Blockbase users are separated into two types: service requesters and service providers. The price of a service depends on different variables that are laid out in an article the team has published on their website along with a simple to use online calculator for fees. 

Congratulations to the team for this major milestone!

Running out of Resources on one of your EOS accounts has been an unpleasant experience, and such incidents surely have cause frustration for many users. But EOS BPs, wallets and dApps quickly came up with services and solutions to overcome such hurdles. Chintai’s Charmone of these solutions, just had a 2.0 update, providing fully automated resource management to achieve the utmost efficiency.

The Charm smart contract is checking block per block if your account has sufficient CPU or NET and allocates additional resources if it needs them, effectively making you immune to network congestion. 

While Charm can be used by individual accounts, it becomes especially attractive for dApps, as they can pay for their users’ resources and let Charm do all the management, ensuring a frictionless experience.

Using Chintai’s very own CHEX token gives you a 50% reduction in fees. Check out a detailed article on Chintai’s Medium Blog for further information and a full setup guide.

Chintai has developed many services aiming to simplify the use of tokenization and blockchain services. Many of them can be used as white labeled products that provide built-in compliance. While assets tokenized through Chintai can be traded on any blockchain, the tech portion is built on EOSIO based smart contracts and utilizes the DAPP Network to achieve further efficiency and scalability. To learn more about the vision and tech behind Chintai and the LiquidApps products they’re using, check out the newest Episode of #BuildOnDapp.

Shortly after introducing kChat, the Top21 Block Producer EOS Rapid introduced yet another decentralized alternative to a commonly used internet service – this time a URL shortener. Using Url.fo you can ensure that your shortened links will always redirect to the actual web address that you wanted to share, by leveraging the immutability of the EOS Mainnet. Because who knows what will happen to centralized service over time?

EOS Rapid put it this way: “Centralized URL shorteners […] can get hacked or change owners, and suddenly one day choose to point the shortened URL you shared with your colleagues to a phishing website or worse (imagine all the nasty sites on the internet).”

Using the service is pretty easy, check out the short tutorial on Youtube.

The Klevoya Team released Hydra, a tool for EOSIO Developers to test smart contracts and identify bugs before their product goes live. What’s special about Hydra is that the execution environment doesn’t require developers to run a local blockchain, but runs a modified EOSIO node on its back-end, specifically designed for testing.

According to Klevoya, no additional software is needed.

They’ve published a thorough getting started guide for interested developers and are available for further questions in their Telegram Channel.

Looking at all the development that’s happened within the Equilibrium Framework, it’s hard to believe that they’re just celebrating their 1st anniversary. If you feel like you need some catching up, the team released a 1st anniversary recap showing Equilibrium’s impressive track record as well as some hints to what they have in the pipeline for the second year, including:

  • Integration of BTC and other blockchains
  • A brand new web-application
  • Savings Pool
  • and more product features to turn Equilibrium into a one-in-all DeFi hub of interoperable products and applications

Equilibrium CEO Alex Melikhov took the anniversary as an opportunity for an AMA on Youtube, and all highlights were later summarized in a blog post.

Kudos to the Equilibrium team for their passion for Defi and happy anniversary!

The Top 21 Block Producer StartEOS added a much-requested feature to their Wallet, which allows the token holders to release the RAM used up by unwanted tokens. The RAM Releasing Tool can be found within the StartEOS Wallet app under New Dapps in the Discovery Page. There you can select the tokens you don’t need anymore and check how much KB RAM could be released.

Those who followed the DACathon 2020 in January might remember the presentation of Consortium and their plans to launch a voting portal for the communities of different dApps or projects. Now 3 months later, Consortium went live and has its genesis voting, resulting in the distribution of 85% of the GOVRN token. If you’re interested in participating in the decision making process of your favorite dApp or project, go to Consortium’s portal to stake some tokens for them. You’ll receive a portion of GOVRN tokens, which you can use to vote.

This great idea can develop into an awesome and very useful tool for communities to find consensus and it’s fairly easy to use once you’ve watched the short explainer video.

Eventually, the functionality of deferred transactions is going to be deprecated, meaning that this feature won’t be supported anymore on the protocol layer, for good reasons. But for many applications and use cases, it’s essential to be able to create transactions that are not executed right away, but instead at a specific upcoming point in time. Being the second layer solution for many scalability issues, the LiquidApps team once again created a service on the DAPP Network to address this need. It’s called LiquidScheduler and last week they published a comprehensive LiquidScheduler walkthrough for those interested in using it.

In another interesting article, they gave an overview of current cloud services and introduced what LiquidApps has to offer to help this industry take a leap and update into Cloud 3.0. There’s no doubt the cloud brought users a new level of convenience, but at the same time these services created new risks and dependencies, as they’re controlled and maintained by just a few large players. 

The DAPP Network already offers the infrastructure and tools to build a secure network with a fairer and more secure model, putting the user back in control and opening the market, “offering more choice, more redundancy and more opportunity.”

If you want to take a look into the near and non-dystopian future, this article is a must-read.

The EOSIO based P2P Trading Platform, CryptoLocally, keeps expanding at a rapid pace. They’ve just added support for Tron,  BNB, BUSD and BTC (BEP-2).

With Sesacash they’ve also added a new payment method that’s especially interesting for users on the African continent. 

If you haven’t checked the platform out already, here’s another reason: A brand new referral program to earn some extra crypto for your bags.

The decision by the dFuse team to go open source, and the following announcement by Block.one to integrate the code into future EOSIO releases created much enthusiasm within the community. Now, after a bit of a cleanup, dFuse for EOSIO has been released under the Apache 2.0 License, which allows developers to integrate the source code in their projects and query chain data easily, fast and reliably. Since then, further developments happened, such as dFuse joining the Blockchain Game Association (BGA) and a partnership with MYKEY. We’re excited to see dFuse being developed further by the open-source community, want to congratulate the dFuse team for their success, and express our gratitude for this essential tool, which we use in many of our own products. 

The future of dFuse is not limited to EOSIO, as it will soon speed up processes for Ethereum and other protocols. The future is multi-chain and dFuse is adding an important piece to the puzzle of the decentralized web. In light of this new area of focus for EOS Canada, they recently announced they will be unregistering as a block producer in order to focus all of their efforts on growing dFuse. 

Thank you EOS Canada for all your contributions and we look forward to seeing dFuse grow across the entire blockchain ecosystem.

EOS Nation is a top Block Producer on the EOS public network. We earn inflation rewards based on the percentage of tokens staked towards us. Those rewards are reinvested into EOSIO community, tools, and infrastructure. Help grow the ecosystem by staking your vote to eosnationftw for BP or proxying to proxy4nation

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Are you building an interesting project on EOSIO? We want to hear from you! Reach out to us on social media or email info@eosnation.io. 

Thank you for supporting EOS Nation and for reading this week’s edition of EOS Hot Sauce! Want more spicy updates? Check out some of our recent EOS Hot Sauce episodes!

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