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EOS Mainnet Performance, History of Histories, and Blockchain Magic

Recently, some Coinbase users expressed frustration that their EOS withdrawals had been suspended on the popular exchange. Coinbase later issued a statement (that has since been retracted) claiming that the reason behind withdrawal suspension was due to “degraded network performance.”  As a top 21 block producer, we monitor the status of our nodes and the health of the network on a continuous basis, and the network was performing reliably from our perspective. We offered Coinbase some technical assistance and Block.one did the same. 

A few days later Block.one confirmed that, by collaborating with Coinbase, they were able to identify “scalability issues with the integration between the EOSIO software and (Coinbase’s) required tools that monitor all economic activity of supported digital assets.” Block.one is expecting to release an EOSIO software update that will allow Coinbase to simplify their integration and allow them to better monitor all economic activity on the network.

It was great to see a public statement from Block.one highlighting some of the direct work they are doing in an effort to strenghten the EOS Mainnet. Followers of Brendan Blumer on Twitter will have also noticed a recent increase in his usage of the #EOS hashtag as he engages the community on various EOS Mainnet topics of discussion. And users lucky enough to have received a Voice beta invite will have also been treated to many new posts from Block.one CTO Dan Larimer. 

His recent post, “History of Histories,” was published on Voice and was thankfully reshared by Mark Stair on Medium for all of us poor souls without Voice access yet. 

EOSIO blockchains can produce an incredible amount of data when they are heavily utilized. While EOSIO can easily process thousands of transactions per second, it is often challenging for the rest of the application stack to keep up. One of the most common requests is to have the ability to query the history of transactions.  – Dan Larimer, “History of Histories”

In the article, Dan covers the evolution of history solutions and a peak at what’s on the horizon:

  • History-plugin
  • Mongodb-plugin
  • Demux
  • State-history plugin
  • History-tools/fill-pg
  • History-tools/Custom fill-pg
  • History-tools/WASM-QL
  • DFuse
  • Hyperion

Dan Larimer’s second article this week, entitled “All Blockchain Magic Comes with a Price,” discusses why blockchain tech comparison isn’t as simple as asking which is the “fastest,” “most scalabe,” “most decentralized,” or has the “best governance.”  This thoughtful post explores topics such as:

  • Trusted vs untrusted governance
  • Censorship Resistance
  • Objective vs Subjective Finality
  • Ease of inter-blockchain communication (IBC)

EOSIO.EVM by Syed Jafri

Announced one month ago, the EOSIO Challenge from Block.one saw a $200,000 USD bounty up for grabs for a developer that could run Solidity Smart Contracts within an EOSIO Smart Contract. 

Known EOSIO developer superstar Syed Jafri gladly accepted the challenge and quickly got to work. A few weeks later, he shared his solution on his brand new YouTube channel! Thank you Syed for flexing the EOSIO muscle and displaying the strength, power and flexibility of EOSIO!

As we’ll mention later in this publication, other teams are also working on such a solution and we’re excited for other implementations of EVM within EOSIO!

EOSIO Networks

The secret of WAX’s mystery Partnership was revealed, and as many in the community already expected, it’s TOPPS, an industry leader for card collectibles, with a long list of impressive IP licenses. TOPPS confirmed the partnership and announced its first series of collectibles on WAX.

Soon TOPPS plans to launch their own WAX based Web application where their customers can buy, trade and collect their NFTs on computers and smartphones – for free!

The app will also generate full ownership records and trading history for every collectible.

We also heard that there will be a FIAT on- and off-ramp. Very interesting!

We’re happy to see another major traditional company coming onto the blockchain. The benefits are clear and companies are onboarding their large user base into the crypto-verse. This is how adoption happens. Congratulations to WAX and TOPPS!

Learn some more details about the partnership through Dallas Rushing’s video interview with Evan Vandenberg, the head of business development for WAX. Other WAX topics covered in the interview are the WAX Worker Proposal System and the future of NFTs.

Visit the official announcement webpage and sign up to win the first exclusive NFTs released by TOPPS. You also have the chance to win 10,000 WAX with a retweet.

Digital Gaming Assets secured on blockchains are a huge trend, and WAX is getting more and more exposure for their pioneering work in this field, as one of their studies has been prominently featured in a recent article by Forbes.

The WAX team surely has a clear vision of what’s to come and much of that vision is based on their profound experience in the gaming, entertainment, and crypto industry. In the latest WAX On Episode, Co-Founder and CEO William Quigley shared some great insights and dug deeper into why cryptocurrencies have been the best performing asset class in the last decade.

The BOSCore dApp Talk published another interesting conversation touching on several services that BOSCore is offering to the builders of dApps. This time they sat down with John Heeter of BOID

The conversation included interesting topics such as IBC, the BOS WPS, and oracles. 

John had many insights to share as he currently is working on a worker proposal that utilizes the BOS IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) to increase the interoperability of BOID and potentially other dApps in the EOSIO Ecosystem.

He also compared the BOID Validators, essentially an open-source oracle solution, to the BOS Oracle Machine

Here he also sees potential for both projects to cooperate. We’re looking forward to the BOID app working across multiple EOSIO networks and hope to learn more about John’s solution, once his worker proposal is up for a vote.

Having some of the most capable EOSIO developers in their ranks, united by their passion for bringing technical solutions to the EOSIO ecosystem and wider crypto community, the BOSCore Technical team announced their participation in the EOSIO Challenge, which was announced by Block.one on February 3, 2020. The goal of the challenge is to build and deploy an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) as an EOSIO contract emulating the EVM for running Solidity smart contracts. Apparently the team has already developed a technical solution and we should hear more details in the coming days. 

The Ultra team has published an interesting article that further explains the benefits that the platform achieves through the “Tokenization of Game Ownership.” Being around the world to visit all the major gaming events and having 150 game developers trying the Ultra’s beta version, the team gathered much valuable information about all the pain points for developers of the current game distribution platforms, such as:

  • Long waiting times until game developers can receive revenue
  • Poor discoverability, making it difficult to get significant user numbers
  • Limited options for monetization 
  • Reselling of keys on secondary markets 

Based on this feedback, Ultra created the Ultra Game Dev Center, which offers solutions to address these problems and creates opportunities only available on Ultra. Via a friendly front-end interface, developers can tokenize their games without the need for deeper blockchain skills. 

Through these programmable tokens, they regain control of the reselling options for their games and create automated instant revenue streams for supporting parties, such as publishers, influencers, marketing agencies, IP holders, and so on.

Making the life of game developers much easier drives back value to the gamers, a concept that’s perfectly working along with the decentralized design of blockchain. There’s a lot of room for creativity here.

Ultra seems very confident to provide a superior game distribution platform through tokenization, and the huge partnerships with Ubisoft and AMD amplify this confidence. Speaking of partnerships, at the very end of the article the author hinted that the next major announcement might be connected to “one of the largest companies in the PC games space in China.”

Game on!

Decentralized Blockchain Applications

The series of Emanate Announcements continued last week, and if you haven’t caught up yet, you can do so by checking out EOS Hot Sauce #45. Emanate’s 3rd announcement was the “Stream Card,” which is directly connected to Announcement #2, Emanate Distro, the brand-new distribution service that enables musicians to earn from all the major streaming platforms through Emanate. 

With the “Stream Card,” a Visa Debit Card for Emanate Artists, all generated earnings are immediately available to the artists and can be spent in over 200 countries and territories. 

This marks a huge step towards wider adoption and better payment conditions for musicians, which under the current system are forced to wait for several months for their honestly earned payments. 

However, the StreamCard is not just an opportunity for musicians, as later this year Emanate will be adding monetized playlists and a range of innovative new music-investment token utilities. 

The YouTube and Emanate artist Mblu Crypto gave a great overview of the “Stream Card” in one of his recent videos.

The team came up with a couple of benefits for token holders and also announced one last reward drop for pre-sale rewards pool holders in March, which will be followed by an update of the EMT Token Economics. 

The 0.5% rewards of the EMT Growth pool are still ongoing as well, and if you hold Emanate, you can manage your staking at dashboard.emanate.live.

All these efforts and innovations are making waves in the Music Biz and there are many benefits for artists, labels, and music lovers to make the move onto Emanate. This leads us to announcement #4, as the Seven20 group, a Los Angeles-based music collective decided to join Emanate. 

Seven20 specialize in digital strategy, artist management, music publishing, and top-tier innovation across modern technology on a global profile – in short, a perfect fit for Emanate.

Dean Wilson (Seven20, founder/CEO) was quoted:

“Our vision here at Seven20 is to support the independence of our artists. It’s about empowerment, providing the tools for control. We’re immensely proud to join Emanate as both shareholders and partners and look forward to walking together to shape the future of music.”

Check out the announcement article to learn about some of the high-value connections and great musicians that come with Seven20.

We also enjoyed learning about a whole bunch of awesome music acts from the African continent that joined the platform, who were introduced in the newest Emanate Community article on Medium.

We’re very excited for Emanate’s Announcement #5. 

What do you think it could be? 

The Emanate team invited you to take a guess on Twitter.

With titles, badges and leaderboard points, Bountyblok is providing a set of options to design gamified user engagement, create challenges and measure user activity. On top of that, they’ve just introduced Experience Points (XP), allowing users to “level up” within an app that integrated the Bountyblok API.

In the Level Settings in the bountyblok.io portal, several parameters of this feature can be customized by the app operators. When a user earns XP or performs a task, a smart contract will create a transaction, which will be timestamped on the blockchain to generate an audit trail.

The data will include what task was performed and how much XP was earned.

After the successful launch of their first airport, Upland has the exciting Mojito release coming up. And as a teaser, they published an article to explain some of the new game features that are coming. In the preview you’ll learn about:

  • Treasure Hunts
  • Collecting Sends and Send-to-Property Fees
  • Live Events
  • A Referral Program
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Reverse Collection Discovery
  • Toggle Neighborhoods and Points of Interest 

With all these new features, the Upland gameplay is getting more and more fun, while the growing number of users makes owning real estate more lucrative. There’s still so much to come for Upland in this year, based on their Roadmap for 2020.

In our previous EOS Hot Sauce, we already mentioned the upcoming release of the PUML app and referred to an interview they had on the Atmos Podcast. To those who prefer written content, we can suggest a great article about all the aspects of PUML’s mission published on The EOSWriter. The article breaks down some of the project’s major value propositions for its users – namely: its Technology, Sponsors, ability to Network, Data, and Health. Definitely a good read if you want to further understand the potential PUML.

To get the community excited and create some hype the team started the PUML Pre-launch Competition where you can win $100 USD worth of Bitcoin and 1000 PUML token.

Collaborations, Partnerships and Interoperability

Activities such as the Crypto Defiance event, their AMA series with leaders of the industry, and their expansion to other Blockchains via pegged tokens, already demonstrate that the ambitions of the Equilibrium team are clearly going beyond your average stable coin project. The rebranding of their project to “Equilibrium cryptocurrency framework” further manifests this impression. While the EOSDT stable coin remains the flagship product, Equilibrium’s scope continuously expanded and finally was expressed in a new name and Visual Identity, to represent Equilibrium as “a comprehensive ecosystem that provides the backbone for decentralized finance (DeFi).”

Along with the rebranding, Equilibrium announced the launch of their DSP Node to play an active role in LiquidApps DAPP Network and to offer an improved infrastructure to developers.

The Equilibrium DSP currently offers two DAPP Network services, which are LiquidOracles and LiquidScheduler.

Besides offering services, Equilibrium continues to grow their community and delivers all their interesting content, such as the AMAs or “DeFi News Digest” series, in Korean and Chinese as well. 

Equilibrium was also featured in MaxDapp’s latest video in which he gave an overview of DeFi projects on EOSIO.

The Vibrant EOSIO Community

EOS Go has made great progress throughout the development of the EOSIO Ecosystem, with quick newsflashes and in-depth articles. For example, the most recent article by Dexaran on new programming languages for smart contracts.

All of their content is available in English and Chinese. And with the launch of EOS Go Marketcap, displaying prices of your favourite EOSIO tokens across the ecosystem, they’ve added yet another building block to their info hub about all things EOSIO. Congratulations on their continued success and many thanks for all their efforts!

Check out the new EOS Go Marketcap page for yourself.

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