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EOS Network CPU Update

In recent days, users of the EOS public network have experienced what is it like to only be able to transact according to the network resources they own. Previously, while the network had a lot of unused capacity, users transacting on the network were able to utilize up to 1000x more resources than they owned.  Since the start of the CPU intensive EIDOS airdrop mining, users can only access the resources they own due to the large number of users using CPU (either theirs or provided by wallets) to mine the EIDOS airdrop.

This increased CPU usage led to many token holders and dApps to rent additional CPU from REX and, for the first time in EOS history, the network saw the entire ~80M EOS supply get scooped up by borrowers. This means that no new REX loans are available on the network until more EOS becomes available, either through new EOS deposits or the 30 day REX rental loans expire. The fact that users can only utilize the resources they own while simultaneously no longer being able to rent more from REX was an unexpected combination that has led some dApps and users to experience CPU shortages.

The situation generated a lot of discussion across Twitter, Telegram and WeChat and breaking it all down would be too long for this publication. Instead, we strongly urge our readers to watch the latest episode of EOS Radio Live, which features a very educational conversation between:

  • EOS Nation CEO Yves La Rose
  • EOS Nation CTO Denis Carriere
  • CPU Emergency’s Chaney Moore
  • EOS Radio’s Zane Whitener
  • TokenYield’s  Ashe Oro

Topics covered in this EOS Radio Live episode include:

  • How CPU works and how the congestion is happening
  • Off-chain vs on-chain solutions for CPU and other functions
  • Effects of CPU multiplier
  • Transactions performance and Block.one’s tokens
  • Potential impacts of Voice
  • 20% reserve / limitation in REX
  • Tips for better resource planning for dApps and users
EOS Radio Live: CPU Congestion and What It Means for EOS (must watch!)
EIDOS Website

EOS Returns to the #1 Rank on Blocktivity

Last week, many members of the EOS community pointed out that Blocktivity.info, a popular site that compares blockchain activity across many networks, was no longer including EOS in it’s listing. The data provider that Blocktivity previously pulled its EOS statistics from stopped working, and our community looked on in horror as we saw Tron (😱) occupying the top spot on the Blocktivity rankings. The community was loud and clear: EOS needs to return on top of the Blocktivity charts as the most-used public blockchain on the planet! EOS Nation’s CTO Denis Carrière was quick to react and started working towards a new data solution for Blocktivity.

EOS Nation is proud to have built an open-source solution for Blocktivity statistics that includes:

  • Server-side (off-chain): Calculate actions & transactions count
  • Smart-contract (on-chain):  Hourly, daily, and weekly statistics

We’re happy to announce that we have deployed our solution and EOS has regained its rightful place on top of the Blocktivity throne!

Some users were quick to notice that the current record for operations for EOS is now smaller than it was before the Blocktivity outage. Why is that? The reason is that in the previous solution, the actions and operations that were being counted had many duplicates. For every 1 transfer, 3 actions were counted due to notifiers. An EOS transfer alerts 3 accounts: sender, receiver and contract (eosio.token).

The previous statistics included those as actions, which wasn’t an accurate way to count them, in our opinion. The way we now count actions is with data pulled directly from the “action traces” of each transaction inside of each block.

Our guess is that previous stats included 3-4x more “no-actions” that were getting counted as real actions. Our new open-source solution allows anyone to inspect our methodology, replicate the solution and verify our results if they want to.

We also plan on deploying this solution on every EOSIO compatible blockchains to allow for more transparent and comparable statistics across chains. Stay tuned!

EOS Nation's EOSIO Blocktivity stats
EOS Nation's open-source solution

Greymass' Anchor Wallet

Since the genesis of our blockchain, Greymass has consistently provided low latency access and all the endpoints needed to anyone and everyone. Developers building on top of the chain know they have a reliable place to access data, both for themselves and their users.

Greymass also continues to offer v1 history as all of the libraries, software, wallets, and nearly everything up until this point was written to support it.

Greymass is a key player in the ecosystem and we’re happy to feature these pioneers in this weeks’ EOS Hot Sauce. Hats off to them!

Their latest ecosystem contribution is the new Anchor wallet that’s now available for testing! This rebranded and redesigned version of eos-voter is a standalone application that represents the combined efforts of the Greymass team over the last year and a half.

Show your support for Greymass by downloading and testing the release candidate for Anchor!

Greymass' Anchor Now Available for Testing
More Info about Anchor

WAX Inspector General

There are a lot of moving parts that make up the WAX ecosystem and this week we are taking a closer look at the WAX Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The OIG is created as a neutral third-party role designed to evaluate the WAX Guild Candidates contribution to the ecosystem. It consists of 3 members and features ZenBlocks.io as first chair. The OIG will begin contacting WAX Guild Candidates on November 7th in order to issue its first report on November 18th, which we look forward to reading.

The WAX ON series continues to deliver educational videos with high production value. The sentiment in the video about “What Zuckerberg Should Have Told Congress About Libra” is certainly held by many members of the blockchain community and sheds some light on stablecoins. The latest WAX ON video is great to share with people who question the usefulness of blockchain technology. It describes 5 powerful use cases such as:

  1. Non-fiat coins
  2. Storage place for your identity
  3. Supply chain
  4. Tokenization of real-world assets
  5. Consumer entertainment (video games)
WAX Office of the Inspector General 
WAX ON: What Zuckerberg Should Have Told Congress About Libra
WAX ON: Why Do You Need A Blockchain?
WAX ON: 5 Powerful Uses For Blockchain 

DAPP Network Hackathon (Nov 17-24)

Registration is officially open for the DAPP Network Hackathon! Register your team or use the hackathon platform to find passionate teammates to work with during the week-long event from November 17th to 24th. With a $50,000 prize pool up for grabs, this event will surely attract the attention of some talented teams and developers! Running the event in a hybrid fashion will allow participants to join either online or live in Tel Aviv! Experienced developers can also choose to participate as a Mentor and potentially win the prize for Best Mentor!

We’re very excited to see what kind of innovation will come from such an event, especially when considering the new features that have recently been activated on the DAPP Network! The release of LiquidX means that DAPP Network services can now be made available to developers building on sister chains without having to introduce any additional tokens or infrastructure.

The team at LiquidEOS has also announced that they are unregistering as a Block Producer on the EOS public network in order to focus their efforts solely into building the DAPP Network ecosystem through their development technology company LiquidApps. Thank you LiquidEOS for all the contributions you did for the EOS public network and we look forward to further developments in the DAPP Network!

DAPP Network Hackathon
Hackathon Platform (find a team)
LiquidEOS Transition to LiquidApps

Ecosystem Updates

CryptoLegends x Emanate Theme Song Contest

Emanate, an ambitious music platform built on EOS, launched a fun competition with Crypto Legends and TokenPocket. The goal is to produce a theme song (Korean, Chinese and English) for the upcoming Crypto Legends game, and the winners will be awarded 5000 EMT each. The contest has already started and will run until Nov 11th. Winners will be announced on Nov 13th on TokenPocket’s Twitter account.

Game Theme Song Contest
Crypto Legends

Newdex Launches OTC Platform

Gateways for fiat currencies to move in and out of cryptoassets are in demand. Due to recent developments in the regulations for cryptoassets, such services are becoming more and more available for interested users. Newdex launched its own OTC service on October 29th. It’s a decentralized over-the-counter trading platform that provides fast, convenient and secure fiat trading where users can trade EOS or USDT (EOS) for FIAT via Alipay, WeChat or Bank Card. Note: registration currently requires a Chinese phone number.

NewDex OTC 


The Bountyblok team works hard on its gamification platform and is regularly adding new features. Their latest update includes:

  • Activity tracking on Mixer, one of the fastest-growing live streaming platforms for video games.
  • Daily challenges, allowing apps to create challenges that reset every day at 12:00 UTC.
  • Users can now obtain Twitter metrics such as measuring the impact of a retweet.

Bountyblok is becoming a powerful tool for users to connect to their customers while leveraging all the benefits of the EOS blockchain.

bountyblok Adds Mixer, Daily Challenges and Twitter Metrics 

Free CPU on Prospectors

The “Prospectors” game has been a great success, and the team is taking good care of their users by making sure their players aren’t affected by the recent congestion of the network. Thanks to one of the new features of EOSIO 1.8, the cost for transactions within the game can be billed to the dApps’ smart-contract, and the team just announced that they’ll now be covering these costs for their many daily users.

Free CPU on Prospectors 

Everipedia partners with Brave Browser

The Brave browser quickly became popular in the wider “Cryptoverse” and it’s been a pleasant surprise to learn about their newly forged partnership with the Everipedia team. Both of the projects came to an agreement to boost both brands among their respective communities as a first step towards a deeper collaboration. Since their common goal is to provide fair incentives for content producers, this partnership makes a lot of sense and there are many opportunities to create synergies. It’s great to see a project powered by an ETH token collaborating with an EOS based project. New to Brave Browser? MaxDapp published a tutorial we’ve linked below.

Brave x Everipedia Partnership 
Brave Browser Tutorial
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