Drop NFTs

Guide to Dropping NFTs with Atomichub.io

Before continuing, please review the Creating NFTs Guide.

1. In order to create a drop on Atomic Hub we must first deposit some EOS/WAX to the Atomicdropsx contract which will be used to purchase RAM needed to mint the NFTs of the drop. In atomichub.io go to Trading.

2. Go to Transfer

3. Click on the Tokens Tab

4. Enter atomicdropsx in the “to” field and the quantity of EOS/WAX you would like to fund to supply your drops with Ram. The memo needs to be written in this format: “deposit_collection_ram:dot.gems”. (Replace “dot.gems” with your collection name)

Caution: These crypto deposits for RAM are non-refundable.

5. Now that we deposited some tokens for the RAM needed, we can create the actual drop by interacting directly with the smart contracts. It may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually a simple step-by-step process.

Open your browser and navigate to Bloks.io.

6. Login with the account used to create the NFT

7. Search for atomicdropsx on eos or wax

8. Go to “Contract”

9. Click on “Actions” and click the “createdrop” action

10. Enter Data.  authorized_account=”your account”, collection_name=”your collection name” refer to step 11 in the Creating NFTs Guide, assets_to_mint=[{“template_id”: yourtemplateid, “tokens_to_back”: []}]   refer to step 30 in the Creating NFTs Guide

11. Enter listing price= O NULL   for free drops or a crypto price like 1 EOS or 1 WAX , settlement_symbol= 8,EOS or 8,WAX , price_recipient=your account name

12. auth_required=toggle off, max_claimable=”maximum you would like to be claimed” for example if you minted 1 but placed a max supply of 100, refer to step 25 in the Creating NFTs Guide, you would put a max claimable of 99.  max_claimable=number of claims you will limit per account, account_limit_cooldown=amount of seconds before you will allow the same account to claim again

13. go to epochconverter.com and copy time codes for your NFT drop beginning and end times.

14. start_time=enter your start time epoch code, end_time=enter your nft end time epoch code

15. submit and sign transaction

Monitor at atomichub.io/drops

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