Guide to Creating NFTs with

1. Go to and login.

2. Click on the “NFT Creator Tab” and Buy Ram “if needed”. You will need some ram to create your NFTs.

3. Click on “Create New Collection”

4. Click “Add a collection photo”

5. Select your collection photo from your computer and open

6. Enter collection name “12 character a-z 1-5”, Display Name, Website URL “optional”, Collection Description and your desired Market Fee “every time you or someone sells your created NFT, you get this %”

7. Click “Show Advanced Details”

8. Click on the small orange + under Authorized Accounts and type in atomicdropsx.  **This will give authority to atomichub for future NFT drops while using this account.  Optional if you do not intend on making NFT drops.

9. Click “Create Collection”

10. Transaction Successful!

11. Your collection has been created!

12. Click “Create New Schema”

13. Name the Schema

14. Click “Add New Attribute” – Optional

15. Enter a new attribute ex: “about”

16. Choose attribute type

17. Click “Create Schema”

18. Choose attribute type

19. Click “Create Schema”

20. Scroll down and click “Create New Template”

21. First Add the Image

22. Before continuing make your your image hash generates

23. Enter your max supply for the NFT

24. Fill Attribues

25. Click “Create Template”

26. Click on “Back”

27. Scroll down and your template has been generated!

28. Optional – Go to “Mint New Asset”.

29. Choose the template you want to mint under “Templates”.

30. Enter your account and number of copies you would like to mint

31. Click “Create Asset”

32. Your “Mint Asset Summary” will ask you to confirm

33. Transaction Successful

34. To view your newly minted asset, click on “NFT Creator” at the top of the page.

35. Click to view your created collection

36. Click on your schema.

37. View all minted assets within that schema.

38. Click to asset to view it more closely along with all its’ attributes.

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Daniel earned a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in 2009 and worked as a chase producer intern at Global TV.

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