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Example of steps needed to join the battle:

Step1: Transfer your human NFT battle character (EP2 “Outbreak” variation) from your WAX account to the “battle.gems” WAX account.

Step2: Transfer your human booster (weapons, etc) from your WAX account to the “battle.gems” WAX account.

Step3: Repeat steps to send more humans or zombies followed by their respective boosters. Accumulate kills and earn your share of a 24,000 WAX prize pool!

Full NFT Battle details below 👇

Objective of the Game

Send in your humans and zombies and try to accumulate as many kills as possible to climb the leaderboard. The VanCity Outbreak Collectors Edition NFT is awarded to accounts who get a least 1 kill and the lowest mints are awarded to the accounts with the most kills.

Duration of the Game (10 battles in 10 days):

The battle will be open for players to send in their battle characters as of Friday January 22nd at 7pm ET (00:00 UTC). For the following 10 days, every day at 7pm ET the human vs zombie battle smart contract will activate and randomly determine the winners and losers of that day’s battle.

Rules of the Game:

Battle characters are both humans and zombies of the “Outbreak” variation contained in the release of VanCity Outbreak EP2. Once the battle is open, players participate in the battle by sending their “Outbreak” NFTs of EP2 from their WAX account to our “battle.gems” WAX account.

Players can use WAX Cloud Wallet, WAXPlorer, Atomic Hub or another WAX wallet of their choice to make the NFT transfer. Multiple “Outbreak” battle characters can be sent in the same transfer.

Once every 24 hours, the battle is activated! All NFTs sent in are then assigned a randomly assigned a random power level and random opponent from the opposing team. Each NFT (both characters and boosters) have a pre-determined range of possible power levels, such as 1-100 for a Human (Outbreak).

Each time an account gets a kill we will send them a Kill Count NFT and also transfer 3 WAX. The first 8000 fights to take place will see the winner be awarded 3 WAX. Losing battle characters are burned.

Winning fights after that point will still count towards the leaderboard and will still earn a Kill NFT but would receive no extra WAX since the prize pool would be depleted.

If everyone sent in their Outbreak humans and zombies on the first day, we would have a maximum of 5850 fights the first day and 2925 fights the second day. That’s not going to happen so I expect the prize pool to last at least 4+ days.

Our NFT Battle smart contract executes fully on-chain. We send “battlelog” notifications to your account when you send in a character to battle and for the result of your battle. The battles are going to be livestreamed in our VanCity Outbreak Telegram channel via our dotGems Battle Bot. Notifications will be coming in all day as people send in humans and zombies and then more notifications at 7pm when the results of the battle will start coming in. Good luck!

NOTE: If 100 humans are sent in compared to 75 zombies, the randomly unassigned 25 extra humans will be returned to their owners along with any of the boosters that were sent along. You can type /battle to get updated on how many zombies and humans have been sent in so far.

Weapons & Boosters (10 max per character):

Players can send in other NFTs directly after sending a battle character to boost the power level of the last sent character. Weapons can only be used by humans and therefore must be transferred directly after sending a human. The weapons could be transferred in the same transaction as the human or in the very next one.

NOTE: All weapons are burned if used in battle, even if your character wins.

While weapons are the most abundant and powerful boosters in the game, players can also send in extra VanCity EP1 & EP2 NFTs to give power boosters to either humans or zombies.

‼️Click here for the full breakdown of each NFT’s power ranges will be available before the battle begins. 

EP2 Weapons (Household, Hardware, Military)

  • Weapons can only boost humans

EP2 Rares (Variations: Panic, Twilight, Blood Rush, Attack)

  • Humans boost humans 
  • Zombies boost zombies 

EP2 Comic Book Pages (Common, Night Vision)

  • Pages 1-28 boost humans (Common & Night Vision)
  • Pages 29-56 boost zombies (Common & Night Vision)

EP1 (Outbreak)

  • Humans boost humans 
  • Zombies boost zombies 

EP1 Rares (Panic, Twilight, Blood Rush, Attack)

  • Humans boost humans
  • Zombies boost zombies 

EP1 Comic Book Pages (Common, Night Vision)

  • Pages 1-20 boost humans (Common & Night Vision)
  • Pages 21-41 boost zombies (Common & Night Vision)

Important Details:

  • 24,000 WAX prize pool.
  • The order of battles is random and not based on when you send in your character.
  • There are 10 battles total over the course of 10 days.

Questions & Answers:

Question: one of my NFTs accumulates 3 kills but dies in the 4th round. Do the 3 kills still count towards the leaderboard and prize pool?

Answer: Yes, those 3 kill still count even if that NFT dies later on.

Question: If I send a human and a zombie, is there a chance that they fight against each other?

Answer: Yes, the pairings are completely random. With the amount of players participating in this battle, I don’t expect this to be likely for anyone except maybe the largest whales. If it happens, at least you’re guaranteed a kill!

Visual example of a transfer:

Example of sending in 1 zombie and 1 human into the battle while boosting the human with a Molotov Cocktail weapon.

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