Step 1: Have or Create a Wombat EOS Wallet

(if you have a Wombat wallet, skip this step)

See our Wombat wallet guide here.

For this specific guide we recommend using the wombat wallet.  Accounts or IOS or Android and are free to create. (Advanced”) if you need access to the private key in the future then you can unlock that feature for a few dollars.

Read more about wombat at or

Step 2: Claim your dotgems NFTS!

Go to Wombat Wallet and open Settings and enable “DApp Explorer.

Go to the “Explorer” tab and enter the “Seach or enter URL” Field

Click on “Claim for free”

You will most likely receive an error for not having enough ram.  

Simply send “EOS” to your “account name” just created and this time “Click the Orange (Buy RAM) button”.  In this example it state I need 3241 bytes but only have 3124 bytes. Adding 200 bytes of RAM would be sufficient which currently costs approximately 0.007 EOS (0.03$) at the moment.

Search for the Atomic Assets App and launch it.

Within the App go to The top Left “three white bars”, click on your user name, then click inventory.

View it, send it, trade it!


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