EOS/WAX Name Service Guide

Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Selling Names on EOS/WAX Name Service

Those who purchase premium account names on the EOS or WAX networks can easily sell their sub-names through our EOS / WAX Name Service platform.

In order to sell sub-names on EOS / WAX Name Service you’ll need to do two things.

1. Add the “names” account to your accounts active permissions

2. Register your suffix name through the “names” smart contract “regsuffix” action. Your suffix name is the same as your premium account name. For example, “gem”.

Follow the steps below.

Part 1 of 2 : Adding Permissions

Go to bloks.io and choose the EOS or WAX blockchain

Login with the premium account you want to list. Premium accounts can be 1-11 characters long and allow you to sell sub-names. Regular EOS/WAX accounts must be 12 characters long and cannot create or sell sub-names.

Once you’re logged in, click on the “Wallet” tab.

Now scroll on the left and click on the “Keys and Permissions” section.

Click on the Advanced Tab.

Click on “Permission #2”: Active

WARNING!!! Do not modify the “permission #1: owner” section.

Click on “Add Account” under the “Permission #2: active” section.

Enter “names” in the Actor Field & “eosio.code” in the Permission Field as shown above.


Part 2 of 2 : Register your Suffix

In the top search bar search for “names”.

Click on the “Contract” tab and then click on the “Actions” tab and then select the “regsuffix” action.

Enter your Name the the “suffix” field and press “Submit Transaction”

That it! Now you are selling subnames on eosnameservice!


You may recieve a transaction error when trying to submit.  To fix this go to the settings in your wallet and “allow dangerous transactions”.   Example below.

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