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EOSIO Hackathon & Block.one Vote Rotation

Block.one hackathons are back! While we would all love to attend more amazing in-person EOSIO hackathons like we did prior to 2020, the “Beyond Blockchain” hackathon will be an online event that allows teams from all over the world to participate. While the exact challenge has not been revealed yet, the overarching theme for this #eosiohackathon will be focused on innovation powered by both blockchain and cloud technology. Seeing judges from Galaxy Interactive and Mythical Games does lead us to speculate on a potential gaming aspect of the hackathon as well. 

While on the topic, this hackathon features an all-star lineup of judges that includes:

  • Block.one Head of Developer Relations Serg Metelin 
  • VP of Blockchain Engineering Bart Wyatt
  • Google Developer Advocate Allen Day
  • Google Customer Engineer John Lee
  • Galaxy Interactive Principal Michael Fan
  • Mythical Games Co-Founder Rudy Koch

Register now and get ready to start competing from March 2nd to April 6th. Winning teams will earn a share of the $61,500 USD prize pool, which includes $41,000 USD in cash prizes and a bonus $20,500 USD in Google Cloud credits. We can’t wait to see the innovation that comes out of this hackathon!

Block.one was also active on-chain this week as they executed a planned rotation of votes. Block.one currently has 2 voting accounts, sub1.b1 and sub2.b1, which contain 20M EOS and 74.59M EOS respectively. As previously announced, Block.one is currently rotating through the list of block producers who’ve been contributing to the PowerUp Resource Model by providing feedback and testing the code on testnets. Congratulations to all of the teams who’ve earned Block.one’s votes through active contributions to the EOS network. This is a beautiful example of EOS governance in action.

We’re also excited to inform our community of recent progress regarding the implementation of said PowerUp Model. EOS Nation has proposed a series of 4 MSIGs that are required in order to deploy and activate the PowerUp Model. The first 2 MSIGs, which creates the required “eosio.reserv” account and deploys the EOSIO.contracts v.1.9.2 are currently up for approval.

The 3rd and 4th MSIGs, which have yet to be created, will set the ABI for “eosio.reserv” and configure & activate the PowerUp Model. These are exciting times in the world of EOS and we look forward to deploying the PowerUp Model on EOS!

Voice Token Update & #BullishOnEOS Content

The launch of Voice tokens is at hand. By the end of 2021, Voice users may be able to access the real Voice tokens and, we assume, exchange them for other assets. While we don’t have official release dates, we’ve gathered some interesting insights from a Voice post written by Richard Whitner, VP of Architecture at Voice.

Voice users are to expect a flurry of changes in the app, mainly in the areas of token supply and usage, as well as platform dynamics. Before the Voice token is launched, the Voice team will have to get approval from regulators in different jurisdictions while they strengthen the token infrastructure and optimize incentives for token holders. 

Optimizing incentives for token holders would include reducing the inflation or supply of Voice tokens by reducing the daily rewards. There would be a fairer distribution of daily rewards where creators will get a larger share of the rewards. 

‘Voice It’ is one important feature of the Voice platform that gives users the ability to spend Voice tokens to promote a post. This feature will be changed in some exciting, yet undisclosed ways.

There’ll also be a second token reset. All these changes could come smoothly but there may be some glitches and inconveniences. So be prepared, if you notice anything weird, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Voice team.

And while you’re browsing Voice, make sure to check out these high quality posts:

First up is a great piece by Phillip Hamnet of EOS42 called “How the success of block.one is linked to EOS.” Phillip leads the readers on a journey that explains why Block.one’s approach to building blockchain technology differs from many of its smart contract competitors. For example, the development of many smart contract platforms is funded through the sales of that protocol’s token, leading those platforms to require short term pumps to increase the revenu the team can earn by then dumping their tokens on the market. Block.one, being the most well-financed company in crypto, does not need to abide by the same ‘old’ playbook. By analysing Block.one’s motivation and business strategy, Phillip paints a clear picture that aligns Block.one’s interest with the interest of the EOS Mainnet.

One of the more direct examples of these aligned interests involves Block.one’s EOS tokens, which represent just under 10% of the tokens on the EOS Mainnet. Since the new PowerUp Model enables stakers to earn their share of all transaction costs on the network, token holders  will be rewarded as on-chan activity increases. Unlike Ethereum where network fees go to miners, EOS tokenomics are different and correctly aligned with token holders who receive these network fees. As one of the largest token holders on the network, it’s clear that Block.one stands to benefit from increased EOS usage.

Next up, we want to highlight a very popular article written by EOS Nation Co-Founder and CFO Vincent Grenier titled “What is EOS and Why Should You Care?” In the article Vincent eloquently describes the numerous advantages of building on EOS and also highlights and destroys common EOS FUD that is often repeated by those without a deep understanding of EOS. The post clearly resonated with a large part of the Voice community as it became one of the most popular posts, earning an impressive 11,000 Voice tokens, 69 likes and 20 comments at the time of publication.

And finally congratulations to EOS Nation Ambassador Patrick Schmid for his first Voice post as an official EOSwriter. Entitled “EOSIO – The Birth of Multi-Chain Harmonics Universes,” this article is the first in the “EOSIO Ecosystem Insights” series that aims to educate startups, developers and project managers that want to integrate their platform with decentralized networks.

It’s great to see so much high quality content on the platform and we can’t wait for the official launch of Voice later in 2021, which is also when the Voice token will go live.

EOS Hot Sauce Race for Rares Season 2

After a short break in January, the EOS Hot Sauce Race for Rares Season 2 is upon us! This season will be different than the first and will only last 2 months.  The collection is also going to be published on EOS as part of our efforts to kick-start the EOS NFT scene! 

To participate in the race, you’ll need to watch the video published at 1700 UTC and fill out a short Google form, including your YouTube screen name and favorite topic of the week. But you’ll need to be quick! The form will be closed at 1800 UTC every week.

Five Spicy Rare NFT winners will be drawn at random and our favorite YouTube comment will earn that week’s Golden Chili! Modest prizes will be announced later on in the season.

Subscribe to the EOS Nation YouTube channel and click the bell to make sure you’re notified when the EOS Hot Sauce is published! Good luck and we hope you enjoy the EOS Hot Sauce Race for Rares Season 2!

EOS Rapid’s dAppSurf

EOS Rapid introduced a proof of concept for dAppSurf, a decentralized and censorship-resistant web hosting solution that the team is planning to launch on EOS soon. Currently, the smart contract is live on the Jungle Testnet and EOS Rapid invited the community to test it. Along with instructions, you’ll also find some example domains.

Check it out and leave a like to reward the team for their work. It’s a pretty straight forward process, so we did a little experiment ourselves. Since this version of dAppSurf is running on the Jungle Testnet, it’s not safe enough for hosting important websites just yet. We’ll have to wait for the EOS Mainnet launch to deliver the robust security and decentralization that the future of web browsing will require.

Congrats EOS Rapid, keep up the great work!

Anchor Mobile 1.1.0 and Free EOS Accounts

The Anchor Wallet 1.1.0 for iOS just made it to the Apple App Store and it’s coming with a new account creation process that simply blew us away.  With just a few simple steps, users can purchase an account with Apple Pay, choose a fancy premium account name and get a slick-looking ownership certificate with all the important information to secure your account. While currently only available for the EOS Mainnet, soon this feature will be available for account creation on other EOSIO networks as well.

Find further details in the official announcement by Greymass.

We’re really impressed with the work the team has put into every detail of this product and encourage our readers to check it out! And while you’re at it, make sure to leave them a good review in the App Store. They surely deserve it!

Android users still have to be patient for a bit, but rest assured that the Greymass team is on it.

EOSGo Cards feat. Warrior Yves La Rose

The 2nd round of the EOSGo Cards distribution has begun and features a badass picture of our very own EOS Nation CEO, Yves La Rose, yielding weapons for warriors of different epochs: a medieval bulava and a modern smartphone!

This WAX NFT collectible series features interesting dynamics that will see buyers of the “Yves La Rose #5” NFT earn 3 more drops of popular members of the EOSIO community that are yet to be revealed. In this 2nd distribution round, collectors also have a chance at winning a WAX prize! Read up on all the details of this promotion or go directly to eosgo.io to purchase your Yves La Rose EOSGo NFT Card and support the great work that EOSGo does for the EOS community!

Emanate’s 2020 Wrap-up and Look Ahead

After launching Alpha 1.0 in September 2019, only a few months of normality played out for Emanate before achieving all sorts of milestones in 2020. What happened for Emanate in 2020? A lot – and their recent article covers it all.

They kicked off the year with it’s pledge for creative freedom. Emanate stands by this pledge, and many musicians from developing countries are already taking advantage of this easy access in and out of the global digital music industry. Musicians from around the world will always be able to start from nothing, sell their music on various streaming platforms, and make money from their creativity using just the EMT token: no bank account or credit card needed.

But the cryptocurrency aspects aren’t the simplest to navigate in the current EOS ecosystem.

For this reason, part of Emanate’s pledge is to give artists a much easier path if they prefer. Sign up with an email address and password, get out your credit card, and get started.

With these two commitments, Emante’s mission is clear: continue to deliver the benefits of blockchain to as many musicians as possible while building a sustainable financial model and token model for the Emanate network.

From there Emanate had a ton of news and events in 2020 that included:

Where does Emanate go from here? Towards more innovation, of course! Coming in 2021:

  • NFTs
  • Ethereum Liquidity
  • The Governance Token
  • Focus on the Future

Congrats to Emanate for a fantastic 2020 and we wish them continued success and growth in 2021!


And last but not least a shout out to the PUML team! We’ve just learned that a PUML/USDT trading pair will soon be listed on the HotBit Exchange and we love it! Starting February 9th at 6am UTC, PUML users can deposit their hard-earned tokens and start trading on the following day. 

Gamified fitness is undeniably a major trend and PUML’s concept of allowing users to earn crypto for their achievements is putting them in a unique position to win the race.

Have you tried PUML already? The app is available on both iOS and Android. Let’s go PUML!

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Ocean Defenders NFT Launch

In the spirit of the emerging SOLARPUNK movement, The Ocean Defenders are determined to build a platform for a synergistic lifestyle. Here we come together to use our individual powers to preserve the cradle of life, our oceans.

Everyone can become an Ocean Defender, each in their own individual way. We welcome you.

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Heidi Taillefert presents: Vintage Valentines

The Vintage Valentine series was conceived to mimic turn of the century valentine’s day cards, reflecting an era when society pretended to hide the more salacious habits of so many people during that time. On top of the physical pieces, this collection also features digital copies, published as Vintage Valentine Card NFTs on the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain.

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